Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore
  • Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore

Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore


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Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore – Instant Download!

To the Course Creator Who Knows Your Digital Product Deserves the BEST Sales Page:
“Give Me 8 Days & You’ll Walk Away with a Complete Sales Page That Actually Converts!”
Great Sales Pages Aren’t Written… They Are BUILT!
…one section at a time!

There are 16 Essential Sections Every Sales Page Needs if You Actually Expect to Get the Sales You Want! Read on to see how you too Can Take the Hassle & Stress Out of Writing Copy & Build a Sales Page with Lego© Instruction Manual Precision!

With Results Like These:
“Our sales conversions went from 3% to 6%!”
“over 10k in sales in just 32 days!”
“My sales page conversion rate increased my profits by $3k!”
It’s No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About Our Unique Approach to Writing Great Sales Pages!

From: the Desk of James Wedmore, Digital CEO
Writing Copy Kinda Sucks. Especially if you don’t know how to write copy, right?! And if you’re like most of Course Creators and Membership Site owners I work with, you got into this business because you want to help more people…

…not spend all day writing!

So then why would you ever assume YOUR customers are actively seeking out YOUR perfect product?

Digital products do NOT sell Themselves!

Think about it! You don’t just go looking for courses on Amazon, do you? NO! Of course not! So then why would you ever assume YOUR customers are actively seeking out YOUR perfect product?

So, if you’re doing this:

Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore

Those Product Pages That Don’t Work! 🤮

(Simply putting an “Add to Cart” button on your website waiting for people to find you and magically give you money) then…

You’re leaving so much money on the table…
…I’m a little worried about the table!

I mean… has it worked so far? If you’re like most who come to start working with me, it’s very likely a “no.”

But this is all ok! Because when you’re leaving money on the table, sometimes it’s as simple as kneeling and picking it up!

And you will start picking up that money when your future clients see that product or program of yours fully laid out and displayed through…

a high-converting sales page!

The Right Sales Page Doesn’t Just Increase Sales of Your Digital Product, it also:

  • Establishes credibility and authority in your marketplace!
  • Helps you ditch unscalable sales processes like 1-to-1 phone sales!
  • Prevents REFUNDS by repelling those who aren’t actually the right fit for your stuff!
  • Creates a 1-stop shop that accurately showcases your past testimonials and product features!
  • And… it does all of this for you without YOU having to sell yourself!

Your Sales Page is like Your 24/7 Salesperson!

And when you look around at all the successful thought leaders and personal brand authorities you currently follow and look up to…

They ALL have a sales page that accurately describes their product in a way that people say:

“I want it!”
“I NEED iT!”
“I’M IN!”

And if your ideal customers aren’t saying this, then obviously… they ain’t buying!

The #1 Mistake Broke Course Creators Keep Making:

When Course Creators aren’t converting, they overcompensate. They stuff their prospects full of more free content. And if you’re doing this, you risk leaving your audience completely confused and overwhelmed.

And you already know that an overwhelmed mind does NOT buy.

Or worse! Mistake #2…

When they don’t see the sales they want, they just crank up their FB Ad spend and lose more money sending traffic to a broken page. That’s like trying to fill a leaky bucket with more water!

Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore
Your gonna waste a LOT of water and never solve the problem!

Throwing money at the PROBLEM doesn’t work! Other struggling Course Creators recognize that their sales page (or lack thereof) is the cause of their low sales, so they go out and find a pricey copywriter to “fix it.”

But the reality is, throwing money at the problem doesn’t make it go away! Not to mention that a copywriter who is actually GOOD at what they do ain’t cheap! Don’t you think paying someone $2-$3,000 to create that “perfect” sales page is just a little too good to be true?
In fact, until you FACE the copy problem (your business has) head on, that problem is never going to go away.

And after 14 years of selling digital products and taking my company to over $9M in revenue last year, it’s as clear and simple as this:

You Aren’t in The Digital Product Business…
You Are in the Copy Business!

Your business NEEDS great copy. Your digital products DESERVE great copy!

How else do you expect people to give you money if you can’t accurately communicate how you help them?!
But when you keep “outsourcing” this important skill to an outsider, your business never LEARNS this skill! So, what happens when this copywriter delivers garbage? Heck! How do you know their copy is any good?

What happens when it doesn’t convert?

Or they didn’t write it in your voice?

What then? It’s back to square one… minus the $3,000.

But when you LEARN and MASTER the skills of how to use words to sell, you take that skill with you wherever you go!


Looking at these loooong scrolling sales pages, you’re probably thinking…

“But who the heck
reads these things!
Not my people!”

Well… you’re right! MOST people never read a sales page in its entirety. But has there ever been a time where YOU purchased a digital product without reading the ENTIRE page?

