Social Bank 2022 By Elise Darma

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Social Bank 2022 By Elise Darma – Instant Download!

Join over 30,000 business owners to
Make Bank From Social Media – With Less Than 1,000 Followers

Social Bank 2022 By Elise Darma


It’s 9AM and Instagram is whispering your name.

These all-too-familiar nudges tickle your anxiety.

You know that Instagram is an amazing (free) tool for business, but your to-do list beyond social media is already massive.


(This is coming from an Instagram marketer who’s spent almost a decade on the platform. That’s approximately 305 billion hours – and it’s still not enough.)

Since 2013 when I started out as a social media marketer, I’ve seen Instagram evolve from a basic photo app with funky filters, to a powerful sales tool for business owners.

You may have noticed that Instagram has exploded.
But which feature do you use – and when – and why?

  • A never-ending conveyor belt of shiny new Instagram features like Stories, Direct Messages and Reels.
  • Feeds that no longer look like your phone’s camera roll, but rather a media hub of videos, memes and GIFs.
  • Captions that are only getting longer as storytelling and connection become paramount to standing out.
  • Videos up the wazoo – resulting in home offices that look like production studios with lights and mics.
  • “Instagram keeps changing things! What do I prioritize now? Is my old way of doing things still relevant?”
  • “What kind of post do I make next? Do I need ALL types of posts to be in my feed? How often do I need to post?”
  • “What do I say that doesn’t sound pushy or repetitive? Does each caption need to be a blog?”
  • “How do I know when to make a Story versus a Reel versus going live? What if I hate being on camera?”

WHAT’S MORE is that documentation leaked out from Instagram, saying that we should be posting four to seven Reels a week…!?!?
(Not to mention three feed posts, ten Stories, and three videos each week.)

In what world does a busy business owner have time to create all this content?

For one platform?

If you’ve ever just wanted to log off Instagram one day and never come back…


And if you’re nodding your head in agreement, keep reading.

You’re likely caught up on the hamster wheel right now… churning out content without getting real results back to your biz.

BUT… you also can’t ignore the world’s #1 social media platform if you want your business to generate more leads and sales (for free).

Because the facts about Instagram – from Instagram – are alluring:
Over 1 billion active users (and counting…)
90% of people on Instagram follow a business
70% of shoppers look to Instagram for their next purchase
So… what’s gonna give?

If you’re feeling the tug-and-pull of wanting to leverage social media, but are barely coming up for air each day on top of everything else going on in your business…

You are not alone. I have absolutely been there myself.

Churning out content constantly is like staying stuck in the season of spring forever. But flowers can’t bloom forever.

Just like you can’t keep churning out content forever.

What if… there were seasons of business that matched with your season of content creation?
Like when you’re just starting, you need Visibility – meaning, followers and for people to know about you and your business.

After you have a healthy group of followers, you then need Engagement to understand why exactly those followers are sticking around.

Once that connection is made, you next need to know who of your followers are interested in your paid offer or next big idea. You need Leads.

And lastly, when that offer or idea is out there and in front of your followers, you need Sales.
Plain and simple.

The Seasons Method™ ensures your content efforts are worth it.
The months where I was practically operating paycheck-to-paycheck were when I was doing the draining content activities that didn’t support what my business truly needed – whether it was Visibility, Engagement, Leads or Sales.

On the other hand, my business was flush with cash in the months where I channeled all my content efforts to match what my business needed the most:
Visibility, Engagement, Leads or Sales.
I had a hunch this concept would be a game-changer for my audience too, so I put it to the test.

My students applied this same concept to just their Stories-based content and the results…

  • “I posted my first Lead story today and already got 2 leads!”
  • ​“Today I did one of your launch season stories and sold 3 programs. Thank you!!!”
  • “I just made my first sale in the DMs! Thank you for your inspiration.”
  • Over 30,000 business owners have used the Seasons Method™.
  • What if you could tap into Instagram’s powers for business – without the overwhelm?
  • ​Imagine selling more by doing less on Instagram?
  • What if you stopped stressing about doing “all the things” and had a plan to actually make bank instead?


But more than that, students build strategic profiles that attract the right followers – who become customers.

One student said: “I made my first post using your templates and it got a TON of engagement and 5 leads.”

