The Fat Loss Blueprint – The Energy Blueprint
  • The Fat Loss Blueprint – The Energy Blueprint

The Fat Loss Blueprint – The Energy Blueprint

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The Fat Loss Blueprint – The Energy Blueprint – Instant Download!

The Fat Loss Blueprint

The Fat Loss Blueprint
The Most Comprehensive Science-Based Fat Loss Program Ever Developed

Are you sick of extreme and unsustainable weight loss programs, fad diets, and other weight loss gimmicks that are full of empty promises?

We are too!

So we decided to do something different…

We created an advanced fat loss program that’s

  • 100% science-backed
  • Free of all pseudoscience, false claims, fads, and gimmicks
  • Honest, ethical, high integrity, and never misleading
  • Completely sustainable
  • So much more than the one-size-fits-all advice you’ve heard 100s of times before
  • Most importantly, packed full of the latest cutting-edge fat loss science to get you big results… in the fastest and most sustainable way humanly possible.

Before I tell you exactly what’s in the program, let’s get clear on if this is right for you…

This Program is NOT for you if…

The Fat Loss Blueprint - The Energy Blueprint


If you’re someone who is extremely obese and you’re currently eating tons of processed junk food and fast food, you don’t exercise at all, and you have not been making efforts towards living healthy for several years, then this is probably NOT the right program for you.

This is an ADVANCED fat loss blueprint meant for people who already have the basics of healthy nutrition and some healthy lifestyle habits dialed in.

If you are in that situation, there are many good books and instructional courses on the market that teach the basics of healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. But this course will be way too advanced for you.




This Program is FOR for you if…

The Fat Loss Blueprint - The Energy Blueprint


If you’re someone who has been eating well and taking care of your health for several years already, and you’re wondering why you just can’t lose weight…

If you feel like you’re doing everything right, but the scale won’t budge…

Or you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and can’t figure out how to lose those last few pounds…

Or you’re already pretty lean, and you want the most cutting-edge science to get ultra lean…

Then this is the program for you!



We are not here to BS you with more pseudoscience and claims like…


  • “How to go keto and turn yourself into a fat burning machine”
  • “3 weird tricks to supercharge your fat burning”
  • “5 ‘healthy’ foods that are secretly making you fat”
  • “How to lose 15 pounds in 20 days just by making this one little change”

If you’re intelligent, you know that all this stuff is nonsense — just unsustainable marketing gimmicks designed to sell you on junk weight loss diet plans.

At best it may be harmless. At worst, it’s total lies that are actually counterproductive.

Our goal with creating this program was simple: Create the most comprehensive compilation of the most cutting-edge science for fat loss in existence.

No BS, no hype, no false promises, no pseudoscience, and no gimmicks.

No dogma. No one-size-fits all advice. No made up tricks that give you the illusion of success.

Just the REAL, cutting-edge fat loss science that WILL allow you to take back your own power and be in complete control of your own weight.

The Fat Loss Blueprint is the MOST comprehensive compilation of the actual evidence, science, and research around how to optimize your body composition.

It’s not just a diet. It’s not just an exercise program.

It is a complete program covering a wide range of next-level strategies and cutting-edge science necessary for busting through plateaus and experiencing effortless and permanent fat loss.

Whether this is your 1st or 10th attempt at losing weight.

Whether you’re overworked and stressed or free as a bird.

If you’re young or old, overweight and embarrassed about how you look, or you just want to get a few pounds leaner.

The Fat Loss Blueprint will teach you how to work with your biology and heal the temple that is your body – at a cellular level – so you can permanently lose fat while keeping more muscle.

And IN JUST 8 WEEKS, you’ll do this safely and without any negative side effects or any crazy restrictions you can’t stick with.

Let me help you let go of your old ways of doing things and give you a NEW, clear plan – that’s based on cutting-edge science – that will get you the body you’ve been dreaming of…

I’m going to reveal 2 important keys that will make your fat loss easy AND permanent…

Key 1: The Royal Road to Success — Your Habits!

Here’s the truth about losing fat: It is NECESSARY to do SOME things differently than you’re doing now. And there’s zero doubt that you HAVE to put in effort!

(Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar just trying to take your money).

But that doesn’t mean you have to do things that make you miserable. In fact, with The Fat Loss Blueprint you can lose fat WITHOUT hunger, without suffering, without forced deprivation, and generally speaking, with ease.

You’re actually going to discover the power of adopting lifelong habits that you LOVE and developing a HEALTHY OBSESSION that will keep you lean forever.

Here’s what I mean…

ANYONE can drop a few pounds in a short amount of time, including you. Go ahead and follow ANY program, plan, or guru, and you will lose weight.

But that’s not the point of this, right? You don’t simply want to lose weight. You want to lose weight and KEEP THE FAT OFF FOREVER.

