The Million Dollar Edit + Video Creator’s MEGA Bundle By Jordan P. Anderson
  • The Million Dollar Edit + Video Creator’s MEGA Bundle By Jordan P. Anderson

The Million Dollar Edit + Video Creator’s MEGA Bundle By Jordan P. Anderson

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The Million Dollar Edit + Video Creator’s MEGA Bundle By Jordan P. Anderson – Instant Download!

You Can Become An Editing Machine.
…and FLY Through
Your Next Video Project
in HALF the Time…
(with a few, dead-simple tweaks)

The Million Dollar Edit + Video Creator's MEGA Bundle By Jordan P. Anderson

If You Want to:

✅ Edit Faster than EVER!
✅ Produce 10X More Content
✅ Never Lose Your Files Again
✅ Waste LESS Time Editing
✅ Become the Go-to Editor
✅ (Without Watching 1,000’s of Hours of Tutorial Videos)
…then You’re Gonna SALIVATE over this brand-new workshop.

You’re A Burned Out
Video Creator
❌ “You’re not inspired…”
❌ “You’re Burned out…”
❌ “You procrastinate (a lot)…”
❌ “You hate editing videos…
(But you know you have to.)”
✅ You’re NOT ALONE!

Watching YouTube Tutorials Won’t Help…
(Save yourself the HOURS of trying to “find the answers”)

Get Lifetime Access to
The Million Dollar Edit™

  • The Million Dollar Edit Workflow™
  • Lifetime Access to ALL Lessons
  • Master Your, New Editing Process
  • Downloads/Presets & More
  • Become An Editing Machine

What You’ll Learn:
1. Guarantee That You’ll FLY Through Your Next Edit.
2. The Hassle-Free Tweaks to Becoming an Editing Machine.
3. How to ELIMINATE “Imposter Syndrome” and Hit Export!
4. The 5 MOST Effective Ways to 5X Your Editing Speed.
5. Finish Your Next Video Project BEFORE the Deadline – Every Time.

1. Editing Like a PRO
1. The Mind of An Editor

2. Data & Folder Management

3. Setting up Your Premiere Project

4. Import Footage/Timeline Prep

5. Developing Your Editor’s Six Sense™

6. How to Never Lose Footage Again

7. How to Make BAD Footage Look Good

8. Finding EPIC Stock Footage

9. Curating Video Examples for Clients

10. Finding GOOD Stock Music

11. Organize Your Timeline

12. Working Alone vs. Team

2. Amaze Your Clients
13. How to Wow Your Clients

14. Never Missing a Deadline

15. Dealing with Feedback

16. Knowing Which Promos Work Best

17. Creating a Game Plan for Content

18. Knowing What to Say to Your Clients

19. Keeping Your Clients Happy

3. Export Settings
20. Being Your Own Editing Critic

21. Self-Confidence in your Final Video

22. Best Export Settings

23. Exporting Square and Vertical Videos

24. Exporting to Social Media

4. Creating Social Content
25. How to Turn 1 Video into 100

26. Knowing Your Audience

27. Hooking Your Audience in 3 Seconds

28. Adding Closed Captions

29. Understanding Your Video Analytics

30. How to Export YouTube Videos

31. How to Export Facebook Ads

5. Boost Your Career
32. Why Most Editors Fail…

33. Charging Hourly vs. Day Rate

34. Career Advice: Editor vs. Videographer

35. Establishing Your Own Style

36. Avoiding Editing Burnout

(This Workshop is Perfect For Beginners)
❌ Avoid Editor’s Burnout
✅ NEVER Fall Behind Again
✅ Boost Up Your Workflow
✅ SLASH Your Edit Time in Half!
✅ and STOP Procrastinating

Speed Always Wins.
Jordan P. Anderson will show you how he’s edited over 2,000 videos in the last 5 years.

From corporate videos to commercials to endless social media content, Jordan will show YOU how to become an Editing Machine.

How MUCH Time did you waste scrambling around – trying to edit just ONE video?
20 Hours?
40 Hours?
100 Hours?!
I’m here to help you become a Better, Faster Video Editor & I’ll be there for every step of your journey.
See you on the inside!

BONUS: Video Creator’s MEGA Bundle

Launch, Grow & Scale Your Video Business…

(Without the HEADACHE of “figuring it out” on your own.)

✅ YOU Unlock EVERY Course + Bonus

✅ YouTube Intro Hacks

✅ YouTube Thumbnail Hacks

✅ Start A Video Production Company

✅ One-Page Proposal

✅ The Editor’s Cheat Sheet

✅ Video Strategy Checklist

The Million Dollar Edit + Video Creator’s MEGA Bundle By Jordan P. Anderson, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • 1. The Million Dollar Edit A Video Editor’s Guide to Creating Profitable Promos
  • 2. YouTube Intro Hacks™
  • 3. One-Page Proposal
  • 4. YouTube Thumbnail Hacks™
  • 5. How to Start a Video Production Company
  • 6. Personal Branding How to Stand Out and Build Influence
  • 7. The Perfect Wedding Package Online Course
  • 8. BONUS How to Book Weddings As A Beginner Photographer
  • 9. BONUS 3 Tips for Wedding Photographers in the Off Season
  • 10. BONUS Photographer Interviews