Secret Socials Insiders By Ariana B Castellanos
  • Secret Socials Insiders By Ariana B Castellanos

Secret Socials Insiders By Ariana B Castellanos


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Secret Socials Insiders By Ariana B Castellanos – Instant Download!

“How I Gained 674,968 TikTok Followers Fast and How You Can Too!”

Watch the entire video below as I reveal my secret system for generating a viral fanbase on TikTok. It’s crazy predictable, insanely fun and wildly profitable!

My new system works like crazy

Literally just click a few buttons and get used to your new found TikTok Fame!

Secret Socials Insiders By Ariana B Castellanos


Hi, I’m Ariana Castell, Founder of Secret Socials and Viral TikTok Master!

I’ve been working for ten months straight putting the finishing touches on this breakthrough training series.
In 2019 I was making $7/hr, and was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. So I Decided to try Tiktok.

After months of painstaking trial and error I grew my business account to 50k in a week. Something had clicked!

Because of that I built my first 6-figure business selling car accessories and was making $12,000 a month.

I wanted to know if it was just a fluke! So I did it again with a wellness store, and then yet again selling home decor.

I realized I was onto something. These strategies can help ANYONE go viral and go on to produce 6 and even 7-figures, and the best part is you can take the shortcut!

I knew I could grow business accounts. But could I grow a personal account?

Sure enough! I then grew my personal account to 300k followers in 2 months.

I then started another page and grew to 150k in 1 month, and then started my most recent page Secretsocialari and grew to 150k in 1 week!

I honestly knew I had cracked the code. People started asking me how I had done it. I felt it was selfish to keep these secrets to myself, so I founded Secret Socials!

My main goal is to change the world, since she can take anyone and teach them how to go viral and create a social following many only dream of. The benefits of having a large following online are already clearly obvious.

So What are you waiting for! Let’s Go!!!

Will you be my next success story?

Over the last 6 months, my students have been taking massive action on my training and they’ve seen success almost immediately.

Dear Friend,
So many people are looking for the secret to online fortunes. The truth is we live in a day and age that it has simply never been so simple to make life changing wealth. Notice I did not say that it is easy but it is simple.

Most people just need to be told what to do and they will do it. But fair warning, many will look and look and continue to “learn” thinking that it is all in the learning that makes you wealthy. This is a giant trap. There are so many shiny objects online that you could go a lifetime and before you know it you “know” a ton about how to make money online but you are still broke because you have not applied what you’ve learned.

That’s what my program is about. We have an 85% success rate because we get people to take action. It sound cliche but that is where the magic happens! So Let’s go!

I’ve built 3 seperate accounts amassing over a 1 Million followers… and you can too!

  • Learn how to go from zero tens of thousands in just days – with my repeatable step by step formula.
  • Build a massive audience in any niche – or you can even just build a solid personal brand in a broad market.
  • Watch as doors that were previously closed to you open up – an audience is one of the most valuable things you can own!

Follow my step by step repeatable process!

Doing something once is a fluke but doing something over and over again is a formula.

Look over my shoulder as I show you how to build a following in the niche of your choice.

Doing this will end up being your most valuable asset. You will find more options open up to you in your life as you reach these new levels.

The best part is you get to decide what you do with this new asset that you have but we’ll get into that later!
You might be thinking… “That’s great Ariana! I know you’ve done this multiple times but what about your students.

If you haven’t watched the video above you will see a ton of examples and testimonials. See below!

Here’s Proof that the process is repeatable! Look! 👇

I wanted to Prove that I could do this time and time again… So I did!

Secret Socials Insiders By Ariana B Castellanos

By the way I don’t suggest creating multiple accounts initially. I’m evening focusing my efforts only on one of these currently.

Live the Life of a Social Media Influencer!

When you have an audience you have more options than ever to create your dream life.

Travel the World and Run Your Business From Your Phone!

If travel is not your thing then I promise whatever you can dream you can make happen with TikTok.

Whatever your dream life is you can create it with one simple account. Together we will uncover the issue that’s holding you back. You are just one Viral video away from changing your life!

The problem with many businesses is that they take way too much money to start. With a very small budget of education and investing in yourself you can start the best possible business model I have ever seen.

Shortcut your success by looking over my shoulder.

  • Choose a Winning Niche – I’ll show you my exact methodology for choosing a niche to ensure you can win. There are more options for you then you might be thinking.
  • Build a Content Creation Framework – Take the guesswork out of deciding what and when to post to maximize the return on your efforts.
  • ​Go Viral with My Step by Step Formula – You are One Viral Video Away from Changing Your Life Forever

These are the 3 pillars of creating a life changing TikTok following. It’s systematic as long as you follow the process I have laid out.

