TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire
  • TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire

TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire


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TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire – Instant Download!

You’re Missing Out On The Most Undervalued Marketing Opportunity of 2021…

Learn secrets, insights, and nuances that will make you the TikTok expert for your business, your clients and your colleagues!

TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire

Hi, I’m Anthony

I used to work at Facebook and Instagram, advising the world’s largest advertisers like Procter & Gamble, Heineken, and Volkswagen. I left Facebook in 2018 and have been teaching clients ranging from small startups to big brands on how they should approach digital marketing.

The biggest opportunity in marketing today is TikTok. It’s a new platform with enormous potential for your business but most people don’t realise this!

I want to equip people like you with the skills to use TikTok as a powerful tool for your business.

Student Testimonials

“Great course! Very concise and has a lot of very useful info and marketing tips! I didn’t know anything about TikTok and how to use it before, but this class made it easy to understand. I just finished the course and know how to use TikTok and got a whole bunch of marketing ideas too, how to promote my content on TikTok better! A short course, but lots of valuable info and easy to follow!” – Veronica

“Amazing! This course is above my expectations!” – Bulan

“I am very happy, a lot of knowledge. Really thank you very much!” – Ania

“Very easy to follow with a good level of detail to give you an understand of TikTok advertising.” – Ciara

“This course has been really useful to understand TikTok further and I’m excited to get my team to apply this knowledge to build out our content for that marketing channel. I think it’s obvious that TikTok’s going to be a massive marketing and advertising opportunity. I particularly loved the case studies, they were really valuable to get an idea of how to maximise this channel. It gave me exactly what I wanted to learn about.” – Marco

TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire

Menno Wagenaar
Global Client Partnership Lead, Amazon,
Former Global Partnerships Director, Facebook
“Great course you have put together, Anthony. You have concisely explained how TikTok represents the evolution of digital marketing. I can really see your course as useful learning material for all brands and agencies.”

But Wait, There’s More…
With each purchase, you’ll also get bonus access to a series of free e-books I have written:

1 – TikTok Big Brand Case Studies E-Book

2 – TikTok Small Business Case Studies E-Book

3 – Best of: TikTok Essays and Articles E-Book

TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire

Why should you take this TikTok course?

TikTok is literally the hottest social media app in the world but very few people know how to use TikTok as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

This is your chance to give yourself, your colleagues and your business a competitive advantage by learning the essentials of TikTok as a marketing channel.

If you are a serious marketer or own your own business, this course will allow you to understand TikTok and give you the confidence to start including TikTok in your marketing plans.

Any marketing is as good as the results it drives for your business. This course will provide you with practical instructions and applicable tactics to get you started on TikTok today.


TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire
1. Getting Started on TikTok
The most essential things you need to know about getting on TikTok, how to explore the content, and how you should approach creating content.

TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire
2. What Makes TikTok Different
Learn about TikTok’s unique value proposition and how you can fit TikTok within your overall marketing strategy.

TikTok Marketing & Advertising 101 By Anthony McGuire

3. How Brands Are Using TikTok
Everyone from huge brands to small startups are using TikTok. This course shows you dozens of examples you can learn from to develop your own TikToks.

Course Curriculum
1 – Introduction

  • Course Introduction
  • Instructor Background
  • Future Course Content

2 – What is TikTok?

  • The History of TikTok
  • What Makes TikTok Unique – Content, Algorithm, Audience
  • TikTok’s Growing Userbase
  • Walkthrough of TikTok App – Algorithm, For You, Following, Camera, Inbox
  • Walkthrough of TikTok App – Discover, Hashtags, Trends

3 – What TikTok Can Do For Your Business

  • How TikTok Fits into the Digital Media Landscape
  • How You Should Approach TikTok as a Business or Individual
  • Case Study: Ritaoffline – Small Business Getting Started
  • Case Study: Lizzo – Authentic Interactions
  • Case Study: Westhill Park Retirement Home – Anyone Can Use TikTok!
  • Case Study: Greggs – Leveraging Customer Love and Content

4 – Getting Inspired & Kickstarting Your Marketing

  • Setting Up An Account and More
  • Research & Ideation – Learning About Trends
  • Getting Started with Creating Video
  • Thinking Through Your Target Audience

5 – Content Creation

  • Working Backwards from Your Customer
  • Working Backwards from Your Customer – Worksheet PDF
  • Case Study in Content Creation: Sarah B
  • Now Your Turn – Content Templates and Checklist
  • Now Your Turn – Content Templates and Checklist – Worksheet PDF
  • Case Study: Milk Makeup – DIY Engaging Organic Content
  • Case Study: Washington Post – An Old Brand Appealing to Younger Audiences
  • Case Study: Chelsea FC – Taking and Remixing Challenges

6 – