The Online Only Agency By Ben Adkins
  • The Online Only Agency By Ben Adkins

The Online Only Agency By Ben Adkins

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The Online Only Agency By Ben Adkins – Instant Download!

The Online Only Agency By Ben Adkins

The Online Only Agency
Learn the powerful secrets to running a Successful 5 figure a month agency by servicing “online only” businesses.

What you’re getting inside:
Part 1: How to find the 25 “Hidden Niche” Customers now. (Don’t wait. Find people that are predisposed to needing your help and working with you right now. You’ll learn how to find at least 25 in under an hour).
Part 2: The $1000/month “Hidden Niche” Service Package. (You’ll learn the exact services that you need to provide, how to package them up to be unique, and how to use software to do most of the work).
Part 3: How to Build your Bait to “Create a Sale”. (I’ll show you exactly what we put in front of a potential customer that makes us impossible to ignore).
Part 4: How to Break the Ice and make the Sale. (I’ll explain how we reach out, get attention, and get a sales meeting booked… and then how we close the deal fast and get paid).
Part 5: How to turn a $1000/month customer into a $2000/month customer. (I’ll walk you through exactly how you sell this service so that you can quickly upsell a special add-on and double your monthly fee).
[Advanced Only] Watch Ben prepare an “Online Only” Client Pitch LIVE. (for a specific, real life, target customer).
[Advanced Only] Ben’s “Messenger Reach out Template” (this gets you on their radar every single time and gets them asking you “how much to do this for me” before you ever get to a sales meeting.)
[Advanced Only] How to hire a $15/hr assistant to do all the prep and customer work for you every month (so you can get paid to run the show from your phone).