The Japanese Art of Happy Money – Ken Honda
  • The Japanese Art of Happy Money – Ken Honda

The Japanese Art of Happy Money – Ken Honda | Instant Download !

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The Japanese Art of Happy Money – Ken Honda | Instant Download !


Remove emotional blocks you’ve inherited from your culture and family… to experience a happy, healthy, new relationship with money.

Live in maro — a heart-centered spiritual state — that welcomes happy money (and joy!) into your life.


Most people are in a deeply committed — yet very unhappy — relationship… with money.

Do any of these ring true for you?

  • Despite having skills and talents to spare — you’re still being paid far less than you’re worth
  • You work all the time and never seem to get ahead
  • You feel confused, anxious, or afraid when you think of retirement, possible medical bills, or supporting your aging parents
  • You have more credit card debt than you ever thought you would
  • You’d like to make more happy money — money you feel good about
  • You’d like to look at your bank balance and smile…

Why does a happy relationship with money seem to come so easily to some people — and not so easily to you?

The good news is, you CAN transform your relationship with money — but first, you need to know this powerful truth…

It’s the way you FEEL about money that’s keeping you stuck — and most of your beliefs about money didn’t even start with you…

Heal Your Family Money Wounds

Your connection with money may be riddled with anxiety, shame, frustration, or fear — “inherited” from early family experiences, or from friends, and even your culture…

This means your money wounds might not even be YOUR burdens.

For instance, maybe your mother or grandmother grew up in the Great Depression, and firmly believed she could lose it all at any moment — so she prepared for the worst. And her fears are now a running theme in your own life and relationship with money…

Or maybe your Dad never had much money growing up, so he worked compulsively in an attempt to create the life he wishes he’d had as a child, for you. His well-intentioned efforts to provide for your material needs, inadvertently caused you to have an imbalanced relationship with your work and finances. You may over- or under-work or underearn, in spite of your skills and education — in a subconscious attempt to get your needs met, emotionally.

You couldn’t help but see how your family behaved around money and absorb their energy and attitudes…

This puts you squarely in the flow of unhappy money — worried about money… and somehow even when money comes in, you’re afraid or frustrated.

The truth is, a healthy, happy relationship with money is actually about trusting life. ..

… and Japan’s bestselling “Zen Millionaire,” Ken Honda, can guide you to transform your relationship with money, so you can start living a fuller life — rich with the joy and abundance you desire.

Ken’s widely revered teachings are based on four core truths:

  • Money is simply energy, neither good nor bad. It’s a fuel that can feed your aspirations for things you want to do in your life
  • The flow of money shuts down when your relationship with money evokes fear, overwhelm, stress, and anxiety
  • Because many of your fears around money didn’t originate with you, it can be hard to change them on your own. (No amount of positive thinking will change this.)
  • You CAN create a new experience of money — one where money shows up like a welcome friend, glad to see you

A new view of money — and a healthy, abundant, new relationship with money — starts by welcoming something that Ken calls “happy money” into your life.

Happy money allows you to live your purpose. It brings you and others joy, and it leaves the world a better place…

Discover Your Money Personality Type

According to Ken, people who engage with money can be broadly separated into types, depending on their outlook, money-related behaviors, and often, their background, too.

Which of these types sounds most like you?

1) The Compulsive Saver. You love to save money, and believe it’s the best way to secure a good life for yourself. Many of your money habits are admirable — but sadly, many compulsive savers also live their whole lives without spending any of the money they’ve sacrificed so much to save.

2) The Compulsive Spender. Simply put: you love spending money. Interestingly, you were probably raised by a Compulsive Saver! You might not realize it, but you likely need to spend money to feel in control. It can give you a sense of power you might not feel in other areas of your life… and you might be spending in order to escape feelings of low self-esteem.

3) The Compulsive Moneymaker. You believe life works best when you’re earning as much money as possible. You rarely feel guilty about choosing to focus on work rather than friends or family. In fact, you likely believe everything you’re doing is to help your family. Unfortunately, there’s no amount of money that will actually satisfy your actual, hidden emotional issue — a deep, unmet longing for recognition and significance.

4) The Indifferent-to-Money type. You hardly notice money exists, and likely have chosen a low-earning profession. Many days can pass without you thinking about money — or spending anything at all. Perhaps you leave financial matters to your partner, or come from a well-off family and aren’t involved in the day-to-day money issues. It might be fine for now, but what happens when you DO need to know the details of your finances?

