Selfmastered Roadmap By Leon Castillo
  • Selfmastered Roadmap By Leon Castillo

Selfmastered Roadmap By Leon Castillo

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Selfmastered Roadmap By Leon Castillo – Instant Download!

Selfmastered Roadmap By Leon Castillo

Become a Laser-Focused Top Performer – In A Week
Learn the proven system that ambitious professionals globally are using to choose, plan & achieve their most audacious goals consistently and without fail – all while doing less

How would you like to learn the secret to long-term laser-focused peak performance and start achieving your most ambitious goals consistently – even if you have struggled with motivation in the past?

There is a proven, step-by-step, system for that: The Selfmastered Roadmap


  • Lack of clarity about what your true priorities are.
  • Unable to identify & prioritize your most important tasks.
  • Consistently wasting time in fruitless endeavors.
  • Struggling to understand what drives real achievement (both personal and professional).
  • No reliable system to track month-on-month performance.
  • Unable to sustain motivation for long.
  • Incapable of being disciplined.
  • No sense of Purpose.


  • Crystal clarity on your priorities.
  • Able to identify, choose & prioritize your most important tasks every day.
  • Clear 10-year Roadmap that links your purpose, your long-term goals, and your immediate actions.
  • Armed with a simple system to track week-on-week substantial professional development.
  • Possessing the skill of effective goal-setting.
  • Understanding how to achieve & sustain unlimited intrinsic motivation.
  • Having a clear understanding of how Purpose works – and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Having a clear sense of direction.

Here’s a Quick Summary of What The Selfmastered Roadmap Is About:
Proven Plug-and-Play System that unlocks the key to peak performance by solving the internal problem that prevents you from:

  • Identifying the most important goals to focus on a multiyear scale.
  • Sustaining motivation effortlessly to make those goals happen by default.
  • Understanding what drives superior performance (hint: it is related to your purpose).
  • Analyzing your life from an outside perspective to find underutilized capacity.
  • Understanding what all top performers are doing differently, in a way which (consciously and subconsciously) allows them to set effective goals, sustain motivation, and remain disciplined for years on end (and how to become one yourself).

In difficult times you need expert help, not untried solutions
Get clarity on the road ahead and get rid of your discipline, motivation and procrastination issues using a proven system.

Selfmastered Roadmap Curriculum

Selfmastered Roadmap By Leon Castillo

Tired of trying useless tactics and hacks to gain clarity and motivation that just don’t work?

Not so long ago, I felt useless.
7,5 years of frequent all-nighters at college had fried my brain, destroying my motivation, focus & discipline muscles.
I couldn’t focus for more than 10 minutes.
I couldn’t stay motivated to do something for longer than a day.
It was terrible.
At first, “I thought, maybe I’m just not like other people. Maybe it is just me”.
But then somehow…
I learned a secret that changed everything.
Something extremely powerful that is nevertheless hidden in plain sight. Nobody talks about it, nobody mentions it… yet it makes all the difference in your life, once you learn it.
Schools, obviously, don’t teach it. Nobody actually talks about this in-depth.
But once you learn about it, you start seeing its power everywhere.
Everything then clicks.
Think about it for a minute: how does a broke architect become an investment executive at a Private Equity Fund (in a different industry) in less than 30 months, starting from scratch?
It is all because of this secret I discovered.
A secret that I like to call “The Hidden Force of the Universe”, and literally makes all the difference between peanuts and millions, happiness and misery, success and failure.
This secret is truly at the root of anything that holds value.
It is a force so powerful that it can turn anybody into a laser-focused top-performing rainmaker.
Anybody, irrespective of backgrounds, ethnicities, income levels… anybody.
Understanding this “Hidden Force” led me to develop over the years a methodology that I’ve been using to coach entrepreneurs and business owners for the past 5 years.
The truth is that it works with anyone, in any situation, at all times. It is universal.
But first, who am I?
Why should you listen to me?
My name is Leon. I’m a VC Partner based in Madrid, Spain. Creator of the Selfmastered methodology that I am about to share with you.
For the last 5 years, I have been coaching, mentoring, (and investing) in the sharpest entrepreneurs on this planet.
When working with them, my goal is threefold:

  • Help them eliminate mental fog, so they can make better decisions.
  • Teach them how to audit their life, so they can work on things that really matter to them.
  • Provide them a Secret Tool that accelerates their development, so they have a faster success in the marketplace.

