The Blog Launch Boot Camp By Jon Morrow
  • The Blog Launch Boot Camp By Jon Morrow

The Blog Launch Boot Camp By Jon Morrow


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The Blog Launch Boot Camp By Jon Morrow – Instant Download!

The Blog Launch Boot Camp

This Is The EXACT System I Used to Launch Boost Blog Traffic, Creating One of the Most Successful Blogs Online

And here’s a little insider tidbit:

In 2016, I’m launching two new blogs as well. One of them is about writing, and the other is about self-improvement.

Guess what system I’m using to launch those?

The same one I’m teaching you in this boot camp.

You might think, “Well, that’s great, Jon. Everyone knows who you are you, so it’s easy for you to launch a new blog.”

And I’ll be straight with you…

That’s true. No question, it’s easier now than when I was a beginner.

But take a look at this:

The Blog Launch Boot Camp By Jon Morrow

That’s a screenshot of A Fine Parent, founded and run by Sumitha Bhandarkar.

Over the last couple of years, it’s quickly grown to become one of the most popular parenting sites online. Thousands and thousands of subscribers.

She was pretty much a total beginner when she started, but guess what system she used to launch the blog?

You betcha – the exact system I’ll be showing you in this boot camp.

So, this doesn’t just work for established pros with tons of powerful connections. It even works for beginners.

Here’s why:

The Real Secret to Building a Popular Blog

It’s all about how you position your blog.

Not traffic techniques. Not writing ability. Not powerful connections.

Sure, all of those things are great, but if you have the wrong positioning, NONE of it works.

And here’s the real tragedy…

When they first come to me, 99% of my students are positioned totally wrong. I’m not talking about just a slight inconvenience, either. Positioned how they are, they have ZERO chance of succeeding.

Worse, they have topics you would think would succeed. For instance, you would think a blog targeting the millions of retiring baby boomers would be successful, right?

Wrong. It has zero chance of success.

What about a blog helping businesspeople learn Japanese? Surely that would be successful, right?

Nope. Not a chance.

I’m not guessing, either. I can show you with near mathematical certainty that neither of these blogs will succeed.


I’ve developed a system for determining if a blog is viable. Once you find a promising candidate, the system also shows you how to position the blog perfectly, so people are dying to read it.

And the good news?

Nothing held back, nothing removed, I’ll give you every nitty-gritty detail of the system.

In a nutshell, there are three phases:

1. Choosing the Right Audience

2. Choosing the Right Topic

3. Choosing the Right Domain Name

If you’re curious, here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ll be covering:

Phase 1: Choosing the Right Audience

Did you know there isn’t a successful blog for freelancers?

Sure, there are popular sites for freelance photographers, freelance writers, and other individual specialties, but there’s not one for all freelancers, despite the fact their businesses are essentially the same.

Here’s why:

A blog can’t serve more than one audience.

The reason you can’t build a popular blog for freelancers is photographers, writers, and other freelancers view themselves as totally different from each other. No matter what you do, they will refuse to be grouped together.

The same is true for lots of other audiences:

  • Mothers of infants don’t like to be grouped with mothers of teenagers
  • Brick-and-mortar startups don’t like to be grouped with tech startups
  • Index fund investors don’t like to be grouped with commodity investors

Crazy, right?

There are quite a few important details like that. During the boot camp, I’ll give you the exact guidelines you need for choosing your audience.

You’ll learn:

  • The minimum required “market size” for a viable blog audience (Hint: It’s more than 1 million. Way more.)
  • The one type of audience you can never build a blog around, no matter how large it is (Couples who are engaged and preparing for a wedding fall into this category)
  • The 10 best niches for any blog. If you start a blog within any of these niches, your chances of success go up at least 1,000%.
  • How to know whether or not you will “click” with the audience. If you don’t like them, or they don’t like you, you’re toast from day one.

Sound good?

Well, let’s move onto Phase 2.

Phase 2: Choosing the Right Blog Topic

Once you’ve chosen your audience, you need to choose a topic that audience is desperate to know more about. Again though, there are tons of criteria.

For instance…

If they can learn how to do it within a few weeks or months, the topic automatically fails.


They no longer need your blog. With these kinds of topics, you’ll lose subscribers as fast as you gain them.

Ideally, your topic should take a lifetime to master. You’ll keep them around for years.

And that’s only one of the criteria.

In this session, I’ll walk you through:

  • The five rules for choosing your blog topic (These are written in stone. No exceptions.)
  • The worksheet I use for learning EXACTLY what an audience wants to know
  • How to choose the perfect angle, so your audience is excited about your blog from day one
  • A fill-in-the-blank template for crafting an “elevator pitch” that will get other bloggers in your space to support you within minutes

When we’re finished, all you’ll need to launch your blog is the right domain. Let’s talk about that next…

Phase 3: Choosing the Right Domain Name

If you’ve ever hunted for a domain name, you might feel like all the best ones are taken.

But it’s not true.

For instance, wasn’t taken when I registered it. Neither was or

How did I find these domains?

By using the exact process I’ll teach you in this session. You’ll learn:

  • Why you no longer need SEO keywords in your domain name (plus two other common myths)
  • How to choose a domain name that makes people excited about your site before they even read your posts
  • 3 little hacks for coming up with dozens of great domain name ideas
  • The free software I use for finding great domain names no one else has thought of

By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly what the domain name for your site should be.

And the best part?

​Free Bonus #1: Downloadable Recording of the Entire Event

If you can’t join us live, no worries!

You can download the recording of the entire event, including all of the lessons and Q&A sessions. You can then watch it at your leisure.

The only downside is you won’t be able to interact with me. If you have questions about your audience, topic, or domain name, the ONLY way get my help is to show up live. So please, do everything you can to join us.

But if there is absolutely no way you can make it?

Watching the recording is the next best thing, and I’ll make it available to you within 48 hours.

Free Bonus #2: A Written Transcript of the Entire Event

So, you’ll have a recording, but what if you want to go back and find something I said?

Well, it’s a pain in the butt to sift through hours of video. No question.

That’s why we’re throwing in a written transcript of the event as a bonus. We’ll even put in section headings and a table of contents, so it’s easier to find stuff.

If you’re going to the material again and again (as I believe you will), it’ll save you hours of time.

And that’s why we’re giving it to you, free of charge.

Talk to you soon!

Jon Morrow
Chief Executive Officer
Boost Blog Traffic Inc.

The Blog Launch Boot Camp By Jon Morrow, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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