5) The Hippie. You think money is a bad thing, and view it as a source of problems. You place a high value on not becoming a sellout — is this mindset holding you back?

6) The Saver-Splurger. A combination of The Compulsive Saver and The Compulsive Spender, you’re usually regimented and serious about money. You try to control your life by saving money — then splurge on unwise purchases that only bring you problems.

7) The Gambler. A combination of Compulsive Spender and Compulsive Moneymaker, you love taking risks and feel fired up by venture capital, commodity trading, and the like. You happily take big risks with your money — and often feel devastated when things don’t work out as you planned.

8) The Worrier. Regardless of how much money you have, you worry. What if it all goes away? You might also worry about life in general, and expect the worst to happen.

Ken will help you determine your money type, then transform your mindset and and rebuild your relationship with money..

Remove Blocks & Expand Your Capacity to Receive & Hold Happy Money


If money is energy, then just like water it can only fill up the cup that’s provided for it. Once the cup is filled… the water overflows, spilling onto the ground.

Ken will show you how to increase your capacity to hold money — and as you’ll soon discover, when the money is happy, it’s much easier to hold.

It’s time to remove the emotional blocks you’ve (unknowingly) put in place that prevent money from coming into your life… and create new space for money to start flowing in abundantly…

This process shows your heart and brain that there’s a different path you can follow when it comes to money — and your mind can create new patterns.

You’ll know your money is happy when you receive — and offer it — with joy…

In this highly anticipated new course, you’ll discover:

  • Which of the 8 distinct money types you fall into — and as a result, which path to a happy relationship with money you should pursue
  • How to prepare for love, abundance and possibility to arrive, so it can be your welcome guest — in the form of happy money
  • How to clear the blocks of anxiety, fear, shame, and frustration you have around money — and instead let trust guide your money, life purpose, and relationships
  • Overcome even the most complex feelings around money: shame, doubt, fear, guilt, and more
  • The key to having enough money in the bank while keeping a happy money flow moving in and out of your life
  • Why positive thinking, affirmations, and “protecting” your money will NOT heal your scarcity mindset
  • How many of your money beliefs have come to you through childhood stories that taught you that success has to look a certain way
  • refreshing new perspective: when you put your mind to something, there will be enough people and resources to support you.
  • How to say thank you (arigato in Japan) all the time and open to a loving relationship with money

Ken Honda is a bestselling self-development author in Japan, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001. His latest book is called Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money.

Join Ken for this powerful new online video program — and come prepared for plenty of breakthroughs and aha! moments as you explore the seven steps to happy money. ..

You’ll create a brand-new relationship to money — one that’s happy, healthy, and loving.

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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

In this 7-week transformational intensive, Ken will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to heal your family money wounds, clear energy blocks, and transform your relationship with money.

The Power of Live Streaming Video


You’ll connect with Ken and experience his teachings through live streaming video. This connection will be easy to use and will enhance the impact of Ken’s celebrated wisdom. You can easily connect via audio only if you choose — through your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Course Sessions Tuesdays at 6:00pm Pacific

This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, and experiential practices with Ken. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to remove blocks — and expand your capacity for experiencing a healthy, abundant, new relationship with money.

Module 1: How to “Maro Up” — Breaking the Cycle of Unhappy Money & Your Scarcity Mindset (November 19)


When it comes to your relationship with money, how can you live from a place of open heartedness, generosity, and virtue — when you’re in the midst of struggle?

In your first week together, Ken will introduce you to the concept of Wahei, a way for you to trust your deepest intuition to lead you to happy money.

And once you’re in the flow of happy money, you’ll realize you have more than enough…

You’ll discover:

  • Why, like most people, you’re likely in the flow of unhappy money — you’re worried about money, and somehow even when money comes in, you still feel frustrated
  • Why you’re focusing on fear and even preparing for it — and how to leave this habit behind
  • The inner workings of the all-too-common scarcity mindset
  • How to stop inviting, as Ken puts it, “so much fear show up at your table”
  • How to prepare for love, abundance and possibility to arrive, so it can be your welcome guest — in the form of happy money
  • Maro Up, the practice of living in a more open-hearted, loving relationship to money.
  • How to improve your relationship with money and the people around you

Module 2: The Energy of Money & Your Money Type (November 26)


Because money is energy, it has certain basic rules that it follows.

