Hosting Summit By Ryan Lee
  • Hosting Summit By Ryan Lee

Hosting Summit By Ryan Lee


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Hosting Summit By Ryan Lee – Instant Download!

Hosting Summit By Ryan Lee

See EXACTLY How to Create 6 (and 7) Figure Online Summits and Podcasts
I always get asked the question, “If you had to start over with no money, connections or resources, what would you do?”. The answer is simple. I’d host online summits and events. It’s the easiest, proven way to build a massive list, generate good will, become super-connected, build a lifestyle business (**that’s a pic of my “home office”) AND a have a BIG payday at the same time)/

For one day, a dozen people paid $1,000.00 to attend a closed-door workshop in San Diego where three of the top experts in the “hosting” model (online summits and podcasts), revealed EXACTLY how they built 7-figure empires by simply interviewing other experts.

One speaker will show how his latest summit did over $400,000.00 in NET PROFIT (that’s AFTER all affiliates and expenses have been paid). That’s right, $400K went right into his pocket after just 5 days.

You’ll get all the real “juicy” details with no fluff including “how to find the right speakers”, “how to incentivize them”, “how to stand out in a crowded market”, “how to choose the right product names”, “how to drive tens of thousands of FREE leads” and “how to automate it all”.

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