Tamara Tee – Ultimate PPC Course
  • Tamara Tee – Ultimate PPC Course

Tamara Tee – Ultimate PPC Course | Instant Download !

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Tamara Tee – Ultimate PPC Course | Instant Download !


Salepage : Tamara Tee – Ultimate PPC Course

Arichive : Tamara Tee – Ultimate PPC Course

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Learn Advanced PPC Strategies To Build Profitable Advertising Campaigns

.Stop Wasting Money On Campaigns That Aren’t Making You Sales!

What You Get:

– 7 Hour training, 9 In-Depth Modules, 30 Video Tutorials PDF reading documents.

– Put a STOP to non profiting campaigns forever. Expect up-to-date, step by step learning strategies on how to scale and build profitable PPC advertising campaigns. Learn to break even and how to make money using PPC.


– Troubleshooting most common PPC errors. Learn to fix your campaigns.

– Join the Live private training sessions for no additional fee.

– How to set up brand registered PPC tutorials for experienced sellers.


Welcome To FBA Winners PPC Advanced Course

Module 1: In Depth Training Inside PPC Dashboard & Understanding The Algorithm

Seller Central Campaign Manager Dashboard View & Naming Conventions

Campaign Manager Filters To Organize You Ad Sets & Campaigns

Learning Advertising Terms

Secrets Behind Amazon’s PPC Algorithm & How It Works

Module 2: Optimizing Your Product Listing & Understanding Keywords

Why Your Product Listing Can Influence The Buyers’ Decision

Why Products Rank Differently on Desktop And Mobile Device

Differences Between Negative Phrase And Exact Keywords

Choosing The Best Keywords To Convert Sales

(NEW) Pricing Your Product To Help With Conversions

Module 3: Launching Your FBA Product Successfully By Using PPC Campaigns

How To Use PPC For Your Product Launch

Why You Must Run PPC For Your Product Launch

Keyword Suggested Bids

Module 4: How To Analyze Your Search Term Advertising Reports

Understanding How To Read Your Search Term Advertising Reports

Analysis For Keyword Bid Management

Advertising Reports – Download And Organization

Module 5: Optimizing Your Keywords, Automatic & Manual PPC Campaigns

How to Optimize Your Automatic PPC Campaigns

(NEW) Negative ASIN Strategy Within Automatic Campaigns

How to Optimize Your Broad Phrase PPC Campaigns

How To Optimize Your Exact PPC Campaigns

Analysis For Removing Negative Keywords

Maximize Your Ad Spend & Keyword Data For Campaigns

Exception From Clicks To Spend Ratio For Optimizing Keywords

Module 6: PPC Growth & Keyword Ranking

The Power of Automatic Campaigns

Listing Optimization From Winning Keywords

Long Term Keyword Rank Goals

Module 7: Advanced PPC Strategies

How To Take Up More Real Estate For Product Variations – List All Variations

Adjusting Ad Placements For Campaigns

Maintaining Keyword Rank Using Manual PPC

Age Targeting Campaigns

ASIN Targeting Campaigns

Brand Name Targeting Campaigns

Seasnal Targeting Campaigns

Module 8: Creating PPC Advertising Campaigns For Product Variations

PPC Strategy For Similar Product Launches

Module 9: Brand Registered PPC Campaigns – Build & Optimize

How To Set Up Headline Search Ads Using Brand Registered PPC Campaigns

Optimizing Headline Search Ads – Keywords & Bidding

(NEW) How To Set Up Video Ads Using Brand Registered PPC Campaigns

(NEW) Optimizing Video Ads – Keywords & Bidding

(NEW) Creating Enhanced Brand Content To Increase Sales

Module 10: Troubleshooting PPC Campaigns

When To Stop Aggressive PPC For Product Launch

Should You Negative Main Keywords?

Optimizing Product Listing Frequency

Bundling Products & Using PPC Launch

Online Business Advertising, Patience, & Mindset

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