See, I have always been obsessed with discovering why some people crush it, while others can’t seem to focus for more than 10 minutes at a time.
What is it that top performers inherently know that others don’t?
When I hit rock bottom, I knew I had to learn it.
So I embarked on a painful journey to discover it.
An unbounded quest to discover the origins of how to unleash top performance.
I ended looking into something so profound, challenging, and intriguing that it has become a lifelong endeavor. That subject is… our minds, and what truly motivates it.
How to unleash our best self.
Specifically, why we do what we do.
And how to do it better.
How to do it at an elite level.
Especially in the context of high-level business.
I researched old teachings, visited old centers of worship and meditation, asked timeless questions to several mentors.
And I read.
And I tested, of course.
I tested everything.
And I ended up discovering the secret that changed everything for me… and creating a system that leverages it to UNLEASH a new world of possibilities.
Since the start of this journey, I have been sharing with my local community (family, friends, colleagues…) everything I have learned in the process.
In fall 2016 I started giving talks at the intersection between real estate, technology & finance.
Some entrepreneurs started approaching me, asking for mentorship on how to do what I did, in such a short amount of time.
And that’s when I started teaching this methodology.
For the last 5 years, I have been teaching entrepreneurs how to navigate their ambitions using the same principles that I am now sharing in the Selfmastered Roadmap.
Things like:
– Prioritize with effectiveness.
– Focus on what matters.
– Automate your personal & professional growth system.
– Keep the ideal emotional balance.
In short: how to operate at a peak performance level, automatically.
All-day, every day.
And reap the rewards of compounding growth, on all fronts.
The Selfmastered Roadmap is my way of giving back and helping others shave years off their learning curve.
Are you gonna miss out on this?

Stop guessing. Start progressing.
Get the proven system that will change the way you approach your self-management.
Get rid of your discipline, motivation and procrastination issues. Forever.

This is what the personal development industry doesn’t want you to understand…

The personal development industry isn’t in the business of solving your problems, once and for all.
Their financial incentive is to keep you hooked to random unorganized advice, in a state of permanently low-stress, to no avail, so you keep relying on them.
They don’t want you to know that becoming a laser-focused top-performing individual (and get rid of your procrastination, discipline, and motivation issues) isn’t complicated, but that in fact, it’s actually simple.
Quite simple.
This is what this program is all about: teaching what is the simple system you need to master to start improving exponentially.
Because let’s face it: most people’s daily work follows a variation of this depressing process:
First, they set a few goals.
Then, they draw a plan to achieve them.
Then, they start chasing them, full of excitement.
But their excitement quickly fades as soon as the first obstacles arise.
Maybe they brainstorm solutions to their obstacles, or they devote their heart and soul to finding a solution, disregarding all other aspects of their life.
And they hit a mental roadblock.
And, most probably, they quit.
They tell themselves that they didn’t really want that.
They rationalize their failure.
But hey, maybe they don’t quit and they do persist long enough, finally surmounting the obstacle… at a high personal cost.
When they finally achieve your goal, their sense of accomplishment quickly vanishes, and they can’t help but ask themselves, “do I really want this?”
They start thinking about how they got to that situation… but the sad truth is that they don’t remember.
They are stuck in a place they don’t like, doing things that don’t motivate them, hanging around with people that they don’t care about… and they can’t remember what brought them there.
Because there is no long-term purpose-fueled plan. So they can’t find answers.
Unable to find suitable answers, they keep plowing through daily life.
Unhappy and unexamined days turn into unhappy weeks, which turn into unhappy months and, finally, a miserable life.
“Is this all there is?” they ask themselves.
Of course not. Life is a beautiful thing to be filled with achievement, joy, and a sense of purpose.
But you need to learn how to do it.
You may read a thousand books, attend an infinite number of seminars, and maybe find a cozy place in Bali to “find yourself,”… but the truth is that none of those things will provide you the answer you are looking for.
Isn’t there a better way?
Of course, there is.
The Selfmastered Roadmap (and The Secret Tool) it incorporates.
One of the most powerful personal development systems ever created, which is based on discovering a Secret within yourself that unlock a state of continuous improvement.
This Secret is so powerful that it literally “forces” you to rethink how you live, work and learn.
Once you’ve internalized what knowing this secret implies, you’ll need a system to extract the most value of your new way of thinking.
The Selfmastered Roadmap is what you need.