In order to stop the maddening yo-yo cycle, you have got to forego the quick fixes and magic pill mentality. Because here’s the paradox:

The things that work BEST in the short-term, work the WORST in the long-term.

Think about it:

  • If you’re restricting your calories and constantly starving, how long before hunger wins out and you binge on everything you’d been craving?
  • If you’re relying on ‘willpower’ how many days can you go before you ‘cheat’?
  • If you’re following an exercise routine that makes you miserable, when will you give up?

The general answer is this: your compliance will be very temporary, and so will your results.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, the founder and medical director of the Bariatric Medical Institute, sums it up quite nicely


The Fat Loss Blueprint - The Energy Blueprint


But you can’t only do things that you like. After all, eating delicious donuts everyday won’t get you very far.

To get the results that you want, you must do things on a daily basis that 1) seem effortless AND 2) promote fat loss.

Here’s a visual to put it into perspective:

The Fat Loss Blueprint - The Energy Blueprint

Where do you land on that chart?

If you’re not currently in the upper right quadrant, then it’s time to start developing HEALTHY OBSESSIONS — things you do EVERY SINGLE DAY without thinking twice (no conscious choice or willpower involved!) and that keep you lean (indefinitely).

I’m going to be honest with you — developing healthy obsessions may be challenging… at FIRST.

Because living this way is much like becoming a pro athlete.


As you fix your environmental and dietary habits, you must:

  • Cope with fatigue, weakness, metabolic slowdown, hunger pangs, and soreness
  • Push beyond what’s comfortable to progress
  • Master a new skill set (nutrition, exercise, self-monitoring)

But I promise you — once you cultivate healthy obsessions, you’ll go from an overweight yo-yo dieter struggling to maintain control of your weight to a lean, healthy, energetic being who will never have to struggle with fat loss, ever again.

The Healthy Obsession

The Fat Loss Blueprint - The Energy Blueprint

The Fat Loss Blueprint will show you the exact habits that will promote permanent fat loss and how to implement them, including:

Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Discover how to optimize your circadian rhythm to improve your hormones that regulate hunger and metabolic health.
Intermittent Fasting and Calorie Cycling Learn how to identify the right type of intermittent fasting for you, and which forms should be avoided.
Meal Frequency and Macro Timing Learn about the ideal number of meals to eat.
11 other keys to developing lasting, healthy obsessions! (See the full list, below!)
Now, please let me be clear: There is no need to feel overwhelmed right now! You can absolutely take baby steps and focus on one thing at a time!

In fact, as you develop healthy obsessions, you’ll understand the second important takeaway…

Key 2: There are Levels to Fat Loss Habits!

This is unbelievably important to understand, especially if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated and yelling at your scale, “I’m eating right and exercising but not losing any weight. I just don’t get it!”…

Then you need to look at what exactly your habits are and determine where you are.

Once you’ve mastered those, then you step up to the next level of habits.

Each time you advance, you further your progress!


The Fat Loss Blueprint - The Energy Blueprint


Again, this program is about developing habits that you LOVE and can maintain. There’s no need to START at Level 6…but you must consistently and relentlessly focus on getting there.

Once those ‘lean habits’ become part of your daily life, that’s where you’ll stay.

No more aggravating weigh-ins that leave you confused. No more being stuck at a level that leaves you longing for more.

You’ll be able to bust through your weight loss plateaus when you follow the cutting-edge science in The Fat Loss Blueprint.

Because the program not only gives you the necessary fundamentals to fat loss, but it also clearly outlines how to go from Level 1 to Level 6.

Here are just a few of the next-level ‘lean habits’ that you’ll discover:

  • The macronutrient absolutely critical for fat loss PLUS tricks to help you get enough.
  • Your unique ‘ratio’ that will determine how much fat loss (or muscle loss) you’ll have when dieting.
  • Are you a morning lark or a night owl? How your ‘chronotype’ affects weight loss.
  • How to retrain your tastebuds to avoid mindless eating.
  • 3 types of intermittent fasting, explained. Which practice is best for you, according to science?
  • Checklist for good quality sleep (that boosts fat loss)…how do you measure up?
  • There’s so much more to discover in The Fat Loss Blueprint. Again, it isn’t just a diet or exercise program.

It is a COMPLETE compilation of next-level strategies and cutting-edge science necessary for experiencing effortless and permanent fat loss. Take a look at how deep we go…


What People Say About The Fat Loss Blueprint

The Fat Loss Blueprint - The Energy Blueprint

Introducing The Fat Loss Blueprint


  • Learn about the health risks of obesity.
  • Help you understand how metabolic dysfunction occurs and how to prevent it.
  • Learn about why fat loss becomes more difficult the leaner you become.


  • The fundamentals to fat loss that you need to have in your routine if you want to be successful.
  • Learn why a calorie deficit is necessary, what the best diet is for you, and how much protein you should eat.


