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  • Super Affiliate Guild By Weerk

Super Affiliate Guild By Weerk


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Super Affiliate Guild By Weerk – Instant Download!

Learn How You Can Replicate Our $1,000 Per Day
Affiliate Marketing Formula

Super Affiliate Guild By Weerk

Presenting The Weerk Super Affiliate Guild

The premise of Weerk Super Affiliate Guild is to
show you how to build a thriving affiliate
marketing business that cranks out $1000+ per
day in commissions in under 30 days time
following a proven and time tested formula.

Best part is… You don’t need any design skills,
tech skills or and previous experience before.
Everything is step by step inside the Super
Affiliate Guild so you never get lost and can
effortlessly build a prosperous affiliate business.

Millions generated in sales
The strategies in the Super Affiliate Guild have
been time tested and proven with millions of
dollars in verified earnings.
Inside you’re going to have access to the best
and most hands on video and PDF training
material that will allow you to go from beginner
to making $1000+ per day on complete autopilot.
Making this a true carbon copy system anyone
from around the world can easily implement

Life Altering Proven Formula
In order to see real success and live the life you dream, content in a member’s area
won’t cut it, you need a thriving environment with coaches and instructors that will
guide you through ANY problem you encounter and that’s exactly what we do for you

8-Figure Systems
We’ve cracked the code to the
affiliate marketing world and nailed
it down to a very specific formula
that anyone, no matter your skill
level, can implement immediately.
We remove the guesswork and
make predictable, highly profitable
businesses with our proven system.

Done-For-You Components
If you are struggling we will provide
you with resources that are
completely done for you such as
pages & even let you download our
winning campaigns so you can
become profitable as fast as
possible. This will give you that
unfair advantage you’ve been
seeking that no other course

Time Tested Strategies
Most courses will teach you the
WRONG way or outdated methods
to run your affiliate business. We
are constantly updating our
material for what’s working now
and it comes at no extra cost to
you. Don’t get left in the dark with
what use to work – we make sure
you stay up to date ALWAYS!

Real Expert Mentorship
We’ve been super affiliates for
years and we’ve proven our formula
works! Generating $1000+ paydays
is what we do best. Now you can
legally rip our exact process from
start to finish & see incredible
results in record breaking time.

Your education, your platform, your success
Learn from any device no matter where you are with multiple different training formats

Our training videos are accessible 24/7/365 in
1080p HD,you can also read our transcripts or
download the lessons itself. Accessible through
your mobile device, tablet and computer! Making
this easy to consume no matter where you are or
what you’re using to access the material.

Program Content & Schedule
Take a Glimpse Into the Detailed Step By Step Program

– Beginner: Path to $1k / Day

  • Beginners Start Here “
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing “
  • Overview To $1k / Day “
  • Tools Of The Trade “
  • Finding Your Offer “
  • (BONUS) 7 Figure Pages “
  • Editing Your Page “
  • Adding Your Link “
  • Adding Domain “
  • Step 1: FaceBook Profile Warm Up “
  • Step 2: Creating A Business Manager “
  • Step 3: Creating BM Assets “
  • Step 4: Warming Up Your Ad Account “
  • Setting Up Your Pixel “
  • Pixel On Thank You Page “
  • Crafting Your First Ad “
  • Ad Creative Secrets “
  • Launching Your First Ad “
  • Monitoring Your Ads “

+ Beginner: Paradigm Shift
+ Component 1: Ground Floor
+ Component 2: Creating Your Assets
+ Component 3: Bridge Pages
+ Component 4: Lead Generation
+ Component 5: Native Ads
+ Component 6: Secret To Unlimited FBTM Accounts
+ Component 6-1: Warming Up Farmed FBTM Account
+ Component 6-2: Warming Up Rented FBTM Account
+ Component 7: FaceBook Ads Mayhem
+ Case Studies

FREE Bonus #1

FB Unlimited Account Strategy (VALUE: $4,997)

The biggest problem you’ll encounter is FaceBook ad account shutdowns making you super
stressed when your sales completely dry up.
Inside of the Super Affiliate Guild you’ll learn how to get UNLIMITED amounts of Facebook
profiles and how to access them without getting banned so you can effortlessly scale your
affiliate campaigns with ease.
This will allow you to reach the top 1% of affiliates in the world faster because you’ll have
UNLIMITED traffic at your fingertips.

FREE Bonus #2

1x FaceBook Profile (VALUE: $97)

Let us give you a FaceBook profile that you can use for ads and we will show you how to
access it without getting banned.
Not only do we show you how to access the profile to run ads we will also GIVE YOU ONE!

FREE Bonus #3

Top Converting Pages & Offers (VALUE: $997)

Ethically steal our proven templates that you can use starting TODAY to start earning hoards
of commissions.
Our templates are shared right into your ClickFunnels account with EVERYTHING set up. The
copy, the design, the buttons… everything done for you.
Just plug your affiliate link in and you’re off to the races.

FREE Bonus #4

Native Ads Playbook (VALUE: $797)

80% of the internet traffic is driven by native advertisements and we’ve cracked the code on
how to properly run and scale affiliate campaigns without getting banned. (Source:
Tired of dealing with FaceBook and constant bans?
We know how it feels, this will allow you to generate incredible commissions without ever
worrying about FaceBook again while still being super profitable and earning a passive affiliate

Done For You Affiliate Site (VALUE: $2,997)

Imagine having an ENTIRE affiliate website built out for you without having to know any
programming skills or design skills.
This is something we are providing for the first 100 Super Affiliate Guild found members. We
will program and install an entire affiliate website with unique content, images and offers for
you so that you can effortlessly bypass any manual reviews with your ad accounts AND have a
professional set up.
This is what sets super affiliates apart from affiliates that fail – we will give you EVERYTHING
you need to succeed.

It doesn’t get any easier than this, you’re getting everything delivered on a silver platter

If you’re looking for a normal course, this is far from it – we give you all the tools and
resources needed to become successful

Weerk Super Affiliate Guild

  • Done For You Assets
  • Outstanding Community
  • Weekly Q&A Calls
  • Lifetime access with updates

Super Affiliate Guild By Weerk, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • 01-Beginner – Path to $1k a Day
  • 02-Beginner – The Paradigm Shift
  • 03-Component 1 – Ground Floor
  • 04-Component 2 – Creating Your Assets
  • 05-Component 3 – Bridge Pages
  • 06-Component 4 – Lead Generation
  • 07-Component 5 – Secrets To Unlimited FB™ Accounts
  • 08-Component 5-1 – Warming Up Farmed FB™ Account
  • 09-Component 5-2 – Warming Up Rented FB™ Account
  • 10-Component 6 – FaceBook Ads Mayhem
  • 11-Component 7 – Free Traffic Madness
  • 12-Weekly Live Training