Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

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Are you ready to start your own digital marketing agency?

My name is Nader Nadernejad and I’m the founder of Nadernejad Media at the Toronto Eaton Centre. I’ve run my own digital marketing agency for two years now and it has completely changed my life. Because of my digital marketing agency, I was able to backpack Europe in the summer, meet influential people and take control of my finances.

I recommend this course to anybody who is interested in digital marketing, social media or viral content. This course will teach you everything from scratch, so you really don’t need any experience coming into it.

As your teacher, I’ll always be available to answer your questions and your feedback will be taken into account throughout the entire course.

Here are some things you can expect out of this course!

Launch your own digital marketing agency from scratch.
Set up your agency’s website and get your own address.
List your business on Google My Business to compete with other agencies.
Get your own number and automated answering system.
Learn how to get your first client.
Learn how to pitch your services.
I will also reveal a few industry secrets to get you ahead of the game. Online marketing agencies are dominating the media and creating some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the world. Imagine being able to go wherever you want, whenever you want while working on your laptop.

If you are self-driven, determined and want to launch your own digital marketing agency, then you’ve come to the right place.

Important: In this course I recommend the use of websites and tools. They are suggestions and point at possible hosting options and examples of where you can register your business. You can use your own tools or free tools if you wish, or anything else you deem fit. I only use these examples to remain transparent with the strategies I have employed building my own digital marketing agency. It is possible to skip some of the steps that I show you or substitute them with your own ideas and solutions. In fact, I encourage it and look forward to the creativity you can bring to building your own digital marketing agency.