The MMXM Traders Course
  • The MMXM Traders Course

The MMXM Traders Course

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The MMXM Traders Course

ICT Trader | Time Is Fractal | CEO of “The Silver Bullet”

A trade-able approach.

Not just individual concepts thrown out there then “go figure it out yourself.”

A bread & butter income based approach to trading.

No monthly group after because you’ll have the tools you need & YOU WILL.

My goal is to give you independence.

  • Video Course
  • A complete Approach
  • A Puzzle Place Together

This is the most recent course release by MMXM Trader.

What You’ll Learn In The MMXM Traders Course?

Next Day Model" The MMXM Trader - ICT Concepts - YouTube

MMXM stands for Market Maker X Model the two models that fit in this category are Market Maker Sell Model & Market Maker Buy Model

  • Core Concepts
  • Market Maker Models
  • Top Down Analysis
  • Models Risk Management

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