The Complete Mindfulness Toolkit By Sean Fargo
  • The Complete Mindfulness Toolkit By Sean Fargo

The Complete Mindfulness Toolkit By Sean Fargo

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The Complete Mindfulness Toolkit By Sean Fargo – Instant Download!


The Complete Mindfulness Toolkit w/200 Meditation Scripts
for Instant Download
“This Toolkit includes my best mindfulness resources for enhancing mindfulness in the most clear and simple way possible. This deal won’t last long.”

– Sean Fargo, Founder of Mindfulness Exercises

What do you get?

  • Our “Introduction To Mindfulness” Video Course with Transcripts & Worksheets
  • Our “Mindfulness of Eating” Video Course with PDF Study Guides’
  • Our “Living With Gratitude” Video Course w/ 50+ Page Study Guide
  • Our Mindful Life Design Blueprint’ PDF eBook
  • Our ‘Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners’ PDF eBook
  • ‘Finding Me: A Journey To Get To Know Yourself & Where You Want To Be’ PDF eBook
  • BONUS: 200 Guided Meditation Scripts
  • BONUS: 330 PDF Mindfulness Worksheets

The Mindfulness Toolkit Includes:

3 Mindfulness Courses
Learn Mindfulness from Industry Leaders
Introduction to Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness
This course provides an in-depth introduction to the foundations of mindfulness meditation practice, in an easy-to-follow, 14-day training guide.

Included in the course:

15 Modules
Each module includes a video training and a guided meditation to help you practice

30 Lessons
Lessons include reducing stress, finding calm, opening the heart, and more.

This is suitable for people of all experience levels. No previous experience necessary.


Mindfulness of Eating
This course includes:
– Why mindful eating is NOT a diet
– How to practice mindfulness in daily life
– How to recognize WHY we eat
– How to recognize physical hunger
– How to use a hunger fullness scale
– How to recognize when, what and how we eat
– How to understand “head-hunger”
– How to enjoy food that will fuel our lives

Included in the course:
5 Chapters
Each chapter walks you through the foundations of mindful eating, step by step.

9 Lessons
Each lesson includes experiential guidance to help you eat more mindfully.

Suitable for people of all experience levels. No previous experience necessary.


Living with Gratitude
This popular course will provide you with teachings on gratitude to deepen your understanding and embodied experience of this important life perspective.

Included in the course:
7 Chapters
Integrate gratitude into every area of your life, from internal emotions to external service and contribution.

25 Lessons
Bite sized lessons with downloadable worksheets to walk you through each step along the way.

This course is designed for people who have courage to open their hearts, even to people and experiences which may feel difficult.

3 Step-by-Step Mindfulness Workbooks
Simple Practices to Enhance Your Mindfulness

1. PDF eBook
Mindful Life Design Blueprint
To help you incorporate mindful awareness into your daily life, we’re including the “mindful life blueprint.” It will help you design the life that you want to live: one filled with peace, gratitude, clarity, and fulfillment.

  • Live your life with greater intention
  • Design a life filled with peace & gratitude
  • Incorporate mindfulness into your daily life

2. PDF eBook
Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners
This ebook is designed with the beginner in mind. It can be difficult starting out on a new journey, and trying to incorporate a new practice into our lives. Oftentimes, we’re unsure of how to proceed. Particularly with something as unfamiliar as mindfulness meditation, you’ll likely encounter some hurdles along the way. For that matter, even knowing how to get started can be difficult.

  • Find a more mindful, peaceful, and conscientious life
  • Achieve greater levels of satisfaction with your live as it is
  • find greater peace with your current circumstances

3. PDF eBook
Finding Me: A Journey to Get to Know Yourself & Where you Want to Be
A Journey To Get To Know Yourself. Know yourself better through guided meditations and reflections to yourself.

  • Go on a healing journey
  • Get to know more about who you really are
  • Build your path to the future

BONUS: 200 Guided Meditation Scripts
Lead a variety of mindfulness meditations to help people in head, heart, body and spirit.

Our Meditation Script Topics Include: Love & Compassion, Embodied Resilience, Sleep & Insomnia, Anxiety & Overwhelm, Mindful Movement, Focus & Concentration, Purpose & Fulfillment, Visualization & Affirmations, Relaxation & Ease.

Sean Fargo

The Complete Mindfulness Toolkit By Sean Fargo
As a leading corporate mindfulness teacher and a former Buddhist monk of two years, Certified Instructor for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (the mindfulness program born at Google), and Certified Integral Coach (from New Ventures West), Sean Fargo blend a combination of depth and practicality to my mindfulness and meditation teachings.

He started Mindfulness Exercises with the aim of helping 100 million people live with more understanding, love and compassion for themselves and for others.

Sean currently runs an online Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program, training people to teach mindfulness with integrity, confidence and certified credibility.

Advantage 1: Science
The mindfulness materials in this kit are based on scientific insights from thousands of peer reviewed research.

Advantage 2:
Our tools are used all over the world in a variety of personal and professional settings for cultivating well-being.

Advantage 3:
You’re Safe
If your mindfulness is not enhanced as a result of using our tools then you’ll receive a full refund.

The Complete Mindfulness Toolkit By Sean Fargo, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • _Free Resources
  • 40+ Mindfulness Meditations
  • 50 Meditations to Alleviate Stress Anxiety
  • 70 Mindful Movement Videos – White Label
  • 200 Mindfulness Quotes_Images
  • 300 Mindfulness Quotes and Images
  • 330+ Mindfulness Worksheets
  • Gratitude Course
  • Guided Meditation Scripts
  • Introduction To Mindfulness Course
  • Mindfulness of Eating Course
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  • White Labeled Mindfulness Workbook.docx