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Sarah Doody - UX Portfolio Formula

Sarah DoodyUX Portfolio Formula

A complete blueprint to finally help you create a UX Portfolio that stands out.

Create a UX Portfolio that showcases your skills, story, and stands out.

 This page is about two important things …

I want to tell you what you get if you decide to enroll in UX Portfolio School.
I want to let my students’ success stories speak for themselves.
Because I don’t want to “sell” you, not my style.
So please, read this entire page!

And then decide if this is a fit for you. Sound good?

Who is this program for?

  • People who truly want to have a career in UX, not just capitalize on “breaking into a hot industry”.
  • People who have an existing UX portfolio, but know it can be better and need help pulling it all together.
  • Anyone who wonders “how do I create a portfolio if I don’t have real world experience?”
  • People who are tired of not making progress on their UX portfolio and have thought to themselves “I work in UX, why can’t I even UX my own portfolio?!”

Any of these sound like you? Cool, read on …

I’m Sarah Doody, nice to meet you!

Before you ask,
YES this is my real hair!

  • 2015: Founded The UX Notebook, a weekly UX email and education collective focused on helping people learn how to think like a designer.
  • 2012: Went full time as self employed with my own UX consulting business.
  • 2011: Co-created curriculum for and taught General Assembly’s first ever 12-week User Experience Design course.
  • 2007: Moved to NYC to get started in the roller coaster world of tech startups.



Here’s what you’ll learn in UX Portfolio Formula:

? What are the key sections of a UX portfolio & where to start?
How many projects, and what types, should you include?
? What do recruiters and hiring managers want to see?
⭐️ How to write your career compass statement and why you need one?

? What is a UX case study and why it’s critical to your portfolio?
? What should you do about private projects and NDAs from clients?
? How do you get your portfolio online, what’s the best method?
? How to go beyond pretty screenshots and tell project stories?

Here are the templates & “done for you” items:

  • UX Portfolio Layout Libraries
    Keynote and PPT files to help you layout your entire UX portfolio.
  • Mock Project Brainstorm List
    10 project ideas that you can do to add variety to your UX portfolio projects.
  • Case Study Blueprint
    A follow along guide to writing each of the 7 sections of a case study.
  • Career Compass Statement
    Get clear on your “why” statement with this template.


  • 3 part skills assessment worksheet
    Self assessment, peer quiz, and mentor mirroring activity.
  • Case study examples
    A ready lis of case studies that’ve impressed me.
  • Portfolio critique questions
    10 questions to ask yourself so you can critique your own UX portfolio


Sale page: https://www.uxportfolioformula.com/ux-portfolio-online-course/

Archive: http://archive.is/O58ji