The Aged Domain Course By Mushfiq Sarker
  • The Aged Domain Course By Mushfiq Sarker

The Aged Domain Course By Mushfiq Sarker

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The Aged Domain Course By Mushfiq Sarker – Instant Download!

Best Deep-Dive Course Into Aged Domains
Learn exactly how I’ve used aged domains to build content sites with 6 & 7-figure valuations

What’s in the course?

  • Detailed videos covering the best scenarios to use aged domains, where to find aged domains, due diligence, and much more
  • Includes 5+ real-life case studies, where I cover the theory/plan, the implementation, and the results

Why do I need it?

  • Maybe you’ve heard of success with aged domains, but did you know that most are failures?
  • With this, you will get a deep dive into the concepts, processes, and mindset to fine-tune your aged domain strategy

Reasons To Get The Course Right Now

  • Instant access to 4+ hours of videos
    You could spend countless hours learning about aged domains from non-expert sources, or you can access this actionable and organized course today.
  • Made specifically for content websites
    Every course lesson is fine-tuned to help you learn how to discover hidden gems, vet, and implement aged domains in your niche website strategy.
  • For Beginners and Experts
    This course will help beginners understand the A to Z of using aged domains. For experts, it provides strategies for rapidly growing your existing portfolio. It’s for everyone.

The Full Course Syllabus
This course will help you master aged domains for niche sites. Here’s how…


  • What are age domains?
  • Expired vs aged domains
  • Pros vs cons of aged domains
  • Good vs bad uses cases
  • What’s an aged site?

How To Used Aged Domains

  • Build new authority site
  • Redirect to existing site
  • Build microsite then merge

Redirect Frameworks

  • Homepage redirect (The Wildcard Approach)
  • Category redirect (The Silo Approach)
  • Merger article redirect (The M&A Approach)
  • Variations of the 3 strategies

How To Find Aged Domains

  • Aged domain marketplaces
  • GoDaddy Auctions
  • Domain Searching Tools

Due Diligence

  • Investment Criteria
  • 6-step Due Diligence framework

Setting Up Aged Domains

  • Performing an audit
  • Setup aged domain
  • Setting up 301 redirects

Due Diligence Teardowns

  • 4 live teardowns of aged domains

Successful & Failed Case Studies

  • Authority Site: $10K/mo dating site from GoDaddy auctions
  • Authority Site: B2B niche
  • Domain Redirect: aged domain to a niche site
  • Site Redirect: to
  • Site Redirect: to
  • Failed site in the kitchen niche

A Word From The Creator

The Aged Domain Course By Mushfiq Sarker
Hey, Mushfiq here! I have been buying, growing, and selling content websites since 2008. I’ve sold over 200+ websites with multiple six-figure exits.

I organized and created this course to share insights into how to use aged domains the proper way without shortcuts. I’ve been using aged domes for the last several years and have built/sold multiple 6 figure profit-generating websites.

This course is my years of experience summarized into actionable lessons. I teach you the basics of aged domains, how to source and vet them, and advanced use-cases and frameworks.

My expertise has been recognized by the top websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels in the industry. Here’s a selection of them:

The Aged Domain Course By Mushfiq Sarker

The Aged Domain Course By Mushfiq Sarker, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 00 Module
  • 01 Module
  • 02 Module
  • 03 Module
  • 04 Module
  • 05 Module
  • 06 Module
  • Course Structure.pdf