The Conduit Method 2.0 By Chris Rempel – Lazy Marketer
  • The Conduit Method 2.0 By Chris Rempel – Lazy Marketer

The Conduit Method 2.0 By Chris Rempel – Lazy Marketer

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The Conduit Method 2.0 By Chris Rempel – Lazy Marketer – Instant Download!

Getting new customers costs a fortune these days.

But there’s one, ingenious exception that just works like clockwork…

This is the Simplest Possible Way to Make $100K+/yr as an Internet Entrepreneur

(Or Add Millions in Additional Revenue as an Established Brand)
Discover the foolproof process for intercepting people
on the verge of a buying decision, for free (or next to it)…

And watch as tiny trickles of traffic generate a full-time income – and beyond…

Watch the Video Above & Discover:

  • How to ethically, predictably “steal” competitor prospects like clockwork
  • Why even sites with tiny traffic (~50 users/day) can earn substantial revenue
  • Why SEO is only one of several channels where this works like crazy
  • How one of my clients uses the Conduit Method to earn $800,000+ /mo

Some of us remember the golden years of internet marketing – back when traffic was cheap, ranking in Google was simple, and competitors were clueless.

These days, everything just feels pushed to the limit…

Facebook Ads still work – but it’s really hard to run campaigns at a profit anymore. Google Ads are even more expensive.

And ranking in Google organically is now much harder, and takes a lot more effort.

But there’s a very profitable exception…

See, the most expensive part of marketing these days is reaching brand new prospects – also called top-of-funnel traffic. Things like generating webinar leads with FB ads, or targeting an obvious primary keyword on Google (eg. “CRM software”).

Why is it so expensive? Because everyone else is gunning for those same keywords & audiences, which drives up the cost. They’re all trying to fill up their funnels with the same prospects – and then educate and eventually convert them into customers.

But what if there was a way to skip all that stuff, and literally intercept your competitors’ most promising prospects… plucking them right out of their funnel?

People who they’ve spent tons of money & time reaching, educating, nurturing & preselling…

And what if reaching these on-the-verge buyers was actually far easier, far cheaper, and far more profitable than doing all the “obvious” stuff?

The Conduit Method 2.0 By Chris Rempel - Lazy Marketer

  • Discover how to intercept buyers in the final stage of the sales cycle – where you only need a trickle of daily visitors to generate serious revenue
  • Explore how to do this across multiple channels: organic & paid search, Youtube, as well as some more “adventurous” methods.
  • Unpack exactly what this looks like with a real-life ‘Conduit site’ that recently sold for 8 figures ($50M!)

In plain english, the Conduit Method is about building websites & campaigns that exclusively target buyers – not just visitors.

“I got my start in online publishing with Conduit Method 1.0 It was THE course that set me on the path to build up a 6-figure /mo publishing business.

“I got a chance to get an early bird version of V2, and it exceeded my expectations (which were high). Chris knows affiliate marketing and content publishing like no other. He shares everything he knows to create 6 & 7 figure content sites.

“My favourite part of V2 are the concrete examples and content-planning diagrams that spoon-feed you exactly how to get the right traffic for affiliate commissions. I also believe his content outlines will be effective for publishers who monetize with display ads as well.

In fact, I know his content methods work because I’ve been using them effectively to get high-earning traffic. Conduit Method V2 is a must-have guide for your publishing arsenal.”

Jon Dykstra
Founder, FatStacks

I actually coined the phrase ‘Conduit Method’ about 10 years ago, back when SEO marketers were discovering how profitable it was to just focus on creating product-focused content: product reviews, comparisons, pricing data, etc.

And it didn’t take long to catch on…

Soon enough, every competitive niche was filled with “review” sites… but most of these just scraped together low-effort, templated content, and didn’t offer users much actual insight.

As a result, Google recently changed its algorithm, raising the bar for product-focused content – which in turn wiped out thousands of affiliates & publishers in the process.

You can no longer just pump out a few product reviews, build some links and call it a day – those days are over.