Say hello to trackable, measurable dollars in your biz – all from your content efforts (while posting less, to boot).
After seeing 1,000s of students have success on Instagram by doing LESS… I knew this was too good to keep a secret any longer.


Social Bank Is An Industry-Leading Online Course For Busy Business Owners Who Are Ready To Attract Their Customers On Instagram – Without Spending Hours Each Day In The App.

Yes! I’m Ready To Make BANK With Social Media

It’s a “take action!” kind of course designed specifically for Coaches (health, life, business, relationships – you name it), Service Providers (from freelancers and agencies to in-person businesses like real estate agents and doctors), as well as Product Creators (physical and digital – hello, my fellow course creators!).

Inside, you’re not just getting boring videos of me droning on about how to use “XYZ-latest” feature. Nope!

Unlike any other program on the market, you’re getting how-to trainings AND done-for-you content so that you can implement your newfound learnings on your account today.

Niche: Real Estate
Revenue: $25,000

“In just about a year, my followers grew from 700 to over 13,000.

But more importantly, five of those followers became customers, generating over $25,000 in business this year from Instagram alone.”

– ERICA RAWLS, Real Estate Agent

And no, you don’t need to be Insta-famous to make sales back to your biz.
In fact, most of Social Bank’s star students and case studies earn 5-figures or more from Instagram, even with less than 1,000 followers.

The key is to convert as you grow.

Social Bank breaks down how to use Instagram efficiently, based on what your business needs the most right now, whether that’s:
Visibility in your industry or niche so that your customers are finding, following and freaking out about your offers.
Engagement on your posts, resulting in two-way conversations with your ideal customer, and posts that get shared with audiences you’d love to get in front of (#winwin).
Lead generation so that your followers become email subscribers and your call booking calendar gets booked out.
​Sales of your programs, services and products. ‘Nuff said.

Niche: Services + Coaching
Revenue: $4,600

Within 3 weeks of starting, Kate signed a client right from Instagram – earning over $2,000 to her business!

“Signing one client from this course has more than paid for the tuition – more than 8 times.”

– KATE PHILLIPS, Course Expert

With the Seasons Method™ framework applied to your Instagram strategy, you won’t be wasting time on the app again, trying to make a feature work that your business simply does not need.

(I feel your frustration now.)

…who stay for the long haul (cue: followers who put their feet up and make themselves cozy in your DMs. Cuppa tea?)

that you can track to the cent – as a direct result from your Instagram efforts. (You’ll learn how to track leads & sales inside Social Bank.)

No more feeling like you need to be doing *all the things* on Instagram *all the time* – NOPE, that doesn’t exist with the Seasons Method™ framework.

The Seasons Method™ Framework To Help You Make Bank
12 Comprehensive Modules of Video And Text Lessons (value $997)
Overwhelmed with all the many features of Instagram and how to apply them to what your business needs the most right now? Let’s make social media for your business bearable and efficient with the Seasons Method™ framework.

  • Video trainings with me, Elise (increase the speed or show captions as I talk)
  • ​Step-by-step tutorials (broken down in mostly text-based lessons)
  • Up-to-date visuals, demos and GIFs (so you know exactly what your next step is)

Don’t Just “Learn”… Take Action & See Results Right Away
Done-For-You Action Packs For 10 Niches (value $997)
Designed for you to take immediate action on your new learnings, Action Packs do not exist in any other “Instagram for business” course outside of Social Bank.

Inside every Action Pack, you’ll find 100 done-for-you topic ideas that you can use to create any type of content, 50 sourced-for you images that you can post to your feed or Stories, and one virtual community hangout where you can meet other business owners in your niche.

The 10 Action Packs cover a variety of unique niches, including:

• Art
• Beauty
• Coaching
• E-commerce
• Health
• Network Marketing
• Real Estate
• Services
• Spirituality
• Travel

Taking The Short Cut Isn’t Cheating… It’s Just Smart!
Workbooks, Cheat Sheets and Templates (value $997)
You’re not getting fluff in this course (you know, the usual things people stuff their courses with to justify their value). You’re getting the straight-up goods that’ll get you from “starting” to “selling” as fast as possible.

