Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy
  • Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy

Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy

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Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy – Instant Download!

Build a Profitable Business You Can Run From Home (or the beach!)
Whether you are a newbie consultant just starting out, or have been freelancing for awhile, the steps are the same. The Six Figure Framework™ will help you get to consistent $10K months – while working with clients that don’t suck.

Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy

Starting a Business is Overwhelming AF
The Six Figure Framework™ drastically simplifies the process of getting started.

You’re a great designer, developer, copywriter, strategist – whatever.

But, let’s face it: you suck at business and you’re terrified of giving up your paycheck.

You have no idea how to market yourself and the thought of pitching to clients makes you throw up in your mouth a bit.

You’re, like, super talented and have done ahhhmazing work for big companies.

But every-time you try freelancing you end up using couch pennies to buy a gallon of gas at the BP.

Meanwhile, your soul dies a little more everyday when you walk into the cubicle farm.

Sure you love your cubicle family when they pop up over the cube walls to say hi… but if you have to sit in yet another quarterly meeting about “synergy,” you might set fire to the building.

You see other people freelancing from foreign counties, traveling with Remote Year or living on an island and you wonder how TF they’re doing it.

Simple – they learned how to market themselves and how to run a freelance BUSINESS instead of hunting for jobs.

They picked a niche and double downed and learned how to promote themselves.

And the crazy thing is, it wasn’t that hard…

With just a few subtle mindset shifts and a good business teacher, you too can market your design services to high-end clients and stop showing up for “work” everyday.

Because you’ll be doing what you love, working with clients you like and living anywhere the hell you want.

Sound good? Let’s go.

“It has been truly life changing. I went from shy, scared and unfocused to productive, confident and hitting my first $5k month.

My clarity skyrocketed and my business and my life has changed forever.

Thank you for being an amazing coach, pushing me through all my mindset blocks and getting me to explore the potential you knew I always had. I really appreciate it.”

Belema Ronabere

St. Vincent

The Six Figure Freelancers Accelerator

Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy

Get powerful step-by-step training for going freelance full-time
This proven framework will give you guidance on everything you need to have your first $10K month, and can be completed at your own pace.




Get step-by-step guidance for building your brand and business – and landing your first BIG clients.
Designed to be completed in as little as 10-weeks, while working full-time, our self-paced training will help you create:

  • A Vision & Action Plan
    You’ll up-level your mindset, create a vision that compels you forward and set smart, attainable goals.
  • A Six Figure Mindset
    We’re going to dive into money mindset, create a success strategy AND get started in passive income.
  • A Simple Business Plan
    Learn the critical business principles you may’ve slept through in college & create a 30-minute business plan.
  • A High-Value Brand
    Create a style guide, tagline & messaging that creates credibility and trust for your ideal client.
  • Perfect Pricing & Packages
    You’ll get specific with what you need to earn and understand the value of what you do so you can charge high-dollar rates.
  • A Marketing Plan
    You’ll learn how to talk about what you do without feeling sleazy, and have a plan for connecting with clients.
  • A Killer Online Presense
    You’ll learn how create a website and content that positions you as an expert so you capture qualified leads in your sleep.
  • A Sales System
    You’ll be able to have a sales conversation without having an anxiety attack, and learn to create winning proposals.
  • And A Whole Lot More
    In addition to building your business, you’ll learn how to master your time, create systems and optimize for profit.

Accelerate Your Business Growth With A Proven Framework That Gets MASSIVE Results

More kind words from past clients…

“Thank you Kate for everything and most importantly the big NUDGE! I was hesitant to start my business but after working with you I dramatically exceeded my revenue goals in year one!”



“Working with Kate was great. She is fun and energetic and really helped me get my business and website structured in a way that clearly communicated to my customers and helped me to attract more leads.”



Who Should Join Six Figure Freelancers?

Many people love the idea of running a profitable business from home (or the beach, like I do), but few are willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams… Which is why many of them fail to ever hit 6-figures, and why half of them close within 5-years*.

Building a 6-figure small business is simple – but never easy – so this is not for everyone.

I don’t want to waste either of our our time, so let me make it crystal clear who will get exceptional results from this program, and who should maybe look for remote work instead…

This is for you if:

  • You want rapid-fire clarity and a shortcut to 6-figure success
  • You want to land more clients, (and make more money) without working harder
  • You’re an achiever who gets sh*t done when you know what to do
  • You’re serious enough about your success to invest in getting the help you need
  • You’re THRILLED by the idea of tapping into the experience of a 10-year branding expert, MBA and Forbes business coach

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re happy to waste your time posting & praying for clients
  • You’re looking for the next get-rich-quick scheme or spammy marketing technique
  • You insist on figuring everything out on your own, even if it means taking years to earn a living wage.
  • You’re comfortable building a mediocre brand and business
  • You’re afraid to invest even a few $100 dollars in a proven system for attracting clients

* A 2020 Fundera analysis found that 86.3% of small business owners make less than $100,000 a year in income and fewer than 50% of businesses remain open after 5 years.

Six Figure Freelancers Prepares You For Long-Term Success

Mindset Training

You’ve got some mind trash that’s keeping you stuck in that corporate cubicle, or working with crappy clients, so we’ll deal with that and get you building habits like an entrepreneur.

Marketing Guidance

You’re likely wasting a TON of time on marketing or “gig hunting” that doesn’t work. You’ll learn simple but effective strategies for landing more, better paying, clients you love working with.

Proven Strategy

You’re probably pretty overwhelmed by all the advice on the internet, so we’re gonna’ get you focused on the right tasks – at the right time – so we get you making mad $$ in your business, without working 24/7.

Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy

Now, it’s up to you to take the next step – are you ready to get out of your head and into action?

Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy

Six Figure Freelancers By Kate Bagoy, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-Course Introduction
  • 02-Module 1- Vision, Goals & Dreams
  • 03-Bonus 1- Motivation & Habits
  • 04-Module 2- Your Six Figure Mindset
  • 05-Bonus 2- Money Mindset Resources
  • 06-Module 3- Your Business Plan
  • 07-Mid-Term Evaluations
  • 08-Module 4- Branding Workshop
  • 09-Module 5-Setting Pricing & Creating Offers
  • 10-Module 6- Self Promotions
  • 11-Bonus 3 Promo Strategies & Tips
  • 12-Module 7 Your Online Brand & Messaging
  • 13-Another Chance to WIN!
  • 14-Module 8 Implementation Time
  • 15-Module 9 Sales & Bidding Strategies
  • 16-Module 10 Operations & Finances
  • 17-Module 11 Getting Sh!t Done
  • 18-Course Wrap Up
  • 19-Bonus 4 Interview Series