StoryBrand Messaging Framework By Donald Miller
  • StoryBrand Messaging Framework By Donald Miller

StoryBrand Messaging Framework By Donald Miller


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StoryBrand Messaging Framework By Donald Miller – Instant Download!

StoryBrand Messaging Framework

Taught by Donald Miller

Core Concepts : Introduction

You don’t know how to explain what you do in a way that draws people in.
Learn how to eliminate confusion from your messaging so customers finally listen and buy.

Core Concepts Resources

You’re here to clarify your message so customers will listen, and nothing causes people
to stop and listen like a great story. Story is the foundation for the framework you’ll
learn in this course, so it’s important to start here. See how the movies you love and the
brands you trust use the power of story to capture our attention. You’ll also take the
first step in filling out your BrandScript by answering this question: What story are you
inviting customers into?

  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 The Importance of a Clear Story
  • 03 How Clear is Your Message
  • 04 How Story Works
  • 05 Help Customers Solve Their Problems
  • 06 Story In Major Motion Films
  • 07 Blockbuster Marketing
  • 08 How Major Brands Use Story
  • 09 Creating Your BrandScript
  • 10 Creating a BrandScript for Nonprofits
  • Assessment: Core Concepts

Module 1
Your customer is the Character. Just like a Character in any great movie, they’re
looking to experience a Transformation and become a better version of themselves.
Before you can Guide them to Success, you need to clearly define who your customer
is and what they want.

  • 01 Defining an Aspirational Identity
  • 02 Brainstorm: Aspirational Identity
  • 03 A Character
  • 04 Major Thought Checklist: Character
  • Assessment: Character

Module 2
Customers come to you with a Problem. In fact, most people are trying to solve three
Problems simultaneously when they engage your brand. Learn what those three
Problems are and how you can position your product as the solution.

  • 01 With a Problem
  • 02 Major Thought Checklist: Problem
  • Assessment: Problem

Module 3
Without a Guide, our customer (the hero) would wander aimlessly. Guides have certain
qualities that cause heroes to seek them out. Learn what those are and how you can
set yourself apart as a trusted Guide for your customers.

  • 01 Meets a Guide
  • 02 Major Thought Checklist: Guide
  • Assessment: Guide

Module 4
A great Plan removes confusion and provides clear steps for people to follow. Learn
how to create a Plan that will give your customers confidence and clarity when they
engage your business.

  • 01 Who Gives Them a Plan
  • 02 Major Thought Checklist: Plan
  • Assessment: Plan

Module 5
Characters in stories don’t take action on their own. They have to be challenged to act.
It’s the same with our customers. In this module, you’ll learn the 2 types of calls to
action that should be included in all of your marketing material.

  • 01 And Calls Them to Action
  • 02 Major Thought Checklist: Call to Action
  • Assessment: Call to Action

Module 6
A good story needs to have stakes. For your customers to ultimately take action and
avoid Failure, they need a clear understanding of what they could lose by not doing
business with you. Learn how to communicate what’s at stake to your customers.

  • 01 That Helps Them Avoid Failure
  • 02 Major Thought Checklist: Failure
  • Assessment: Failure

Module 7
Talk about how your business will make life better for your customers, and talk about it
often. This module will show you why casting a vision of Success is so important and

  • 01 And Ends in a Success
  • 02 Major Thought Checklist: Success
  • Assessment: Success

You’ve gone through the entire StoryBrand Framework. Now, it’s time to put it all
together. Learn how your BrandScript helps you communicate clearly in all aspects of
your business.

  • 01 Putting It All Together
  • 02 Executing Your BrandScript
  • Assessment: Execution

StoryBrand Messaging Framework By Donald Miller, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 0. Core Concept
  • 1. Module 1
  • 2. Module 2
  • 3. Module 3
  • 4. Module 4
  • 5. Module 5
  • 6. Module 6
  • 7. Module 7
  • 8. Execution
  • Resources
  • 0. Proof