There are also distinct money types among people: the spender, the hoarder, and more…

This week, Ken will guide you to understand the rules and patterns that money abides by, so you can relate to it more respectfully.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to relate to money with respect — so it can respect you back
  • Common ways people relate to money that are sometimeshelpful — and often harmful (these might surprise you!)
  • The eight distinct money types (or ways of relating to money) that people inherit from their families and culture — then repeat throughout their lives
  • Which of these money types YOU fall into — and as a result, which path to a happy relationship with money you should pursue
  • Which of the eight distinct money types your partner is — and how to navigate your different money relationship styles as you grow together

Module 3: Overcoming Money Shame, Doubt & Fear (December 3)


The pain of past negative experiences is getting in the way of your happy relationship with money.

Maybe you remember the bad investment you made, the time you lost money, or the debt you still have — and you might not even realize the extent to which these memories leave you feeling anxious and depressed…

This week, Ken will guide you to release your negative past experiences with money — while still accessing to the invaluable lessons you’ve learned from these tough experiences.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Understand what’s motivating you to keep happy money just out of reach
  • Discern the information your experiences have given you about how you’d like to experience money now
  • Overcome even the most complex feelings around money: shame, doubt, fear, guilt, and more
  • Welcome a new, peaceful relationship with money into your life
  • Let go and resolve all the money-draining emotions in a healthy way

Modules 4 & 5: Healing Your Money Wounds (December 10 & 17)


At this point in your journey, it’s time to call on all you’ve learned and heal YOUR specific money wounds.

Ken has dedicated two weeks of training to help you take a look at your past — and heal the money wounds you’ve inherited both from your family and the larger culture.

For instance, if your parents lived in scarcity, you may have learned to be afraid that money will leave you at any moment — or that you must spend every moment working.

Or perhaps your parents taught you to work hard now, play later, leaving little room for joy in your life.

Ken often says he feels happiest when he sees his students make life-changing shifts after healing their money wounds — and over these two powerful weeks, he’ll guide you to do just that…

In these modules, you’ll discover:

  • How many of your money beliefs have come to you through childhood stories that taught you success has to look a certain way
  • The empowering truth that YOU get to decide what your relationship to money looks like and what success means for you
  • How to cultivate a new freedom-filled relationship with money, based on health rather than woundedness
  • How to let go of the negative energy and heal it, it’s going to transform your life.
  • Ken’s powerful personal stories of miracles that comes with healing money wounds

Module 6: Open the Flow of Happy Money — Building Your Happy Money Container (January 7)


By now you’ll have begun to discover that once you start creating that happy money cycle, you no longer worry about money.

And this week, Ken will share several Zen techniques and other practices to support you as you bring this newfound truth into your life…

This includes an exercise called Building Your Happy Money Container, which many of Ken’s students say is the most fun they have in his trainings!

This week you’ll discover:

  • refreshing new perspective: when you put your mind to something, there will be enough people and resources to support you. (For example, because you feel confident you’ll always have enough money and decide it will be so, money will always find you.)
  • Why you shouldn’t be scared to live life how you want
  • Why YOU are actually the container that money flows into — and how to build the best possible happy money container
  • The surprising reason people who are less talented and less skilled than you seem to be doing so much better. .. it’s related to the size of their money container
  • How to expand your own money container so it feels perfectly comfortable — and how to invite money into your life

Module 7: Creating Your Path to Freedom (January 14)


In this final week, you’ll create your happy money plan.

You’ve just spent seven weeks changing the relationship you have with money — now you have the rest of your life to live in that new relationship….

Ken will equip you with powerful strategies to help you make the most of this abundance. (Fun fact: after teaching many thousands of people, Ken has learned this is his favorite part of working with students!)

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create your own support structure for more abundance in your life
  • The key to having enough money in the bank while keeping a happy money flow in and out of your life
  • The powerful truth that, once your personal finances are thriving, you can more easily share your love, friendship, and care for the world
  • How financial freedom goes far beyond numbers — it’s about emotional freedom and following your heart
  • The reason so many people are unsure what to do with their lives — and how YOU can feel confident you know what you want

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