Sasha Evdakov – Trader Transformation
  • Sasha Evdakov – Trader Transformation

Sasha Evdakov – Trader Transformation

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Sasha Evdakov – Trader Transformation

Sasha Evdakov – Trader Transformation

Sasha Evdakov – trader transformation

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Overview of the Trader Transformation Course

See a detailed breakdown of each video and what you will learn

Video 1: Foundation

In the foundation video you will learn basic principles that build on future videos such as why people are attracted to the stock market, investing, and stock market myths as well as the issues humans normally have with money and investing. Video Topics include:

  • How to properly use this course to maximize your learning and knowledge
  • Basic stock market fundamentals
  • Why people are interested in stocks or the stock market
  • Different myths about stocks and trading
  • Issues humans have with money, investing, and the stock market

Sasha Evdakov – Trader Transformation

Video 2: Learning To Trade

In this section we will go deep into the learning process, how to learn to trade, and how to accelerate your education. Video Topics include:

  • The stages of competence you go through to learn anything
  • The change process that has to happen when you learn
  • Tips to accelerate your learning
  • The way you should learn to trade

Video 3: Inner Foundation

This video will help you setup the right foundation for your thoughts and emotions. Many subjects are related to basic and primal human behavior that effect our trading. Video Topics include:

  • How to create an abundance wealth mentality
  • Social implications that come with wealth
  • How avoid our natural human programming and be successful
  • 3 brains humans have and which one you should be in when trading

Video 4: Mentality

Setting up a proper mentality for yourself will allow you to think clearer when you are putting on trades. By learning to avoid the mental noise will help you be more consistent. Video Topics include:

  • How you can increase your focus muscle and the quality of your focus
  • How the TV and stock news actually hurts your trading and why you should avoid it
  • The butterfly effect your mind goes through when you are trading
  • How to use dreamboards to focus in on your targeted goals

Video 5: Emotions

Emotional trading decisions are not consistent and in this video you will learn everything you need behind emotions and trading. Video Topics include:

  • The source of emotions so you can avoid them when trading before they arise
  • How time based emotions from the past and future effect you
  • How you can recalibrate your emotions externally and get out of slumps quickly

Video 6: Physiology

You will learn how physiology plays a huge role in making your body and brain run at effeciently. When your body is in good health, your brain and thinking processes function quickly and you make smarter trading decisions. Video Topics include:

  • How human physiology plays an important role in your trading
  • How you can have a healthy brain and grow its performance
  • Creating your own morning ritual that sets you up for a day of success
  • You will learn how instant gratification sucks most people in and how you can avoid it

Video 7: Renewal

Renewal is important for mental and physical balance. To trade eficiently and effectively you must run in peak performance and to do that you have to renew your body, mind, and spirit. Video Topics include:

  • Human wave cycles and working in the higher self and lower self
  • Physical things that normally renew us
  • How to schedule renewal time for yourself daily, monthly, and yearly.
  • How to deal with emotional upsets when it happens while trading
  • Learn how to block out resistance that stops you from renewal
  • Common tips to help you renew yourself faster than before

Video 8: Change

In this video you will learn how change makes you grow and how growth happens at the edge of our comfort zone. You will see how to grow as a trader you need to constantly be changing and evolving. Video Topics include:

  • Things that stop people from changing and how you can avoid them
  • How to having the desire to change can boost your speed of growth
  • The ability to change and the quickest way to make changes and grow
  • Finding accountability parters to accelerate your growth process

Video 9: Trading Essentials

You will get a foundation on trading essentials that you need to understand before creating your trading system. Video Topics include:

  • How supply and demand and finding an imbalance is key to spotting trade opportunities
  • How to avoid having the gambling mentality when trading
  • The mind games the market plays on your brain and how to spot them

Video 10: Trading System

You will learn how to setup your own trading system based on either a pattern system or a trend system so you start thinking systematically when making your trades. Video Topics include:

  • How rules and systems are different and how to use both to maximize your success
  • The benefits of using system when trading stocks
  • Figuring out whether a trend systems or pattern systems is better for your trading style
  • Common issues with systems and how to avoid them

Bonus: Printed Manual Included!

Now included – a study guide that outlines and summaries all the videos! It includes sections that you can take notes in as well as any exercises and examples from the course so you can easily reference back. Over 60 pages in a solid printed book format.