The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault


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The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault -Instant Download!

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

A 6-month intensive LinkedIn™ incubator
for online business owners who are ready to ditch the crash and burn cycle of Facebook ads and attract 1000’s of leads on LinkedIn™.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I own a service-based business
  • I sell high-ticket programs
  • I’m a corporate dropout
  • I’m a social

If that sounds like you, then I’ll bet this is also true:

✔︎ Finding a rich pipeline of high-quality leads is your biggest challenge

✔︎ Investing in Facebook™ Ads feels like throwing money right down the drain

✔︎ You know that increasing your organic reach is a top priority

✔︎ You feel like your voice is not being heard through all of the noise on social media

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

In reality, expanding your organic reach is at the top of your list

Imagine finding more ideal clients or business partners in the next 6 months than you have in the last 6 years

How would that impact the growth of your business?


The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

lnside of the Academy, you’ll learn to:

✔︎ Become a lead generation master on LinkedIn™ to 10X your business

✔︎ Transform how you brand yourself as the business owner you are

✔︎ And most importantly…

Master attraction marketing that results in potential clients and prospects begging to get into your calendar to learn more about what you have to offer

The LinkedIn Method Academy is the first of its kind.

We teach an “Ick-Free” solution to social selling.

We take away all the spammy tactics you’ve been taught on other social media networks and teach how to position yourself as the professional business owner that you are.

We will teach you how to:

✔︎ Professionally build your business brand on Linkedin™

✔︎ Create an ideal network of potential clients

✔︎ Create massive momentum and a funnel of calls with humans who are excited to learn more about what you have to offer.

The LinkedIn Method works.

Ati Grinspun
I have been using the LinkedIn Method for 3 months solid now and have gotten messages straight from people asking me what I’m doing and curious about my opportunity.

Dr. Christine Manukyan
I did 30 discovery calls and I enrolled 13 people! I didn’t know any of them!!

Bridget Douglas Mimari
It’s refreshing to have conversations where you are 100% leading with the business with people that you know are looking for a business opportunity.



Here’s what’s inside The LinkedIn Method Academy:

Building Block Modules on Demand
Our modules are available on-demand and also available in an app so you can listen in anytime it works for your schedule!

Weekly Office Hours
You won’t get lost in a sea of students. We hold weekly office hours so you can ask the questions you need – NOW.

Live New Trainings
LinkedIn™ is constantly evolving and we keep you in the know so that you can get the best results for your business.

Live Audit Workshops
We have live audit workshops led by our expert coaches in all areas – your profile, social media, video, and role-playing.

Monthly Networking Calls
Your network is your net worth. You’ll get to interact with our community monthly and build your network while discussing trending topics.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Melissa
Check-in with Melissa monthly and discuss your progress and needs while receiving expert coaching.

Guest Experts and Monthly Mindset Coaching
We bring you top leaders in all areas to help you with your business – including monthly mindset coaching with Courtney Hirsch.

A Dynamic and Supportive Community
You’ll fall in love with our community. The support you need to succeed is everywhere inside the Academy.

I’m Melissa Henault
Founder and CEO of Burn Out to All Out

While experiencing Burn Out in corporate as a senior leader in a Fortune 500, I decided to take my corporate leadership skills to the internet and built an exit plan. I leveraged the power of LinkedIn™ in the pockets of my time to build my first e-commerce business.

I grew my first online business to match my corporate income in less than 2 years and retired from corporate forever at the age of 35. I’ve since applied my own tried and true LinkedIn™ Method recruitment model to build my own 7 figure coaching business.

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

I teach others how to

✔︎ Land high ticket clients and business partnerships on LinkedIn™

✔︎ How to build and monetize their personal brands

✔︎ Manage their business

✔︎ Use effective leadership skills in the online space

My passion outside of being wife and mom of 3, is teaching others how to build their online empires and brands through my coaching.

Empowering more professionals to go from Burn Out to living ALL OUT!


Meet your support team
Our mission is simple – to serve and delight.

From my supportive team to expert coaches, you’ll have support every step of the way.

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

Manager, LinkedIn Master Trainer

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

Media Manager

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

Client Success Manager

Meet our expert coaches

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault

There’s never been a better time to join

The best time to build your brand on LinkedIn™ was yesterday, the next best is today!
With such economic change and uncertainty in our world right now, LinkedIn™ has never seen as much action as today.

Don’t let another day go by and another lead find SOMEONE else to do business with because you aren’t active and savvy on the top business-to-business platform.

I wish you were already in the Academy, learning and applying the LinkedIn Method tactics today, growing and scaling your business beyond your wildest dreams!

But to get to that place, you’re going to need to join us, learn and apply the methods to grow and scale your business.

Where will you be in 6 months if nothing changes about your recruitment strategies? Will you still be trying to stand out in a sea of other businesses and complex algorithms on other social platforms?

Who is the LinkedIn Method Academy for?

Who it’s for:
✔︎ Those who are looking for more clients or business partners to 10X your current business state

✔︎ Those ready to commit to owning your industry as the massive income opportunity it is

✔︎ Those ready to jump in head first and do the work

✔︎ Those ready to commit to growing and scaling a targeted audience that wants what you have to offer

Who it’s NOT for:
✘ Those looking for a quick fix get rich scheme

✘ Those who like to point fingers for their setbacks instead of taking ownership

✘ Those who are not ready to commit a couple hours a week in the pockets of your time consistently to grow and scale your media presence as an online, e-commerce, or business professional seeking to partner with other like minded, motivated people


The LinkedIn Method Academy By Melissa Henault, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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