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Simplertrading – The Seesaw Strategy Pro
  • Simplertrading – The Seesaw Strategy Pro

Simplertrading – The Seesaw Strategy Pro

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Simplertrading – The Seesaw Strategy Pro

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Sale Page : Simplertrading 

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Strategy Class + Iron Condors 101 Bonus+ 2 Live-Trading Sessions

August 13th & August 15th from 12pm – 3pm Central

This is your opportunity to live-trade the Seesaw Strategy with Bruce and deepen your mastery.

You get to interact via chat and watch Bruce’s screen as he looks for high probability setups during market hours. Live-trading offers the fastest way to absorb and internalize your new strategy and ‘make it your own’. As always, our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for the class (obviously, no promises).

This is your chance to master the ‘Seesaw Strategy’ Bruce used to rack up 12-winners in a row — in a brutal choppy market. Bruce refined this hybrid Iron Condor over 30+ years to offer double the profit potential over traditional Iron Condors. His 12 winners were called out in our trading room and produced gains of 5.73% to 18.34% per trade. Now by popular demand, Bruce is doing a step-by-step class on his ‘Seesaw Strategy’.

In this interactive online training you’ll learn:

How Bruce racked up 12+ winners in a row in this choppy market

How to extract reliable 5-25%+ returns within 17-days (on average)

When it’s possible to ‘boost’ profits by 2x (or more)

How to stack the odds of winning even higher by ‘legging in’ to positions

How to adapt this strategy to YOUR goals and account size (critical)

Bruce’s simple ‘tweaks’ that turn potential losses into wins

Bruce’s ‘sleep tight at night’ position sizing and trade management guide

Bruce Marshall Director of Options and Income Trading

Bruce is the Director of Options and Income Trading and devoted mentor here at Simpler. After spending many years on Wall Street managing institutional and retail accounts, we’re lucky to have him trading in several memberships of ours.

In addition to the Options Chatroom, he has his own service called Bruce’s Income Accumulation System (BIAS), where he focuses heavily on some of his favorite strategies. He’s a meticulous planner and organizer.

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