Of course! Chances are, you at least skimmed that page before purchasing, right?

You reviewed the parts that got your attention, and you looked for important details relevant to making your decision.

Heck! You’re probably skimming this page too, ya?!

So, does someone really NEED to read the entire page to make a decision? NO!


Would someone BUY from you if you didn’t give them ALL the information they needed?


5 Hard-Nosed FACTS That PROVE That Those Ugly, long-form Sales Pages WORK!


  1. A Page ten times the length of its original converted 363% more prospects.(Crazy Egg Study)
  2. Long-form landing pages can generate up to 220% more leads than the “above the fold” action. (Marketing Experiments)
  3. The common phrase, “Humans have the attention span of a goldfish?” has been BUSTED as a myth In fact, it’s been found that smartphone users (that’s a majority of people looking at your sales page!) spend 2 minutes reading over long-form text, NOT 8 seconds. (DocSend)
  4. If you have a more complex and higher price point offer, it has been shown that a long-form sales page can increase conversions up to 63% (Unbounce)
  5. Making the switch from short-form sales copy to long-form in some cases has created almost a 50% increase in profits. (VWO)

So what’s more important?
…that you include *EVERYTHING* your prospect needs to make an informed decision…

OR that you create a sales page that’s too short and leaves out the information they need before they can say “yes.”?
You want MORE sales, not less, right?
The reality is, a long-form sales page is about including EVERY SINGLE RELEVANT piece of information that ALL of your prospects may need to make their decision. Leaving something out means leaving money on the table!

So, now that you see just how vital the right sales page is to your business, you may begin to feel the slightly daunting and intimidating task of actually writing it…

Do You Currently Suffer From ‘Blinking Cursor Syndrome?’

If you’re like most who have read this far, you’re starting to see the possibility of a high-converting sales page and what it will do to get your digital product into more of the hands of people who need it most… but you’re probably imagining yourself staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor while you ask yourself,

“How the heck am I supposed to write that much?!”

What do I even say? How do I even say it? And how do I make sure I’m including all the right pieces without overwhelming them?!
It can be so daunting and intimidating that you avoid it looking for other ways to stay busy and distracted in your business. And I get it.

But here’s a little ‘Insider Secret’ for ya:

Great Sales Pages Aren’t Written From Start to Finish…
…in sections!

You see, there is a RECIPE to sales pages. And this recipe consists of 16 ingredients… or SECTIONS. And if you’re missing even just one section, you run the risk of getting the “No.”

So, just like a classic riddle:

“How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time”

We can ask a similar question:
How do you write one of those looong sales pages?
There is also a specific ORDER to each of those sections. PLUS… each section must be created the right way!

So, what if you had a set of step-by-step instructions for each of those sections? Imagine if you could follow these steps with paint-by-numbers precision and simplicity… EVEN if you’ve never written copy before in your life!

No more overwhelm!

No more wondering if it will convert!

No more wasting time or money!

Imagine for just a moment…

…that you had a step-by-step process for building out EACH of your essential 16 sales pages sections…

…imagine you could create as little as 2 sections a day…

…You would have a completed sales page ASSEMBLED in just 8 days from RIGHT NOW!

And you already know once it’s done… it’s done! You’d never have to do it again! In fact, we (and our students) use the exact same sales page launch after launch after launch! Isn’t it great to build something once and get it to work for you for years?!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because… it’s here.


Sales Page By Design

Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore

The Simple Step-by-Step, Template-Driven System for Assembling Your Highest Converting Sales Page YET…

  1. Detailed Training That Guides You Through the Process of Writing the 16 Essential Sections Needed for a Complete and Successful Sales Page!
  2. Plug-&-Play Templates & Fill-in-the-Blank Sections for Easy Sales Page Assembly That Takes the Hassle and Intimidation out of Writing Copy!
  3. Steal Our Complete Processes for Not Just Writing, but DESIGNING and PUBLISHING a Sales Page That Looks Like a Million Bucks!
  4. Swipe Files and Sales Page Examples That Convert So You Have Endless Examples and Inspiration!

…because your digital product (and your future customers) deserve the best!

It’s time to give your sales page (and your bank account!) the high-performing makeover it deserves! Just like it’s done for our past students:

“Our sales conversions went from 3% to 6%!”
“The Sales Page Training absolutely blew me away because it showed me the secret to writing a sales page that actually converts to more sales…and that I don’t dread doing! The best part is that I used a lot of the copy from my sales page in all of my messaging to get 14,000 people into our last launch. Our landing page conversion increased from 25% to 46%! Our sales conversions went from 3% to 6% on a $119 product and we had our first 6-figure launch thanks to everything we’ve learned from James!”