  • Will help you energize your circadian rhythm to improve your hormones that regulate hunger and metabolic health.
  • Learn how poor quality sleep sabotages your dieting efforts.
  • Receive actionable interventions you can use to improve sleep and circadian rhythms.


  • Discuss the different types of intermittent fasting and how they can improve your metabolic health.
  • You’ll learn how to identify the right type of intermittent fasting for you, and which forms should be avoided.
  • Learn about calorie cycling, diet breaks, and how they can keep the weight away.


  • Learn about the ideal number of meals to eat.
  • Will help you set up your meals to optimize your body composition and metabolic health.


  • Change your thinking from “eat less, move more” to “eat more, move more”.
  • Learn about the importance of energy flux in weight loss and appetite regulation.


  • Understand the best type of exercise for fat loss and body recomposition.
  • Learn how to schedule your exercise for optimal results.
  • Learn about the benefits of fasted exercise.
  • Develop an understanding of why leisure activity is more important than exercise.


  • You’ll learn the reasoning behind “what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”.
  • Overview of hormesis and why it matters for your metabolic health and body composition.


  • Learn about the benefits of heat stress for body composition.
  • Learn how sweating detoxifies the body and why this matters for weight loss.
  • Get a step-by-step guide to using saunas.


  • Understand the metabolic benefits of brown fat and how cold stress activates it.
  • Learn how to navigate different forms of cold stress to enhance body composition.
  • Discover how to burn a couple extra hundred calories overnight with the turn of a thermostat.


  • Overview of phytonutrients and how they exert hormetic benefits.
  • Learn why high-dose antioxidant supplements do more harm than good.
  • Receive a list of phytonutrients and foods that can boost liver function and help with detoxification.


  • Stop living to eat and start eating to live.
  • Learn why food and flavor combinations mess with satiety.
  • Get a low-food-reward diet template to help reset your palate.


  • Overview of chronic stress and how it sabotages dieting efforts.
  • Learn how stress impacts your hormones, body mass, muscle mass, and appetite.
  • Receive actionable interventions you can use to reduce your stress.


  • Mindset hacks to overcome your limiting beliefs that sabotage your weight loss efforts.
  • Are you an abstainer or a moderator?
  • Understand the negativity bias and how to overcome it.
  • Why willpower is fleeting and how to establish habits for lifelong success.
  • Self-love and authenticity practices to show yourself compassion.


  • Overview of fat loss and dieting through a women’s body.
  • Learn about the menstrual cycle and how to take advantage of it for fat loss.
  • How to deal with menopause and obtain the body you want.


  • No-BS guide to what supplements can help with dieting, fat loss, and appetite reduction.
  • Learn clinically effective doses of each supplement and how to use them.
  • Learn which supplements marketed for fat loss are a waste of money.


  • Get answers to some of the most pervasive nutrition controversies.
  • Is organic produce worth the cost?
  • Is grass-fed beef healthier than conventional?
  • Should you go gluten-free?
  • Is fructose harmful?
  • Are sugar substitutes safe?


  • Learn about the body fat spectrums for diet, physical activity, and circadian rhythms.
  • Get real-world examples of people implementing all the information in this program.

Plus Access To These Amazing Resources


The Fat Loss Blueprint is So Much More…

As you can see, The Fat Loss Blueprint goes WAY beyond the diet 101 advice you see all over the internet. It’s so much more than the basics of healthy nutrition and exercise.

It’s ALL the missing pieces of your weight loss puzzle. ALL based on real, relevant science.

No BS, no hype, no dogma, and no crazy rules or hard to follow workouts.

Just effortless fat loss with lifelong results when you commit to our Fat Loss Blueprint protocol and focus on adding more and more lean lifestyle habits to your daily routine.

After Just 8 Weeks, Expect that You’ll:

  • Have a clear handle on your metabolism and will know how to prevent it from slowing.
  • Be eating (with pleasure!) to maximize fat loss.
  • Be sleeping better, which means your hunger and metabolic hormones will be regulated.
  • Have mastered a specific mindset that will set you up for a lifetime of success – with very little effort.
  • Be exercising on a schedule that works for YOU, and you’ll be excited to move your body in a way that feels great.
  • Be easily keeping up with your goals using practical, actionable tips (that are especially helpful when your family and friends aren’t on board).
  • Have overcome self-limiting beliefs, no longer sabotaging your fat loss.
  • Be in complete control of your own weight, using all the science-based tools in this program, like a pro.


  • Are you ready to be healthy and happy and have a body you can feel confident in, forever?
  • Are you ready to stop trying all those other made up diets, gimmicky plans, and junk supplements that just don’t work long-term?
  • Are you ready to believe that you have the power to take your fat loss to the next level and TRANSFORM your life and your body?

The Fat Loss Blueprint