Become A Laser-Focused Top Performer – In a Week
Get the proven system that will change the way you approach your self-management.
Get rid of your discipline, motivation and procrastination issues. Forever.

Ok, but what is this program about? How does it work?
The Selfmastered Program is a 4h video-program subdivided into 7 modules (30 mins each, on average) that gradually uncover the Selfmastered methodology that will unlock the key to continuous peal performance.
Over the course of a week, you will learn:
– How to reprogram your mind to choose by defect what matters the most to you.
– How to set effective goals optimizing your energy expenditure
– How to shape your Purpose
– How to create a long-term roadmap that aligns with that is intimately meaningful to you.
And much more…
The system works instantly, as we will provide worksheets at the beginning of the training which will help you save at least 1 hour/day, from day 1. Minimum.
By the end of the week, once you have gone through the program and started using the Secret Tool, you will start gaining back at least 10 hours per week, minimum.
You will gain clarity and focus.
You will understand what drives motivation – and leverage that knowledge to become unstoppable.
You will destroy your excuses (because you will be operating from a higher self-management standpoint).
Such is the power of this program.
This is not a one-size-fits-all solution.
It is fully adaptable to your needs.
In fact, this system has worked for dozens of entrepreneurs and corporate people (mostly 25-35 y/o), who have adapted it to their own needs. This system is 100% adaptable to your context, needs, and circumstances.
Now, let’s take a closer look at the core lessons of the Roadmap:
Lesson #0. Introduction
What does Peak Performance *actually* mean in business & self-management? Why is it so important? How does this step-by-step system work?
Lesson #1. Taming the Universe
What Universal Law is working against you? And, most importantly, how can you tame it? What choices should you make daily to use its force to your advantage and avoid decay and disorder?
Lesson #2. The Hidden Force
What is the power, hidden from plain sight, that can help you achieve a state of infinite personal growth? (Which is invisible to the naked eye, and the human brain can’t understand easily). How can you harness that power? How can you supercharge your mnemonic powers to take full advantage of it?
Lesson #3. Your Compass
What if unearthing and polishing your purpose is the key to focus, motivation and discipline? What if you could understand what is the Purpose of your life so that it serves as a compass at every crossroads? How to unlock the key to supreme discipline by shaping a worthwhile reason that circumvents your neurological circuitry?
Step #4. Your North Star
Once you know what is your compass, how can you create a long-term plan that fuels intrinsic motivation? What do doctors know that journalists don’t? How can you create a visual marker of the progress you envision for yourself that serves as a guiding light?
Lesson #5. Your Roadmap
Is there a way of mastering the art of goal-setting? How do motivation and self-discipline really work? How do they relate to your Purpose? How do they fit in a coherent and cohesive long-term plan?
Lesson #6. Your Secret Tool
What is the secret tool that makes it all work seamlessly together? What process will you be using in the years to come to achieve and sustain peak performance?
BONUS LESSON 1: Secret Tool Walkthrough
Over-the-shoulder look into how the Tool works, with detailed instruction on how to unleash its full potential. Real-life examples of a busy white-collar worker’s calendar (Leon himself)
BONUS LESSON 2: Hacking Your Brain
How can we “hack” our brains to execute at the highest level? (It is easier than you think). What do top performers know that the average person doesn’t regarding urgency management? What if the key to productivity wasn’t rational?
BONUS LESSON 3: Getting Unstuck
Step-by-step video lesson & interactive template to help you get unstuck every time you feel you are not making progress. (This lesson gets constantly updated with the numerous FAQs we get from the Community)

Ok, but what is the Selfmastered Roadmap REALLY about?

