The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec
  • The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

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The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec – Instant Download!

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It: Find Your Golden Idea & Create What People Will Buy

Finally, a proven way to
choose that ONE right idea,
pick the best-paying niche for it,
discover the EXACT words to persuade those customers,
and sell something you know they will buy.

Without wasting weeks mired in research findings
you have no clue what to do with.

Works even if you’re NOT
a data geek or a research junkie.

Market research is like climbing down into an unknown cave to mine for gold — that one thing people would buy from you.
It’s hard AF.

At least . . . it used to be.

The Best Way To Market Research It is your “X marks the spot.”
It’s a reliable, repeatable system to build what will sell . . . from books, novels, and courses to software products to high-ticket service offers.

Follow my process step by step, and you’ll discover the best, most persuasive version of your idea — your gold.

And you’ll also find all the copy and sales scripts you need to sell it.

Imagine creating something you KNOW will sell — and having all the words to get it out into the world right there at your fingertips.

The Best Way to Market Research It = How to find out what you should create
Not what you want to build . . .

Not what competitors are launching . . .

But what a crap-ton of people will actually buy.

Specifically, The Best Way To Market Research It shows you how to definitively answer the trifecta:

  • What should I sell?
  • To whom should I sell it?
  • What do I say so they’ll buy?

PROFITABLE FACT #1: All the market research you need takes days, not months (or years).
Let me tell you an embarrassing story.
In 2014, I spent $2,400 on an online business course that claimed its strategies could help you validate and launch a $50 information product.

It did not, in fact, do that.

How come?

The instructor obsessed over research, research, research . . . gotta get more, gotta survey more, gotta read more customers reviews!

More, more, more!

I listened . . . unwisely.

For an entire YEAR, I invested 2-3 hours every. single. day.

Scouring Amazon reviews . . .

Peeping in on Facebook groups . . .

Wandering down to the tenth page of Google search results . . .

Twelve months later, I had NO clear direction.

All I had were 365 pages of data I had no idea what to do with — and that many business ideas!

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

I got so frustrated that I memoryholed my research deep into my computer and haven’t looked at it in 6.5 years until taking that screenshot.

That’s the problem with typical market research — it’s a total waste of time.

Most entrepreneurs, authors, freelancers, creators, and artists waste precious time and money by chasing ideas that were never going to work.


They followed their “passion” or “gut” . . .

WITHOUT fact-checking their instinct via a repeatable, quantifiable system that would have told them whether or not the idea had a shot.

You don’t know what that one insight is you’re looking for, so you look for EVERYTHING.

That was my Big Mistake™: I didn’t have a methodical process to make sense of thousands of data points to find the few insights that meant something.

I couldn’t tell which research findings were a wild goose chase and were a goose to lay me a golden egg.

(Side note: I gained 65 pounds because I was so depressed from wasting a year on market research without making any money.

I’ve since lost all that weight. The Best Way To Lose It coming soon?)

I also owned up to the market research mistakes I made and found a better way — a best way.

PROFITABLE FACT #2: Market research is the one and only prerequisite to persuasion.
If there is a “Great Persuasion Secret,” it’s this:

Convincing people to buy your stuff isn’t manipulation, psychological tricks, or “right place, right time, right price” luck.

Persuasion is figuring out what people want and telling them that’s what you’re selling at a price that feels reasonable.

After wasting a year on market research, I entered the trenches to learn persuasion the hard way.

Here’s how that went down.

In 2015, my copywriting and ghostwriting clients wanted something new from me.

They didn’t just hire me to write their content, they also wanted my help figuring out the next thing to build and launch.

Because they paid me per project rather than per hour, I had no time to waste helping them validate their idea, test it on the market, go full-scale launch with confidence.

Let me put it another way.

I wasn’t getting paid to do market research. Clients hired me to write their new offer’s headline, sub headline, and sales copy.

But I had to know what to say so people would buy this untested new thing.

So I did the opposite of everything I did during that wasted year.

I did only those things to find the data points — customer reviews, search traffic, transaction data, product ratings, client testimonials, etc. — which brought me the insights I needed to go back to my clients and say with confidence:

“This is what you need to build, and this is what you need to say so people want to buy it.”

In The Best Way To Market Research It, I teach you this no-fluff, no-BS, no time wasted process so you can validate your idea, engage your audience, and nurture them to buy.
What you learn and apply from The Best Way To Market Research It goes beyond “Hurr durr, just read reviews and copy-and-paste what people say. Boom, there’s your market research.”

