Ryan DeBell – The Movement Fix – Modifying Workouts For Athletes With Pain


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Ryan DeBell – The Movement Fix – Modifying Workouts For Athletes With Pain

Train Your Clients and Athletes Around Pain with Confidence

The health and fitness world needs more trainers, coaches, and healthcare providers who can comfortably and intelligently modify workouts for athletes who are having pain to keep them healthy, moving, and progressing forward.

This extensive course will give you:

The only comprehensive approach for modifying workouts systematically

A library of resources to use for yourself, colleagues, and clients


A system for quickly deciding which exercises to choose and why

The tools to help your clients, athletes, and patients on a deeper level

Take a Look Inside

Modification Doesn’t Mean Stop Training

Just because we have to modify a workout, doesn’t mean we can’t be training people hard and doing so safely.

When an athlete, patient, or client has pain with certain lifts and exercises, we can do so much for them by appropriately altering their workout. The key is knowing which modifications make sense and have the most similar training stimulus to the lift they want to perform. This isn’t necessarily a modification as much as it is a pain free training option.

Rather than completely avoiding the lifts and exercises someone wants to do, strengthening them in a similar way that is pain free is key to keeping them happy and healthy.

Just Avoiding Certain Lifts Isn’t Good Enough

As important as helping people lose weight and get fit is, it’s not always enough. To best help your clients, patients, and athletes, we need to have solid, practical answers to questions like:

How can I best modify deadlifts when someone is having back pain, safely?
What do I tell someone when they have shoulder pain lifting overhead?
What are the ways to create a modification system for my gym?
Why do people have pinching in their hips when they squat and what are the best training options?
When should I recommend someone see their doctor?
How do I modify workouts safely while still giving people enough challenge?
This program has been a vital tool in keeping all of our staff on the same page when it comes to scaling athletes.  No other program, course, seminar or certification out there today is teaching this type of material.  This has also been a critical tool for our members to know what progression actually looks like from a movement standpoint.  If you are a box owner, trainer, or coach and are looking to keep quality high, this course is indispensable. Angelo Sisco

Owner, O’Hare CrossFit / Lead Business Coach, Barbell Ethos

This online course from The Movement Fix is a tremendous resource on how to modify movements for athletes in pain.  The easy to access documents are presented in a thorough and usable format.  This course will be a valuable resource for any coach or athlete looking for safe movement and programming alternatives. Chris Hinshaw
This is a must have for all the coaches out there looking to be the best! I absolutely love the format. It’s clear, easy to search and broken down into simple videos for fast reference. Have a client that’s experiencing pain on overhead press? No problem. They show you what to stretch/release, how to modify and exercises to make it better. Love this program! Sarah Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT

These Answers Already Exist – But How Do You Learn it All?

No program offers an in-depth look at all these lifts, common complaints related to the lifts, what modifications should be done in which order (and why), what accessory work to be doing, and which mobility drills should be used and when.

You could spend endless amounts of time searching online for all of this information, piecing things together from various blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, books, research articles, and more. But the problem is it doesn’t all fit together in the right context. It isn’t a workable system.

The good news is, we did all the hard work to put these answers together for you through countless hours of research, working with athletes and clients through injuries, and studying advanced degrees in exercise science, physical therapy, and chiropractic.

Introducing the only comprehensive training program to modify workouts when athletes have pain

This 8-module training program is carefully designed to give you everything you need:

Understand Pain

Someone can have pain for a variety of reasons. Truly understanding what pain is, why it happens, and when to refer your athlete to seek medical care is crucial

The low back and deadlifts

Being able to deadlift in some way, shape or form without pain is essentially for good training. You’ll learn all the modifications, tweaks, and set up differences to change low back stresses


Hip pain, back pain, knee pain. These are the common ailments with squatting. Know how to modify based on which area is problematic to train pain-free

Video Resource Library

Get access to a video library for all the major lifting patterns: vertical pushing/pulling, horizontal pushing/pulling, squatting, deadlifting, and split stance

Overhead Lifts

Shoulder pain is epidemic in a gym setting. Pressing, push pressing, jerking, pull ups, and kipping modifications are covered along with accessory work, and skill training

Cheat Sheets and Guides

Modification templates and cheat sheets for quick reference, to hang on the wall, and to use as training materials for yourself, staff, colleagues, and athletes

Immediately Use What You Learn

Exceptional Training Delivered In an Exceptional Format

For this training, expect a great online learning experience. Each module is presented in an easy to understand sequence that relates to how you will use these new skills and information in a real-world scenario. It’s organized in a way that allows you to reference back at any time with ease to find exactly what you are looking for right when you need it.

What this Course is NOT.

Conceptual, Unusable Content

With the advent of the internet, it’s become increasingly easy to find information. But is that information usable? Does it apply to real world situations that you will find yourself in? Is it based on experience that is similar to yours? In this course, you won’t find concepts for the sake of concepts and information for the sake of filling up pages. What you will find is real-world, highly applicable tools.



The other end of the spectrum is bro-science. This course is based on research that you will find cited throughout the modules and in the course book for your reference. The research is combined with best practices and applied to the gym setting to take out the guesswork and give you the confidence that your recommendations are based on the best available research.


Who should NOT take this course?

If you aren’t committed to putting in the work to improve your skills, if you’re only looking for quick fixes and shallow knowledge, if you aren’t open to changing your current methods at all, or if you are already 100% confident on how to modify every major lift for every athlete, then this course it not for you

Are You Ready to Expand Your Expertise?

Coaches & Trainers

Move beyond just stretching and foam rolling

Have confidence modifying workouts safely and giving the right recommendations

Understand the ‘why’ behind the right modifications

Healthcare Providers

Broaden your exercise progressions

Learn the best accessory work your patients and clients should be doing

Equip yourself with the most effective solutions and recommendations for your gym-goers

Invest In Yourself

Why spend countless hours scouring the internet for advice from disconnected sources? Why guess how to safely modify workouts for your patients, clients, and athletes? Why wait to get started on deepening your skills?