  • If there’s something you need to work out first on your scratchpad before making it “live,” a printable, fillable, PDF-style Workbook is provided.
  • ​If it’s worthy of being summed up for you, cliffs-notes-style, then you’re getting it in a readable, skimmable Cheat Sheet.
  • ​And if it’s a template that works in my business, you’re getting it. Plain and simple.


Watch Over My Shoulder (In A Non-Creepy Way)
Instagram Account Strategy From Scratch (value $497)
Watch over my shoulder in this 2-hour training as I build out the Instagram strategy for a brand new client account. As an agency owner for 7 years (with some clients with me for 6 of those years), this training is perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants to be an Instagram marketer in their client-based business.​
  • Anyone who just wants an inside look at how to create a long-term Instagram strategy that gets results.


Sell Your Low, Mid and High-Ticket Offers With Ease
Selling In The DMs + 12 DM Scripts (value $497)
Struggle with closing sales, for fear of looking pushy or manipulative? You can sell your low, mid and high-ticket offers in the Direct Messages (also known as the DMs) on Instagram (in a non-pushy, non-icky way). With this bonus, get:

  • 30-minute video workshop sharing proven sales methods to close deals directly on Instagram
  • 12 copy-and-paste DM scripts (that you’ll edit to match your own voice) to put your learnings into practice


Never Wonder Which Hashtags To Use Ever Again
437 Done-For-You Hashtags For Business (value $297)
If you’ve ever felt stuck on which hashtags to use, check out this 16page resource where my team and I have done the hashtag research FOR you. This time-saving bonus will ensure that you’re never at a loss for ideas on which targeted hashtags to use in your feed posts or Stories.

Choose from a variety of hashtag categories like:

  • Entrepreneur
  • ​Coach
  • ​Digital Marketing
  • ​Holidays
  • ​Blogging
  • ​Positive Vibes


Never Wonder How To Start A Caption Ever Again
102 Captions For Catapulting Conversation (value $297)
This 17-page resource has 102 caption prompts that you can use whenever you’re stuck on what to say in a caption. Each caption prompt is designed to get the ball rolling for you and include prompts for you to add in your own story and voice. The caption ideas inside cover a range of topics, including:

  • Typical business activities, like working from your home office​
  • The holidays, like Halloween, Easter and Christmas
  • ​The seasons, including fall, winter, summer and spring


Never Wonder What To Make For Your Next Reel Video
Reel Money: 5 Types of Short Videos That Sell (value $297)
While Reels for business are covered in-depth inside Social Bank (don’t worry – I’m not leaving you hanging on all the how-tos of video creation), this bonus is an advanced training on five types of 15-second videos that’ll help you sell more of your coaching, services and products. In this 30-minute video, you’ll get:

  • A breakdown of the five types of short-form videos
  • ​Why they work for business
  • ​Three examples of each covering a variety of niches so that you’ll be left feeling inspired and amped up to film your next video for business.

12 Modules Of Video And Text-Based Trainings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $997)
10 Action Packs Covering 10 Unique Niches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $997)
Workbooks, Cheat Sheets And Templates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $997)
BONUS: Instagram Account Strategy From Scratch . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $497)
BONUS: Selling In The DMs + 12 DM Scripts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $497)
BONUS: 437 Done-For-You Hashtags For Business . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $297)
BONUS: 102 Captions For Catapulting Conversation. . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $297)
BONUS: Reel Money: 5 Types Of Short Videos That Sell . . . . . . . . .(Value $297)

Niche: Instagram Agency
Revenue: $100,000

Cara quit her job of 20 years after learning this program’s framework and starting her own services agency.

10 months into running her own business, she sent me this message: “Just broke 6 figures with my business.”

– CARA GRAY, Instagram Agency Owner

Social Bank is designed exclusively for…

Service Providers
Freelancers and Agencies

  • Get real engagement on your posts from your dream clients
  • ​Open your DMs to find clients ready to book your packages
  • ​Grow your mailing list faster than ever

Health, Life & Business Coaches

  • Show up on social media in a way that drives business (and isn’t a time suck)
  • ​Book in your next client directly from your Direct Messages​​
  • Sell out your next retreat – all by using Instagram effectively!

