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The Austen Summers Academy – Instant Download!

Longterm online mentorship and accountability to accomplish your dating goals


Dear future you,

Are YOU ready to approach women naturally as a part of who you are, have more choice in who you sleep with and date, and get a high-quality girlfriend or multiple fuckbuddies?

I’ve been exactly where you are: ready to experience a great dating life, but being confused by the conflicting information out there, lacking accountability, and feeling like it wasn’t “for me.”

I’ve learned from years of real world experience that I could have accomplished my goals many years earlier (avoided mistakes, saved money, and been further ahead) by trusting the right mentor to help me…

Here’s the cold hard truth: every day you DON’T make progress in your dating life, you’re losing out and pushing it further away from your reality. 93% of the people I help accomplish their top dating goal within 6 months of the day they started working with me. (And many within 1 month)

Most people are stuck watching YouTube videos, reading outdated books like “The Game,” getting conflicting information, experiencing blind-leading-the-blind on facebook groups, and wasting time not making the progress they truly deserve.

That’s why more than 2,000 people have applied to work with me.

People often message me “Austen, I am different. I am an action taker”… and then proceed to waste more time, make more excuses, and ask more of the wrong questions months and even years later! I know this because I used to make all the same excuses, and I want to help you win.

I’ve set aside some time to speak to a small number of true action takers. If you’re ready to skip the nonsense and get right to creating a “Dating Strategy,” then I’m here to help.

Unlike most others, I spend most of life actually doing this stuff – meeting girls as a part of my life; hosting events like parties, photoshoots, group dates; and having threesomes and foursomes with my girlfriend.

If you’d like to be personally mentored by me, I have an application process with some important questions to find out if you are the right type of person for this program.


My team rejects far more people than we accept, precisely because most people are NOT a good fit. For me, it’s not about who has the most money or who says they want it the most; it’s about working with people who are truly dedicated to get results, teachable to follow the instructions, enjoyable to work with, and use the techniques and strategies ethically for good not for evil.

With that said, you’re likely a good fit if:

You’re Dedicated. Working with me isn’t free or cheap, but it’s way cheaper than doing it on your own. I work exclusively with people who will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. I’m 100% dedicated to your success, so if you’re an excuse maker, this program is not for you. Because you also need to be 100% dedicated to doing what it takes to succeed.
You’re Coachable. I’ve honed my diagnostic process after working with hundreds of people like you. My job is to consider all of your needs, goals, and wants. That said, there are times I will tell you “You need to do THIS,” and you need to be ready to listen if you want to succeed.
You’re Ethical. My techniques of game and persuasion are potently effective, so I need to be sure everything you do with it is 100% moral and legal. Also, I keep my promises and I expect you to keep your promises. If you don’t believe in keeping your word or meeting women from a healthy place, I won’t help you. Period.
You Trust Me. No matter how many times I’m interviewed by outlets like Vice or The Star, or how many how-to videos I produce, some people will never be willing to work with me. If you think that you know more than every expert out there or have a narcissistic, self-sufficiency trait, then do not apply. If you trust me to lead you by the hand to your goals, then apply.

The Austen Summers Academy, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • 1-Welcome!
  • 2-Time For Change
  • 3-Live Calls
  • 4-Digital Game
  • 5-Night Game
  • 6-Self-Development
  • 7-Fundamentals Of Game