Installing a new paradigm in your mind
You will learn a set of mental models that fit seamlessly together and provide a new lens to look at the world. Once you have incorporated these models into your mind, you will start noticing new patterns and quickly develop new ways of looking at your growth.
Unlocking the key to focus, motivation, and discipline.
By understanding how the Universe works and the choices it forces us to make, you will gain a clear understanding of how to create a personal roadmap of effective goals that solve your focus, motivation, and discipline issues.
Providing a tool that supports your quest toward personal performance clearly and effectively.
The Selfmastered Roadmap is supported by a digital tool that helps you implement effectively all the teachings. This is the secret mechanism that makes it all work.

What is the Selfmastered Roadmap NOT about?

A random assortment of generic self-development advice.
Selfmastered Roadmap is my personal system that encapsulates everything that I have learned in the first 5 years of my career. It is based on my experience and, most importantly, the work of great scientists and authors (partial list of intellectual resources below). There is nothing random about it. It is a tried-and-true process.
A one-size-fits-all solution to your problems.
The Selfmastered Roadmap is a blueprint that must be adapted to each person’s individual goals. Each person has their own goals, context, and motivation, and reliable productivity and peak performance system must address this reality. I use it in a way, my mentees use it in a different way (albeit, quite similarly), etc. This system is 100% adaptable to your needs, by design.
A magical system that works automatically.
The Selfmastered Roadmap works flawlessly… but it requires consistent effort to create long-lasting change. Nothing worth having comes easy.
Once you have internalized the curriculum, you will have to spend 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening using the Secret Tool to track your progress and measure your overall effectiveness of my time and energy allocation. An additional 20 minutes are required once a week (weekly review).
In short, this system will require 1 hour/week to shave YEARS off your learning curve, and create long-lasting change in your life. I can’t think of a more worthy pursuit.
So, you know what the system is, you know how it works – and you know that it WORKS.
What exactly is stopping you from achieving peak performance in your daily life?
What is holding you back from achieving your full potential?
What is going to stop you from being the BEST version of yourself?
If you’re serious about improving yourself, the answer to all the questions above should have been: nothing.
You know what to do.
Click the link below to access a whole new world of freedom, free from limitation, obstacles, and setbacks.
Master yourself, today.

Stop drifting. Start succeeding
Shave years off your learning curve using a proven step-by-step system

Your Instructor
My name is Leon Castillo, and for the past 5+ years I have worked at the intersection of venture capital and real estate, analyzing and/or managing investments across different asset classes.
For years I failed at delivering the world-class results that I was required to, mainly because I struggled greatly to keep track of all the relevant variables that affected my performance. As a long-time admirer of the best entrepreneurs and investors, I embarked upon a personal journey to discover and systematize the best science-based advice on how to become a peak performer.
The Selfmastered Roadmap is the battle-tested framework that I first designed for myself and then I shared & perfected with the help of others (teammates, mentees, clients).

On the shoulder of giants

  • The Selfmastered Roadmap is based on my own experience as well as, and more importantly, the great work done by several scientists and authors on the topic of peak performance and productivity.
  • A partial list of the resources that have inspired it is:
  • “Flow”, by Mihail Csikszentmihalyi
  • “The Effective Executive”, Peter Drucker
  • “Peak”, by Anders Ericsson
  • “The Art of Learning”, by Josh Waitzkin
  • “High Output Management”, Andy Grove
  • “Thinking Fast & Slow”, Daniel Kahneman
  • “Psycho-Cibernetics”, Maxwell Maltz
  • “Essentialism”, Greg McKeown
  • “The Hard Thing about Hard Things”, Ben Horowitz
  • “The Goal”, Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  • “The Great CEO Within”, by Matt Mochary
  • “The Outsiders”, William Thorndike
  • “The Happiness Hypothesis”, Jonathan Haidt
  • “The Organized Mind”, by Daniel Levitin
  • “The Model Thinker”, by Scott Page
  • “Principles”, by Ray Dalio
  • “Deep Work”, by Cal Newport
  • “Getting Things Done”, David Allen
  • “Smarter Faster Better”, Charles Duhigg
    and many more

Selfmastered Roadmap By Leon Castillo, What Is It Included (Content proof: Watch here!)

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