TheoTrade – The Great American Income Project 2022
  • TheoTrade – The Great American Income Project 2022

TheoTrade – The Great American Income Project 2022


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TheoTrade – The Great American Income Project 2022

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The Great American Income Project

The Great American Income Project

Private Access Into: The Ultima Income Generator!

Don Kaufman here, and congratulations!

By taking action today, you will join an elite group of folks dedicated to change their lives for the better by creating income-on-demand!

Ultima alerts that could allow you to collect up to $4,200 in just 3 days…

Regardless of market conditions or your own skill level!

Ultima Income Generator Alerts

3 New Live Trade Alerts Every Week… Your Shot At Collecting $2,720… $3,800… Even $4,200 in 3 Days… Regardless of Market Conditions!

As part of my mission, I want you to have direct access to receiving my high-profit income alerts in real-time as I find them.

The same exact trades I PERSONALLY invest into that have made me a multi-millionaire.

The income opportunities that allow you to grab $4,200 in 3 days, and more…

REGARDLESS if we are in a bull market OR if we are in a complete meltdown, it doesn’t matter.

I’ll be texting you these live trade-alerts as they happen, and you will get 3 (or more) every single week.

3 opportunities with a proven track record to hit a 90% win-rate!

Each one has a double or triple digit income potential.

This comes out to a total of 144 massive income opportunities every single year.

The Ultima Income Generator H.Q.

Your private 24/7 headquarters allowing you to access everything from Ultima Trades!

What I consider to be a financial secret weapon, where you can collect income on demand!

Like 36% in 1-day…

90% in 6-days…

And a stunning 111% in just 3 days, more than double your money…

All while it continues to take other popular mainstream stocks YEARS to double…

Now you will have private access to The Ultima trade alerts, our portfolio (of past and current trades), our training slide deck, and more!

The Ultima Income Generator 101 Course

The Quick-Start Course to Getting Your First Trade Made …As Soon as Tomorrow!

There’s nothing more powerful than being armed with your own skills, your OWN trading knowledge.

You will learn how to execute your own Ultima Trades in real-time and the secret strategy behind it all.

Exactly how we ethically skim profits from the trading masses every single day and use their “big bets” to produce massive income for ourselves.

Armed with knowledge you will be able to spot and execute income trades on demand, a skill that will be with you forever.

Targeting trades; each one with the opportunity to bring you income like we’ve seen before… $4,200 in just 3-days.

I’m giving you everything you will need to be able to spot your own Ultima trades and skim income from the market like it’s nothing.

The Netflix of Trading

Your TheoTrades V.I.P. Platinum Access Card to 100+ Trading Masterclass… 100% On Demand!

In a moment you will receive your exclusive TheoTrades Platinum V.I.P. card, this allows you to access our ENTIRE library of hot trading strategies and courses.

We consider it the Netflix of trading because you will find anything you could ever want on the highest-profit and income trading strategies ever devised.

And we’re constantly adding new trading master classes.

Right now you will get access to over 100 exclusive “on-demand” trading masterclasses valued at over $9,000.

The same masterclasses that have helped my readers and I make millions.

Yours FREE!

The Daily Elite Live Trade Room

Power Team of Some of The World’s Top Experts Helping You Live 6 Hours Per Day!

I’ve never seen anywhere else that does this…

I’ve created a power team of some of the most elite-level traders in the world to join our club…

These expert traders are specifically coordinated in our live trading chat room to work together with you to analyze trades in real time…

Go over real-time market news and insights…

And help YOU get in on the next big move that could pack your wallet with new profits.

Even better, they’re in the trade room 6 hours per day — just for you.

59 Unique Indicators & Scanners

My Private Treasure Trove of Indicators That Have Helped Me Build Multi-Million Dollar Trading Wealth!

You will be granted access to ALL my unique and most valued indicators and scanner, 100% free.

These are literally plug-and-play where you can leverage each one of these for a new purpose, dedicated to adding new income to your broker account.

All automated and easy to use!

Over $1,800 in retail value, at the very LEAST.

Right at your fingertips.

1-On-1 Email V.I.P. Email Coaching

Ask Any Question Via Email, Any Time — Get a Response Within 24 hours! You Will NEVER Be Left Behind!