The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute
  • The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute

The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute

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The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute – Instant download!

Are you a coach, counselor, or well-being entrepreneur of any kind?
​Then you’ve just hit the jackpot.
Hi there fellow wellness entrepreneur, 

We know you love to help people. We love that about you.

​And right now your work is more important than ever because the number of people who are dealing with mental and physical health challenges just continues to grow.

Do you want these people to keep struggling?

Of course not! That’s why now is the time to grow your wellness business, reach more people, and make a bigger impact.

The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute
The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute Grow Your Business. Make a Bigger Impact.
✓ Attract more website visitors
✓ Get more subscribers
✓ Provide more value
✓ Get more sales
✓ Earn more $ from your email list
✓ Help more people improve their well-being
With Our Business Growth Toolkit, You’ll Be Able To:
Provide Great Content
Content is king, as they say. But creating great content is a huge time suck.Now you can have all your content planned out in the next 5 minutes. Just use our Wellness Article Collection, which includes tons of high-quality articles written by wellness experts.Use these articles for ANYTHING you want. 

  • ​Publish them on your website.
  • ​Edit them as you like.
  • ​​Repurpose them into products, programs, courses, lead magnets, videos, or other resources to share with your audience or community
The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute
Just A Few Articles You’ll Get With Your Purchase
  • 5 Ways to Think Positive: Use these 5 strategies to build a positive thinking habit and increase happiness. (953 words)
  • 6 Ways to “Grow” a Growth Mindset: Want to increase your chances of success? Then switch a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. (1014 words)
  • How To Improve Your Gut Health: Got Anxiety? Brain fog? Fatigue? Improving your gut health could be the answer. (836 words)
  • How To Live Your Values: Identify your core values and learn how to live by them to build greater happiness. (1205 words)
  • 5 Ways To Cope With Challenges: Struggling with a difficult situation? Check out these science-based strategies. (1180 words)
  • How To Be More Mindful: Discover how to be more open, aware, and present. (752 words)
  • Can You Actually Improve Well-Being? Discover what well-being is and why you can indeed increase your well-being. (1349 words)
  • How To Cultivate Self-Awareness? 5 ways to become more self-aware. (523 words)
  • 4 Ways to Accept Yourself: Find the good in you and learn to appreciate the not-so-good in you. (575 words)
  • 4 Ways To Boost Resilience: Having a hard time coping with stress? Try these science-based ways to build resilience. (891 words)
  • How to Be Happy in 7 Steps: Strategies that can help you boost happiness fast. (347 words)
  • 5 Ways to Beat Loneliness: Are you digitally connected but still feeling lonely? These strategies can help. (549 words)
  • 6 Tips for Decoding Emotions in Text Messages: Is she mad at you? Is he in love with you? Here are some ways to find out. (1038 words)
  • How to Control Your Emotions: Feeling really amped up or upset? Try these strategies to take back power over your emotions. (906 words)
  • 10 Ways to Be More Authentic: Want to let your true self shine? Then try these 10 authenticity strategies. (726 words)
  • 6 Ways To Develop Yourself: Build your skills and talents with these high-impact strategies. (540 words)
And 50+ more articles… PLUS we just keep adding more.
The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute Make More $ From Your Email List
Writing emails for your subscribers is easier said than done. That’s why we created our Wellness Email Scripts. Get 52 email scripts now (that’s a year of weekly emails!)The email scripts include prompts (like MadLibs) and they link to articles that you can publish on your website.​Create useful, high-value, engaging email messages fast.
Just A Few Email Scripts You’ll Get With Your Purchase
  • 3 actionable tips for boosting your well-being
  • New well-being trick
  • This 1-minute tip can slash your stress fast
  • This one thing made a huge difference in my well-being
  • 3 wellness myths that you need to know
  • ​Two ways that resilience can improve your life
  • This is how you get positive emotions to stick
  • I think you’re going to love this wellness tip
  • The most surprising way to boost your mood
  • This is how you conquer your fear of failure
  • Don’t learn this the hard way
  • This wellness tip is tough but totally worth it
That’s A Year’s Worth of Content To Inspire People Into Action
You’ll get 70+ science-based articles PLUS 52+ science-based email scripts covering a wide range of wellness topics including:Happiness | Positive Thinking | Loneliness | Uncertainty | Mindfulness | Failure | And more…It’s wellness content done for you, freeing you up to focus on what you care about most—helping people grow their well-being.
Get The Toolkit Now and Get These Bonuses:
Bonus #1: 3000+ Wellness Article Topics
Get More Website Visitors. It takes time and money to attract customers. But you’re short on both! That’s why we created our Wellness Topic Database.​Search our 3000+ wellness topics to find the best wellness topics to write about, topics that rank higher in Google search.
The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute
The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute Bonus #2: 7 Wellness Lead Magnets
​Turn More Website Visitors Into Subscribers. You can’t afford to lose the people that come to your website. That’s why we help you start collecting emails fast by giving you access to our lead magnet collection.Download any of our 7 wellness-focused lead magnets (wellness activities, e-books, and tools) and use them to begin collecting more emails immediately.
Bonus #3: Part 1 Of Our Purpose-Driven Business Program
Find Your Purpose & Hone Your Business Idea. You’ll learn how to evaluate your business ideas and hone your strategy so that your business balances purpose and profit. With this clarity, you’ll be able to move your business in the right direction.
The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute

The Business Growth Toolkit By Berkeley Well-Being Institute

I felt stuck on making my next step. When I saw the Business Growth Toolkit, I didn’t hesitate to get it. It gives you the push needed to get into action engaging your audience and getting yourself out there. Dr. Tchiki has also been extremely helpful and responsive to my questions. I would strongly recommend investing in this toolkit.
​- Tom

You Can Make A Difference 

You can help people boost their health and happiness. But it’s a hustle. If you don’t nail the “business part” of your business, it won’t last long enough to help all the people you really want to help.

  • You could spend 20+ hours per week on content.
  • You could hire someone to write content for thousands of dollars (we know because we charge $150/hr for custom content).
  • You could research wellness topics to make sure your articles are science-based.
  • And you could do all this and still end up with so-so content.
  • Or you could get our toolkit and spend your valuable time with loved ones and doing the work you love.

With our toolkit, you’ll always feel confident in your content, knowing it was created by PhD level wellness experts, trained at prestigious universities like UC Berkeley.

Both your well-being and your customers’ well-being is at stake.

That’s why we give you tons of high-quality wellness tools for just a few dollars per piece. Seriously, where else can you get that?