The Maximizer Program By Frank Kern
  • The Maximizer Program By Frank Kern

The Maximizer Program By Frank Kern


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The Maximizer Program By Frank Kern – Instant Download!

Weeks 1 – 4: SELL!
During the challenge, you saw how simple it is to get leads and traffic.

Now it’s time to craft a pitch that SELLS.

This is BY FAR the most important skill you can gain, period.

You’ll get four proven pitch angles and frameworks.
Weeks 5 – 6: Automated Follow Up!
Just like we learned in the Challenge, we’ve got to have follow up sequences for all parts of our sales process.

Thankfully, you’re getting process maps and swipe files to make the entire process as simple and effective as possible.

There’s nothing that beats a solid pitch. That’s why we start with that in the beginning.

But you know what makes a great pitch even better? It’s when your prospect already likes you before they ever see it.

That’s why we’ll be creating ad campaigns that build your brand AND SELL …at the same time.
Weeks 11-12: Scaling
By this time, you’ll have a Maximized sales process that works to build your brand and convert your traffic like crazy.

Which means NOW it’s time to scale by using advanced ad strategies that bring in traffic by the boatload.

You’ll learn advanced placements, bid strategies, objectives, and more.


The Maximizer Program By Frank Kern

Over the past four years, I’ve gone from saying “there’s no way I’ll ever have sales people” to now saying “I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MANY MILLIONS I’VE LEFT ON THE TABLE BY NOT DOING THIS!
I’ll tell you.
As you saw in the challenge, it’s easier than ever to get leads …regardless of what you’re selling.
Well, one of the single most powerful sales messages are ones that are delivered by …REAL PEOPLE!
But not you. (Unless you want to).
Listen. I’m an introvert. And I hate the phone. And I’m NOT a “sales manager”.
But I’ve still managed to build a team of high perfoming, highly ethical (super important), sales people that I NEVER SEE and RARELY TALK TO!
Simple: Systems. I built systems and processes that basically “tee up” sales and appointments for my team.
This way, they’re never treated like pests, they’re only talking to people who are happy to hear from them, they don’t need to use any pressure, and they’re able to get sales.
NOBODY has seen this training. Ever. But in this bonus, I’ll show you my complete system …and I’ll show you how to build your own.

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