Product Creators
Digital and Physical Products

  • Sales… sweet sales showing in the backend of your online shop
  • Attract your next 10, 20 or 100 students to your course – right from Instagram
  • ​Hit the 10K mark and catapult your brand’s authority and trust factor


And yes, the video and text-based trainings within Social Bank include allllll the strategies and how-tos you need for every single main feature of Instagram. You won’t be left hanging.

Take a look at the structure of the course and the flow you’ll go through:

  • Your Business + Instagram
  • Instagram Settings Tour
  • Your Profile
  • ​Your Content + Feed
  • Your Captions + Hashtags​
  • ​Your Action Packs
  • ​Your Strategies for Posting, Engagement, and Growth
  • ​Your Stories + Highlights
  • Your Reels
  • ​Your Long-Form Video + Going Live
  • ​Your Guides
  • ​Your Direct Messages


Social Bank is not about adding MORE to your plate.

I know you’re a busy business owner and you do not work for Instagram. So why do we keep treating IG like we do?

The Seasons Method™ is how I got off the Instagram content creation hamster wheel…

And it’s how you’ll learn to use Instagram intentionally and efficiently (with the results to prove it).

Niche: Acting
Followers: 16,000

Sipiwe Moyo leveraged her Instagram account for the premiere of the final season of Orange Is The New Black where she plays the role of Adeola Chinede.

With consistent messaging and a content plan, Sipiwe grew from 3,000 followers to over 16,000.


Time Is Of The Essence. Here’s Why.
I don’t have a crystal bar on the Instagram marketing industry, but I have been in this world since 2013 and here’s what I see coming in the near future:

  • Engagement and getting your content seen will continue to be a bigger challenge.
  • Reels will become more popular and won’t have the same viral magic as they do today.
  • ​There will be more new features to learn and use strategically.
  • ​There will be more accounts than ever to compete with.
  • The GOOD news is that by starting today (even if you’re you’re starting from scratch), you’ll be well prepared for these changes to come because it’s still not. too. late.

I work with new Instagrammers every day who are just starting and because we focus on quality followers, monetization IS possible – even with less than 1,000 followers.



  • Covering all the key features of the Instagram app and how to use them strategically
  • Designed in a way for you to get the most out of your season: Visibility, Engagement, Leads or Sales
  • A self-paced online course paired with 10 done-for-you Action Packs so that you can put your learnings into action ASAP
  • Perfect for someone just getting started with Instagram marketing or someone who’s yet to make sales from Instagram


  • 6-hour videos that drone on without giving you just the stuff you need.
  • Workbooks that are 492 pages long and take forever to read or complete (and don’t save!).
  • Fluffy, low-quality bonus trainings that don’t get to the point fast enough and will leave you feeling, like “So that’s it?”
  • Repeats or ripped-off content from my free material that you’ve already seen on my blog, YouTube channel or Instagram

Each time we’ve worked with Elise, she’s gone above and beyond in her workshops by providing so much value to our audience.

She is not just an expert in her field but also has a gift for sharing that knowledge in an easy to understand, actionable way.”

Partnerships at Teachable

“🙏 @elisedarma for helping us TRIPLE our followers and add $10,000 in revenue.

But here’s the most important thing… The impact of that growth was that we were able to attract over $100,000 worth of business.”
Toronto Doctor

“I hit 30K!!

I’ve also made $650 for 2 promoted posts, I’ve gotten 3 new clients4,300 new followers and I got a spot in Glamour Magazine.”
Data Scientist

Niche: Pet Biz Marketing
Revenue: $1,600

Within weeks of joining the course and starting her brand new agency for pet businesses in Hawaii, Bertha landed her very first client.

3 months later, Bertha had 3 clients – all before even finishing the course.


Hey there! I’m Elise Darma and I’m a marketing educator for entrepreneurs who are ready to stop wasting time on social media and actually make money from it.

I’m known for my social media teaching, but what keeps people sticking around and even flying to Bali or Lisbon to meet up with me in real life? (True story.)

I help you get paid.

Because money is freedom and freedom means working for yourself, working from Hawaii, or even working from your couch in your jammies.

My favourite thing ever is seeing the lightbulb go off when you realize that it IS possible – and then sharing in your glee when that first client booking or PayPal notification comes in.

I’ve been featured in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co, Elite Daily, Teachable and Later for my marketing expertise.

And now I can’t wait to help you dominate your Instagram.