Ryan Lee – Continuity Summit


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Ryan Lee – Continuity Summit

Ryan LeeContinuity Summit

Ryan Lee puts together great “Summits” “Conferences”. This is the rst “Summit” without an actual seminar
setting. All sessions are powerpoint presentations with Ryan Lee and the other presenter being recorded.
Session 01 – Stu McLaren How to Virtually Eliminate Cancellations
Session 02 – Tim Kerber How to DOUBLE Your Continuity Prots
Session 03 – Chris Farrell The Secrets to a 7-Figure Membership Site
Session 04 – Paul Evans 6-Figures on Autopilot in Youth Ministry Market
Session 05 – Troy Broussard Creating Continuity SERVICE Businesses
Session 06 – Jason Fladlien 7-Figures with No-Touch Continuity
Session 07 – John Sanpietro The Secrets to Dominating a Tiny Niche with Recurring Revenue
Session 08 – Sean Malarky Selling Your Continuity with $1 Trials
Session 09 – Chris Lang How to Use FREE Google Hangouts to Sell Continuity
Session 10 – Ben Greeneld From Fans to Family
Session 11 – Bonus – Ryan Lee – 7 Minute Continuity
Session 12 – CS4 Attendees Webinar QA