Rose Carol – Ayurveda Fundamentals In-depth 2023
  • Rose Carol – Ayurveda Fundamentals In-depth 2023

Rose Carol – Ayurveda Fundamentals In-depth 2023

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Rose Carol – Ayurveda Fundamentals In-depth 2023

This is a self-paced course

Discover your mind/body type, learn the 20 qualities in nature and how they can be detected in your body and environment for balance, learn about the Ayurveda clock and daily routine to restore balance in mind and body, Learn about Ayurvedic diet and nutrition as well as ancient rituals for self-care and balance. Recipes and cooking demos also included.

In this knowledge packed three-month module course you will discover your mind/body type and explore the 20 qualities found in nature and how they can be experienced in the physical body for greater health and interconnection. You will learn about the benefits of living in harmony with the cycles of the Sun and Moon for greater digestion, sleep, and joyful living. Ayurvedic diet and nutrition along with recipes and a downloadable workbook journal to track your progress and personal growth makes this course a game changer for greater well-being.


You will be able to download a workbook/journal to assist your study and experiences of Ayurveda which also includes recipes and tools to support your Ayurveda practice.

You will learn Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle practices (dinacharya) of health and well-being. You will also get deep. Understanding of the theory of the five elements and 20 qualities of nature and how to apply this knowledge to your life. You will get a good idea of the benefits from practicing Ayurveda.

There are three modules and weekly classes of 2 hours each


Module 1 – Applying Ayurveda to Your Life: Introduction to Ayurvedic Theory

• Lecture 1.1 Orientation– History and Philosophy of Ayurveda

• Lecture 1.2 The 20 Qualities in Nature and All about Space and Air – Vata

• Lecture 1.3 All About Fire and Water – Pitta

• Lecture 1.4 Earth and Water – All about Kapha

Module 2 – Living in Harmony with Laws of Nature for Living Life in greater Fulfillment and Success
• Lecture 2.1 Dinacharya – The Daily Routine

• Lecture 2.2 Ayurvedic Oral Care, nasal care, marma points, and skin care.

• Lecture 2.3 Living in According with the Times of the Sun

• Lecture 2.4 Seasonal and Monthly Routines

Module 3 – Ayurvedic Nutrition to Support the Development of Consciousness
• Lecture 3.1Ama and Ojas

• Lecture 3.2 Agni and Digestion

• Lecture 3.3 Ayurvedic Viewpoint of Dairy and Probiotics

• Lecture 3.4 Food as Medicine

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