The key is knowing what market research to record . . . and which to ignore.

It’s like telling someone “There’s gold in them hills.”

Yeah, no kidding.

But where do I dig?

I can’t dig everywhere forever.

Just tell me where to look and what to look for.

That’s The Best Way To Market Research.
It’s your map, your bucket, and your shovel — and also your directions for where to dig.
And here’s what people are already saying . . .

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

Free tutorials and other courses tell you what to do, but The Best Way To Market Research It shows you how from A to Z — from “What if I built this thing?” to “Holy crap I just made my tenth sale!”

For that reason, it’s the program to join before you write that book, create that course, sell that new offer, start that side hustle, or launch that new venture.

So what do you get?

The Best Way To Market Research It video & audio training includes:

  • How to Get the Most out of This — To-the-point instructions for this program so you can figure out fast exactly what customers want to buy
  • Market Research That Works One-Sheet — My 1-page fillable and printable worksheet for developing expert insight fast in niches you’ve never sold in before
  • How to Use the Market Research That Works One-Sheet — How to use the one-sheet to identify the niche you are best able to serve and discover what they will buy from you
  • The Only Reason to Market Research It — The only right way to tell when you’re “done” with research so you can feel confident building what people will buy
  • The Fastest Way to Validate It — How to assess your exciting new business, product, or offer before you go all-in so you know beyond the shadow of doubt it will sell
  • The Fastest Way to Market Research Anything — The 3 questions you must answer in your research to find out what people want so you can sell it to them
  • The Best Way to Mine Reviews for Golden Ideas — How to find, scan, and log customer reviews fast from platforms like Amazon to find your advantage over everyone else in the market
  • The Best Way to Sell Books on Amazon — How to monitor Amazon’s “live customer laboratory” to write the book that people will buy because they already are
  • The Best Way to Search Engine Optimize It — A non-techie walkthrough of SEO tools to find hidden marketing opportunities fast and product ideas competitors miss because they are too damn obvious
  • The Best Way to Watch Joshua Research It — An almost 2-hour workshop where you look over my shoulder as I research a real product idea so you know what findings to record and which are misleading
  • Achieve Product – Market – Copy Fit — How to identify the dissatisfaction and struggles your target customers experience down to the right words to use in ALL marketing copy, product pages, and sales calls
  • José Rosado’s Market Research Method — Internet marketing superstar José Rosado screenshares his proven process to brainstorm, choose, test, and validate any business idea, niche, service, book, or course
  • Market Research in Real Life: The Best Way Series — How Joshua Lisec enters new niches as a “nobody,” gets everyone talking (and wanting to affiliate for him), and outsells established competitors
  • Market Research in Real Life: Lessons from Lisec’s Clients — Teardowns of award-winning, best-selling products Joshua Lisec created, from how he pivoted a client’s idea to how he validated sales copy that was perfect for the niche

Yes, there are fillable and printable worksheets for everything so you can go from learning to action in minutes.

Who Built All This?

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

“Joshua Lisec started at an early age, gives all the best tips on how to get started, makes a great living, and you can as well.”
— James Altucher, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, Host, The James Altucher Show

“Joshua Lisec is the #1 ghostwriter in the world.”
— Ed Latimore, Best-Selling Author, Retired Professional Boxer

“Joshua Lisec is an expert on ghostwriting and getting published. Talk to him. You know you’re getting expert advice from somebody who’s done it a number of times.”
— Scott Adams, Dilbert Creator, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Loserthink and Win Bigly

Howdy, I’m Joshua Lisec — the world’s only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 international bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter.

I’ve ghostwritten more than 55 full-length books in almost that many niches and have copywritten 1,000s of credibility-building articles, direct response emails, deal-winning proposals, and sold-out launch sales pages in over 100 more industries.

Because examples beat claims every day of the week and twice on Sundays, here are 3 recent clients . . .

My client Ramesh Dontha, author of #1 international best-seller The 60-Minute Startup, saw his book rise to #193 out of all 6 million books on Amazon on sales alone.

Not only that, but Ramesh’s book won the Gold Medal from Readers Favorite, a prestigious author award. Out of thousands upon thousands of books, Ramesh’s The 60-Minute Startup was named the “#1 Marketing Book of 2020” in the entire world.


