The Poor Man’s Gamma Scalp
  • The Poor Man’s Gamma Scalp

The Poor Man’s Gamma Scalp

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The Poor Man’s Gamma Scalp

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This is the definitive manual on Risk Reversals, but with a twist. By a slight manipulation of strike prices, one can create a directional position where you only have to be right for a short period of time. Once the underlying moves one or more strike prices, the trader can adjust the position to create a trade with little to no risk.

From there the market can sit, move higher, or move lower, and your position will be safe. Better yet, though, you also have the opportunity to tweak things whereby you can have on a directional play. In short, you can flip from bullish to bearish, and back again – without adding risk or cost the whole time. And the best part, this can be done again, and again in choppy markets that just swing around. This is perfect for stocks, indexes or commodities in a channel. Or you can leave the bullish (or bearish) bet on.

How cool is that?

This complete manual comes loaded with JL Lord’s famous step-by-step criteria. Nothing is left to guess. Not enough? This is a strategy that can be exploited in any market condition, and even used to hedge a stock position.


This material was originally presented a class taught by Scott in Maui last January 2016 with the book title of STRATAGEM.  Since then, we broke down the STRATAGEM text into the book’s two topics – Advanced Risk Reversals and Rolling Thunder – in order to allow the student to purchase ONLY what he wants to learn. This is not a cut up textbook, the book is a complete manual from start to end.

Advanced Risk Reversal Videos

Augmenting the text are clips from our popular Practical Option Tactics (POT) class.

Our POT class shows examples of trades that could possibly work out in varying market conditions:  bull markets, bear markets, high volatility, low volatility, etc. When we dedicate calls to an Advanced Risk Reversal example, it becomes part of a volume.

What better way to augment the textbook than seeing examples in an online classroom environment? The classes are edited to cut out the unrelated material so that you can focus on the meat.