Founder, Easy Teaching Tools


Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore

Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore

And then their is Birth Photographer Tavia Redburn Who took her Sales PAge…


Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore

Boring old bonuses that don’t create desire 😴


Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore

Visually stunning BONUSES that convey value!

“James simplified a task that can easily feel daunting into something that is bite sized and manageable.”
The Beauty in Birth

Each section of the Sales Page By Design System is laid out in order to walk you through the three phases of creating a sales page for your online course or membership: Write it! Design it! Publish it!

You will follow short videos and exercises designed to take the thinking and heavy lifting out of writing your best sales page yet! Plus, you’ll get detailed, plug-&-play templates and fill-in-the-blank scripts to make creating your sales page SIMPLE and FUN!

“Sales pages used to stress me out as I struggle with copywriting. This training helped me relook at how to craft one, what to think about, and how to make it more impactful. I used many of the tips I learned from the training on all my pages, not just my sales page. I totally recommend it!”
Sales Coach, Sales Story Method

SEE what’s waiting for you inside
Detailed video training & fill-in-the-blank templates for the 16 essential sections of your sales page!

Training 1:
The 16 Essential Sections of a High-Converting Sales Page
Every great recipe is made up of a list of ingredients… take a cake for example! Forget even one ingredient (like the sugar) and the cake is ruined! That’s how the sales page for your digital product works!

Inside Sales Page By Design, you won’t just get a list of the 16 ingredients required to cook up a high-converting sales page. You’ll get step-by-step training walking you through exactly how to NAIL each section without having to take 10 copywriting courses!

Imagine how much easier and fun it will be to assemble your sales page when you can simply follow the fill-in-the-blank templates and formulas for each section!
The 16 “Ingredients” of High-Converting Sales Pages:
Below is a Sneak-Peak at ALL 16 Required Sections That You’ll Create inside Sales Page By Design:

1. Above the Fold Attention Getter
2. Empathy & Warning (Consequence)
3. Introduce the Solution/Vehicle
4. Introducing Your Offer The Right Way
5. Social Proof
6. Modules Break Down
7. The Pricing Conversation
8. The Pricing Table
9. The Simple Pricing Section
10. Guarantee
11. Bonuses
12. Recap Section
13. The Bind
14. FAQ Section
15. Earnings Disclaimer
16. Footer

plus, there’s more!
You’re not just getting the “recipe,” I’m giving you everything you need to write, Design, & publish Your Page TOO!

Training 2:
Conversion Copy Fundamentals
How the Pro’s Write!

Get inside my brain! When you’ve been writing copy and creating sales pages for 14 years in numerous niches, how much will it help to get inside my brain and see exactly how I approach writing and why it’s so different than most?! In this section…
I’ll Reveal the Invisible Elements Beneath the Surface That Creates Powerfully Persuasive Copy!

you’ll discover…


Including: what I look for, what questions to ask, and how to know you have a homerun offer before you write a single word of copy!


is to get your people to actually read your sales page!


“MARKET SOPHISTICATION” and how to accurately meet your prospects at where they are at in the marketplace.


to hypnotize and engage your readers… even if you’re like me and thinking, “I don’t have any good stories!”


Training 3:
Sales Page Design for the Non-Designer

“It’s Not Just Enough to Create a Sales Page Worth a Million Bucks… it’s Gotta Look Like a Million Bucks Too, Right?!”
Today, great design and branding will separate you from the competition and position you as the established, credible authority that you are!

Think about it! What’s your first impression about a business when you see a page like this:

Sales Page By Design By James Wedmore

🤮 🤮
Outdated? Amateur? Fake?

Is that how you want people to think about you? Of course not!

So how do you create professional-looking “on-brand” design without breaking the bank with an overpriced designer?!

Inside Sales Page By Design, I walk you through…

  • Simple-to-follow design elements anyone can learn to “spruce up” your sales pages.
  • How and where to hire inexpensive designers!

Training 4:
How to Build & Publish for the Non-Techy!

The last thing you need is the “World’s Greatest Sales Page” sitting on your desktop collecting dust. Until it gets published and seen by the World, it won’t ever do anything to help you bring in more sales!
That’s Why I’ve Included an Entire Step-by-Step Sales Page PROCESS For Hosting And Publishing Your Page Without a Fancy Programmer Or Techie Skills!

If you can follow directions, you can get your sales page up online and published for the world to see!

“This is Great James!
…But What IF I Don’t Have a Digital Product to Sell Yet?!”

This is about the time where you might be saying, “Yeah James, but I don’t even have a product. Shouldn’t I focus on that first?” NO.