The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

If there’s anyone who knows how to launch successful product after successful product in industry after industry . . . it’s Joshua Lisec.
Oh, and I also understand hypnosis deeper than 99.99% of the population. So there’s that.

Who The Best Way To Market Research It Is For
My idea selection and offer validation method works for my clients again and again in niche after niche, from persuasion and marketing to fitness and management consulting.

What you’ll do has already worked for:

  • Sex therapists (yes, really)
  • Investors
  • C-level executives
  • Ecommerce sellers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Certified hypnotherapists
  • Freelance writers
  • Fitness trainers
  • Podcasters
  • Business coaches
  • Management consultants
  • Professional negotiators
  • Best-selling authors
  • Course creators
  • Cybersecurity consultants
  • Financial advisors
  • Nonfiction authors
  • Novelists
  • . . . and more! (But you get the idea. My ish works for everyone.)

Yes, The Best Way To Market Research It is for anyone who has a business or product idea and wants a structured, methodical approach to figuring out if it could work.
Not creating anything right now? Use this for your clients!

Get this program, study the methods, and sell market research as an add-on service to clients who need them — which, it turns out, are probably all of them.

In that case, The Best Way To Market Research It walks you through a simple process to find the market that already wants what your clients could sell and is willing to pay for it.

Depending on the niche, “market research as a service” is worth $500 to $5,000 — or more.

And all you have to do is follow my systematic, step-by-step guidance to help your clients choose a business to run with, niche to pick, book to write, or course to build.

Easy money.

How You Know The Best Way To Market Research It Works

From July thru November 2020, I launched 3 programs in my (very) spare time and grossed over US$100,000.

One of only 179 people . . . amazing. And that’s in less than 6 months.

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

I showed up out of nowhere with no name recognition for myself and dominated.

But the best part about it is the fact that I have so many affiliates who I can help with selling my programs to their audiences.

The same steps I followed are what I will teach you.

Woops, I almost forgot about this!

I had hoped to sell 250 copies of Write This Not That during my 2020 Black Friday Special.

Yeah . . . I whooped that goal in the hindquarters with a pleather belt.

I sold almost 3X that. 👀

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

These results are not luck, they’re a system. Trust the system.
Now look at these blokes, four of my customers:

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

Imagine knowing your market so well you create exactly what they want to buy . . . over and over and over!
It’s not luck; it’s market research that works.

And it’s how you find your “1,000 True Fans.”

Come for the market research method, stay for the 1,000 True Fans.

“Hold up . . . wait a minute . . . somethin’ ain’t right,” you tell me. “Do I really need to do my research before I can launch something successful?”
In a word, yes.

In several words, yes. And here’s why.

Without market research:

  • You get stuck in “idea hell” with more ideas to run with than time to build them.
  • You’re left investing a fortune into a business that will not work.
  • You’re terrified by the uncertainty so you procrastinate.
  • You create something few people want and feel like a loser.
  • You don’t know where to go from here.

I’m NOT asking you to spend months of your life on this.
Because the point of market research is to do it in such a way that you don’t have to do it for long.

Get in there, get what you need to know, get out, and get to making money.

That’s the best way to market research it.

. . . which leads us to our third and final profitable fact.

PROFITABLE FACT #3: Market research is your highest return-on-investment task before you create anything.

Look how many copies I’ve sold in 6 months:

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec

My market research worked.
So can yours.
Which number do you want?

Selling so little that you earn less per hour than a soon-to-be-automated-out-of-work fast food cashier?

Or selling so much that your success spawns an entire franchise?

We both know your answer.

You want to launch your idea with excitement because you know it’s the right one.

The Best Way To Market Research It has your name on it.

The Best Way To Market Research It By Joshua Lisec, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 1 VIDEO- How to Get the Most out of This.mp4
  • 2 FILLABLE PDF- Market Research That Works One-Sheet.pdf
  • 3 How to Use the Market Research That Works One-Sheet.mp4
  • 4 VIDEO- The Only Reason to Market Research It.mp4
  • 5 VIDEO- The Fastest Way to Validate It.mp4
  • 6 VIDEO- Qual, Quan, and JTBD- The Fastest Way to Mark.mp4
  • 7 VIDEO- The Best Way to Mine Reviews for Golden Ideas.mp4
  • 8 VIDEO- The Best Way to Sell Books on Amazon.mp4
  • 9 VIDEO- The Best Way to Search Engine Optimize It.mp4
  • 10 VIDEO- The Best Way to Watch Joshua Research It.mp4
  • And more….