Sourcing Warrior Mastermind By Yuping Want
  • Sourcing Warrior Mastermind By Yuping Want

Sourcing Warrior Mastermind By Yuping Want

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Sourcing Warrior Mastermind By Yuping Want – Instant Download!

Are You Ready To Build
An eCommerce Powerhouse?
Kickstart Your Online Empire With The #1 Proven Sourcing Mastermind©!

Why Do You Need To Master Sourcing To Succeed On Amazon, And Beyond?

  • To Make Money
    Learn How To Source Products At The Best Prices And How To Keep Negotiating For More Profits From A Real Sourcing Pro.!
  • To Save Time
    Others Spend Months Learning How To Get The Best Prices And The Best Suppliers. You’ll Need Only A Few Days To Do It Right.
  • To Protect Yourself
    Learn How To Protect Your Investment By Qualifying Your Suppliers. Source Quality Products Only From The Reliable Suppliers.
  • To Minimize Risks
    Avoid Common Pitfalls That Could Potentially Cost Thousands of dollars And Months of Headaches For You.

The Sourcing Warrior Mastermind©

Sourcing Warrior Mastermind By Yuping Want

Why Do You Need
The Sourcing Warrior Mastermind©?

  • ​Business’ #1 Profit Secret Is To Save On Costs – Those Savings Become Instant Profits. When You Save More, You Make More!
  • ​​Dealing With Overseas Suppliers Is Stressful. With An Expert Guiding You Through Step-By-Step, It Is That Much Easier For You To Succeed.
  • People Lose Their Savings By Trials And Errors. ​Flying Blind Is Dangerous When You Spend Thousands of Dollars Buying Products.
  • ​To Scale Up Successfully, A Business Needs A Reliable Supply Chain. Hit-And-Miss Sourcing Is Very Risky And Costly.

Who Is The Sourcing Warrior Mastermind© For?

  • ​Whether You Are A Beginner or An Established Business Owner, If You Want To Run A Profitable Business – You Need This Mastermind© Course.
  • It Is For You Who Want To Make More Profits Faster!

Also Included In The Sourcing Mastermind©

The Negotiation Masterclass©
You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate!
The Negotiation Masterclass© is The ONLY Course That Gives You The Edge Over The Suppliers, In Any Situation. Proven By 1000+ Successful Supplier Negotiations.

The Quote Master©
Kickstart Sourcing And Get The Best Quotes On Day 1!
The Quote Master© Is A Focused Course For Getting The Best Quote. It Gives You All The Tools You Need To Kickstart Sourcing And Get The Best Quote On Day 1.

Hear It From Our Members

“The Mastermind info is brilliant, very detailed. I already used your email and RFQ template sheet for a potential supplier 🙂 Thank You!”
Slawek Buczyniak

“I was taking the course and listening to the P.O. T&C, I am so happy that I have you.You have done a lot of work to help and protect us as we have no experience at all. I Just want to say thank you!”
Linh Bui

“You have nailed every aspect of importing and sourcing products from China, the Sourcing Mastermind is amazing! Thank you for creating this, it’s gold to me!!”
Nina Daniel

What Do You Get With The Sourcing Mastermind©?
A Proven System That Will Teach You How To Take Control of Your Suppliers To Grow Your Business Faster.

11 Exclusives Modules of Powerful Sourcing Strategies, Pro. Templates, And Step-By-Step Video Tutorials.

Module 1:
Set Up Business

You Mean Business? Let’s Set It Up Right!

From Business Name To Brand Name, From Business Culture To Communication Tools, I Will Help You Start Sourcing Like A Real Pro.!

Module 2:
Find The Best Suppliers

Know Where To Find Good Suppliers And How

I Will Give You A Grand Review of All The Resources You Can Use To Find Good Suppliers. I Will Also Start To Teach You How To Build The Supplier Relationship – “GuanXi.”

Module 3:
The Quote Master©

Beat Them On Day 1!

Start The Race With The Pricing Advantage! Take Your Quoting Skills To A Whole New Level With My Time-Tested Quoting Tools and Templates!

Module 4:
Negotiation Masterclass©

You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate!

Welcome To The Negotiation Masterclass©!! I Will Teach You Everything I Know To Negotiate Like A Real Pro!.

Module 5:
Audit The Supplier

Who Is Taking Your Money? Audit The Supplier!

The Questionnaire Found In My Supplier Audit List Was Built And Refined From My Years of Factory Audit Experience. It Will Save You Months of Potential Supplier Headaches.

Module 6:
Buy Right Inventory

Learn To Manage Your Inventory To Protect Your Cash!

If You Don’t Know How To Make Best Use of Your Cash, You’ll Be Out of The Game Quickly. I’ll Show You Step-By-Step How To Plan Inventory Samartly.

Module 7:
Purchase Orders

Ready For Commitment?
A “Prenup” Must Be Set Up and Agreed Upon, First!

Drafted in Both English and Chinese, I Will Lay Out The PO Terms To Protect You When The “Bad” Situation Happens.

Module 8:
Quality Control

Don’t Send Me Products That Are NOT What I Expected!

My Quality Inspection Checklist Will Help You Create Your Own Professional Product Inspection Checklist To Protect Your Product Quality.

Module 9:
Shipping Quotes & Steps

The Big Money Spent On Shipping Means Greater Profit Opportunities.

Let’s get Into Shipping Details. From Document Prep. To Shipping Consolidations, I’ll Help You Find Ways To Do It Wisely And Save Money.

Module 10:
IP Protection

In Running A Business, You Can Be Ruthless, But You CANNOT Be Careless.

Here I’ll Make Sure You FULLY Understand How To Implement Your NNN Agreement, Drafted In Both Chinese And English.

Module 11:

What Is “Kaizen”? It means Continuous Improvements.

I Devote This Module To Broadening Your Perspective With World-Class Tools Such As Six Sigma, LEAN, 5S… Get Ready To Scale Up Smartly With These World-Class Tools!


Sourcing Warrior Mastermind By Yuping Want
Yuping Wang, Founder

Why Did I Create The Sourcing Warrior Mastermind©?

I’ve been sourcing products from thousands of suppliers for over 20 years. I wanted to create a course that contains everything I know to help you take control of your suppliers.

I cannot stand seeing young entrepreneurs failing at the business right off the bat. It’s too painful seeing money and ideas go to waste.

That is why I created the Sourcing Warrior Mastermind© to help people build a business with more confidence.

It’s truly my honor to share my experience with you. Once you’ve learned these skills, the sky is the limit as to how far you can go. Good luck!!

Wait … I Have A Surprise For You!

Bonus: The Complete Vietnam Sourcing Case Study

Missing Out On Vietnam Sourcing Opportunities? We’ve Done The Legwork For You! Use The Findings In This Case Study To Further Strategize Your Sourcing.

Sourcing Warrior Mastermind By Yuping Want, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 02-Mastermind© START HERE, RISE TO RULE!
  • 03-Mastermind© PREPARE TO WIN!
  • 04-Mastermind© STEP 1- GET QUOTES
  • 05-Mastermind© STEP 2- NEGOTIATE
  • 06-Mastermind© STEP 3- QUALIFY SUPPLIERS
  • 07-Mastermind© STEP 4- PLAN INVENTORY
  • 08-Mastermind© STEP 5- PURCHASE ORDERS
  • 09-Mastermind© STEP 6- INSPECTION
  • 10-Mastermind© STEP 7- SHIPPING
  • 11-Mastermind© STEP 8- IP PROTECTION