Does this mean the Conduit Method is dead?

Not even close. Just ask Garrett:

The Conduit Method 2.0 By Chris Rempel - Lazy Marketer

But it does mean you have to adjust your content strategy so that your site:

  1. Legitimately helps your users, and
  2. Gives Google exactly what it wants

Also – think about it – this actually represents a massive opportunity to now re-enter some of the hottest niches, where hordes of competitors have had their sites ‘slapped’ down the rankings by the algo…

Last, there’s now some completely new channels for capturing buyers on the brink, where you can use the Conduit Method to start driving absurdly high conversion rates – even if you have no interest in organic search (SEO)…

For all these reasons, I figured it was long overdue to update & modernize the strategy – and that’s why I’m releasing Conduit Method v2.0

Bottom Line: This is still – hands down – the most reliable, can’t-screw-it-up method to generate substantial revenue from minimal traffic… so long as you’re using the right strategy.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

What You Get:

Module 1: Organic Search

  • How to actually find the highest-intent keywords that will generate substantial & predictable revenue. (Hint: This goes well beyond the obvious stuff like “xyz review” or “xyz pricing”)
  • The best framework for creating content & page layout that will sell and rank like crazy
  • How to avoid the dreaded Google slap for sites with product-focused content (this is a huge opportunity – you now have way less competition!)
  • How to promote your sites with an 80/20 approach, where a strategic light touch is all it takes to see your traffic grow
  • Once your site has traction, discover how to easily find low-hanging levers to drive up traffic & revenue, where small tweaks can have a massive impact.

Module 2: Paid Search

  • Discover how to use paid search to validate your keyword & content strategy practically overnight, with far lower risk (and cost) than investing in a full-scale organic campaign.
  • Understand exactly how to play within Google’s rules when bidding on brand & product keywords so your ads don’t get slapped.
  • See how to use paid search as an “extension” of your high-performing organic pages, which will amplify your overall conversions for pennies on the dollar.

Module 3: SERP Intercept

  • For competitive markets where the cost per click for buyer-intent keywords is substantial ($20+ /click), you can use this ingenious strategy to “bypass” Adwords and instead buy the exact same traffic for 3-4X less.
  • This is a low-volume growth hack, but with enough passive campaigns set up on autopilot, the cumulative trickles of cheap, ultra-targeted prospects can pay some big dividends.

Module 4: YouTube

  • In late 2020, YouTube made a small adjustment to their ad policies that unlocked a massive opportunity for Conduit marketers… it’s a total gamechanger, and makes it possible to target on-the-brink buyers for insanely small daily budgets.
  • Discover the ideal types of ad formats & messaging to use for maximum engagement & conversions.
  • See exactly how targeting works on Youtube, specifically for the Conduit Method. (Night & day different than Search PPC)
  • Understand how to finally tap into the world’s second-largest search engine, and reach its most valuable audiences for pennies.

Module 5: Skunkworks

  • For the more adventurous marketers who don’t mind pushing the boundaries a bit – discover some truly unique ways to intercept buyers. For example…
  • Discover how to ethically “infiltrate” groups of on-the-fence buyers on social channels and reach them at scale (this works in certain niches better than others – but it’s insanely effective in the right markets)
  • Discover how to literally drop your content & offers front-and-center the moment your best prospects are browsing your competitor’s (or another advertiser’s) website.
  • Explore a brute-force organic search strategy that can have you ranking page-1 for virtually any keyword in record time. (This works best once you have some sales rolling already, as it isn’t necessarily cheap).

Key Resources

  • Discover several niche markets that are ideal for the Conduit Method (and learn how to identify other markets like this, based on key criteria)
  • For affiliates – discover where to find the best products/services to promote. (Amazon is a race to the bottom, and the usual haunts like CJ, ShareaSale, Clickbank & others don’t exactly offer an “inspiring” inventory of offers).
  • Mind-maps that pull the entire, multi-channel strategy together
  • World-class outsourcing options for running the Conduit Method at scale