The SMART Pullback Trading System By Adam Grimes
  • The SMART Pullback Trading System By Adam Grimes

The SMART Pullback Trading System By Adam Grimes


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The SMART Pullback Trading System By Adam Grimes – Instant Download!

The SMART Pullback Trading System By Adam Grimes

How Any Trader Can Profit From Market Pullbacks With The SMART Pullback Trading System
A three-week masterclass that teaches traders how to find, enter, and exit A+ market pullback setups

Who it’s for

  • Traders with any size account — whether it’s $5k or $5mm — who trade equities, futures, options, or forex
  • Traders who want a simple, proven trading plan to find, enter, and exit higher probability pullbacks without getting caught buying a dip that turns into a crash.

Course outline:
Part 1: Building a reliable foundation

  • 10 Principles of successful trading
  • Defining your edge with Market Pullbacks
  • How To Survive Highly Competitive Markets even as a part-time trader
  • The Evolving Markets
  • Small Edges For Big Results
  • How to profit when there is no “free lunch”
  • What Matters In Trading
  • Position Sizing Principles
  • How To Train Your Psychology To Win
  • How To Think About Probabilities
  • The Secret To Long Term Sustained Success

What we’re looking for in good pullbacks

  • The Anatomy of a Pullback
  • How Trends and Pullbacks Relate
  • How To Enter A Different Points In A Trend
  • Examples of bad pullbacks

5 Mistakes traders make in pullbacks

  • The sweet spot to enter and avoid being too early or late
  • Proper sizing for controlling risk
  • When to exit and how to avoid holding too long (aka “greed”)
  • Taking pullbacks after climaxes (FOMO)
  • Ignoring failures on entry

Current market opportunities from the day/night before. All markets and timeframes.

  • Live Q&A

Day 2: Trends and pullback variations

Trend structure and pullbacks

  • How to navigate the “impulse waves” of the market
  • How momentum impacts your pullback trades
  • Misconceptions about divergences
  • How trends begin and develop
  • How trends end and why this matters

What happens after a pullback?

  • Examples of both winning and losing pullback trades
  • Current market opportunities/examples



Day 3: Sizing and trade selection

Thoughts and principles for sizing

  • A quick look at “the trading questions”
  • Quick overview of different approaches to sizing
  • How to use fixed fractional sizing
  • The connection between risk and stop location

The lies of the trading community on “low risk”

Using R to manage trades

  • Reviewing the connection between stop location and risk
  • Choices for the initial stop
  • Choices for exit

Finding the best pullbacks

  • Putting everything we’ve learned into operation
  • Screening ideas for stocks
  • Intraday triggers



Day 4: Entry techniques and using options

Using options with pullbacks

  • Tradeoffs and opportunities
  • Managing time decay
  1. Verticals
  2. Holding period
  3. Moneyness

Entry techniques

  • “Go with” entries
  • “Countertrend entries”
  • Scaling in
  • Using indicators to help time entries



Day 5: What happens after a pullback trade & management

Trade management

  • Two broad categories: winning and losing trades
  • Initial stop location (mostly already covered)
  • Initial profit target location (also mostly review)
  • Trailing stops vs “all-out”
  • Scaling in

Going from paper to real money

Putting it all together

Review of trades that set up and happened since the start of the course


Day 6: Putting it all together

  • Recap of all the training
  • Live Q&A

MarketlLife Co-Founder & CEO

The SMART Pullback Trading System By Adam Grimes

Adam Grimes is a prominent professional trader and advisor to hedge funds and institutions. In a prolific career spanning well over two decades, Adam has been at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), a senior prop trader and Chief Technical Strategist at a top-tier Manhattan firm, a hedge fund trader, VP of quantitative trading at an institution, and he currently works as the Chief Investment Officer of Talon Advisors.

The SMART Pullback Trading System By Adam Grimes, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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  • 1. Day 1 – Building a reliable foundation
  • 2. Day 2- Trends and Pullback Variations
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  • 7. Pullback Trading Bonus- Following up on trade setups