Your New Lifestyle is Waiting…

Things get really fun when you start getting the recognition you deserve!

Your dream life may not look like mine. In fact, it probably doesn’t. Just know that the sky’s the limit with whatever you want to create!

Just remember that action is always the skill that matters most. We are interested in partnering with action takers. In my experience when you double down so do your results and your bank account!


Secret Social Insiders

The Step-by-Step System for Building a Massive TikTok Audience

And creating your dream lifestyle!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Get Your Mindset Right – Welcome to entrepreneurship. Your mindset is your biggest asset. Over look it at your peril. This lesson is valuable beyond belief.
  • Turning Your Hobby into a Real Business – If you treat your business like a hobby it will treat you like a hobby and pay you like a hobby. This lesson is to get you to graduate into the hobby phase and move into the business owner phase!
  • Niche Selection Mastery – The key here is to have your niche select you vs you selecting your business. Your niche is the key to the level of your success. Get this wrong and it could cost you big!
  • Content Creation Secrets – This is the meat of the training. How do you decide what and when to post and every other secret in between!
  • Let’s Get Viral! – Going viral is the single biggest thing that can change your life virtually overnight! Going viral can happen by accident but it can also happen on purpose. Do you want to wait for an accident?
  • Become an Algorithm Master – Become the smartest person in the room when it comes to TikTok. Learn how to stay ahead of the rapid changing TikTok landscape before it even changes!

You’re Just One Viral Video Away…

Your dream lifestyle is just on the other side of a little bit of dedication, grit and knowledge.

Social Secret Insiders is the course that will give you te tactics and the knowhow to grow a massive TikTok audience. With just one Viral video your life can change in a big way.

Secret Social Insiders is your shortcut to the life that you deserve. One of the things that you’ll learn as you go down this path is that you need to start. thinking bigger! Every single goal you have is within reach and a massive part of your success will be who you surround yourself by!

Become an Insider and see what life can really look and feel like!

“Taking this course has been one of the single best decisions I’ve made over the last few years.

Ariana has a way of teaching and better yet showing what will take you to your next level of growth!”


Even More proof that this system works like crazy!

Don’t take my word for it! Hear from my students who are having massive success!

Secret Socials Insiders By Ariana B Castellanos


Hit 100,000 Followers, And Doubled Her Income, Now Makes $15,000/Month

Shannon is an affiliate marketer, she’s been on TikTok for over 1 year now. She was stuck at almost 90k followers, her audience was tired of her content and becoming ghost followers. This is a very hard thing to turn around and usually leads to creators losing followers, income, and their hard work. Her engagement was under the normal, averaging around 2% of her following when it should normally be 10% minimum.

After using Secret Socials Strategies, she had a viral video after months of trying. Finally recapturing her audience’s interest in her content. She then grew 10,000+ followers flawlessly.







Veronica is a Tiktok Social Media Manager. She has had many videos go viral when marketing products, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was she was tired of client work, these clients were not paying her enough. She wanted to make passive income, build a name for herself, and make more money working less.

That’s exactly what Secret Social Insiders helped her do! She worked with Ariana and within 1 week had a viral video and hit 10k followers, she’s had many viral videos since then and will continue to have more and generate thousands for her online businesses! All because she learned the right strategy.

Here’s everything you’re getting when you join Secret Social Insiders today

It’s more than a course it’s a community!

Secret Social Insiders

This is our flagship offer that is responsible for all of the success you see above. It includes 19 modules that detail every single thing you will need to crush it on TikTok!

Bonus#1: The Hook Handbook

The Hook is one of the most crucial ingredients to your success on TikTok. This guide delivers the tried and true formats to allow you to go viral almost at will! It’s that powerful!

Bonus #2: Viral Video Frameworks

A Framework Builds upon a repeatable process and structure to ensure you get a repeatable result. This is the authoritative guide to breaking down the magic of going Viral!

Bonus #3: Intro to Monetization

Having a great following is good and all but it can quickly become overwhelming. Once you start monetizing your following then it becomes fun again! A great following can allow you to write your own check!

To your success,

Ariana Castell,
Founder of Secret Socials
TikTok Viral Hitmaker!

Secret Socials Insiders By Ariana B Castellanos, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • Get Your Mindset Straight
  • Social Media Vocab
  • Find Your Niche Today!
  • Your Daily Posting Schedule!
  • Lets Talk Content Creation (Videos)
  • The Secret To Going Viral!
  • Social Media Psychology (important)
  • The Tiktok Algorithm Explained!
  • Tiktok Must Knows!
  • How To Act On Social Media
  • All Around Instagram Growth Strategies
  • How To Build A Strong Community
  • How To Continue To Grow Consistently
  • Your Tiktok Plan _ Content Planner
  • Bonus Guides