Why Creating Your Digital Product BEFORE You Create a Sales Page is BACKWARDS!

Most broke course creators waste months trying to create the “perfect” online course first. THEN… they try to create a sales page that “matches” and reflects the course they just created. Sound familiar?

…but how do you even know the course you created is what your audience wants?!

(that’s a lot of time and work that I wouldn’t risk wasting, would you?)

When you create your sales page first, it’s focused on matching your AUDIENCE and their desires… what they already want!

…and then you create the course that matches that!

Every successful marketer I’ve known always starts with their sales page and offer FIRST. If not, it’s an uphill battle trying to convince your readers of something they don’t already want.

Why Creating Your Digital Product BEFORE You Create a Sales Page is BACKWARDS!

“Wait, James! are you saying this training doesn’t just help create a better Sales Page…
…it helps create a betteR OFFER, too?!”

Yes. That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying. 😎

And Check out These Transformations!

“It’s Like One of Those Extreme Makeover Shows on TV…
…Except Instead of Spending Money to Look Good, You Get to Make Money By Looking Good!”

“Our previous launches hovered at $10k… This time
We Did $26k After Updating Our Sales Page!”

“Holy smokes – get ready to have your socks blown right off. Not only was the content taught in an easy to digest format that I could then take to ACTUALLY write my own sales page, but the examples and copy he made up ON THE SPOT for people’s sales pages BLEW MY MIND. Our previous launches had continued to hover around 10k every time, and this time we did 26k on our live launch and 10k on an affiliate launch the same month after updating our sales page.”
Laura Lee Creative

“This Sales Page Helped Us Close Out Our Biggest Launch to Date (Over $75K!)”

“I immediately implemented (imperfectly) what he taught us, and my page went from not even converting our warm traffic to converting ice COLD traffic.
I know this sales page helped us close out our biggest launch to date (over $75K), and it’s so good I’m not changing it AT ALL for our next launch.”

Plug-and-Play Fill-in-the-Blank Sales Page Sections

Imagine just how much easier it will be to “write ” your high-converting sales page when you simply need to fill in the blanks! With this powerful resource, I’ve taken the hard work and heavy lifting out of writing!

  • WRITE SALES COPY LIKE A PRO without feeling like you’re even writing!
  • GO TO BED KNOWING YOU DIDN’T MISS A SINGLE ELEMENT that would prevent your audience from buying from you!


Ready-Made Sales Page Templates

My team and I have spent weeks collecting the best sales pages and have put them together in beautiful, pre-made and ready-to-upload templates you can publish to the web in minutes!

  • Professional Pre-Designed Sales Pages
    Formatted and ready for publishing!
  • Save HOURS & Skip all the fuss with the Design Phase…
    we’ve done it all for you!
  • Save HUNDREDS on the expensive designers and programmers!
    Use my pre-made templates and that are ready to publish online in minutes!


Powerfully Influential Copy Patterns and Formulas

We already know that there are things you WANT to say… but sometimes you just don’t know how to say them. …or maybe what you say simply falls flat. In this bonus gift, you’ll get my treasure trove of over 26 Persuasion & Influence Writing Tools designed to help you:


By Design!

Finally! Bring in the powerful elements of Audio/Visual and tap into your audience’s emotions!

What about Sales Videos? Well… I love ‘em! ..and not all of your ideal customers love reading! This is exactly why you’re getting my complete Sales Video Training, outline, and script so you can increase conversions even more with a sales video that keeps viewers hooked!


  • A Proven Outline and Script Template
  • A Step-by-Step Process
  • And examples

When you join Sales Page By Design, you’ll receive instant access to everything you need to ASSEMBLE the best darn Sales Page You’ve Ever Made! Including…

  • The 16 Essential Training Modules every business owner needs to create a sales page that converts like crazy!
  • Templates, Exercises, & Examples for each section of your sales page for error-proof writing!
  • Additional Modules & Execution Guides for writing, designing, & publishing your sales page!
  • My complete Sales Video Training, Outline, and Script so you can increase conversions with a Sales Video that keeps viewers hooked.
  • Plug-and-Play Copy and Sales Page Templates created from my best performing sales pages.
  • Examples of My Highest Converting Sales Pages to help you craft your own.
  • 26 Copy TOOLS & TEMPLATES guaranteed to move people into action.

And much, much more!

“James breaks down not only what it takes to create a compelling sales page,”
“he gives you the psychology behind it so your page has syntax, psychology, influence, and selling all in one.”

Founder, Thought Leader Academy

“Worth every penny and minute!”
“This training truly delivers on everything James stands for – intention and simplicity. It truly is an investment and teaches you the practice of intelligent campaign and copy design that can be applied across your brand.”

Founder, Brand Author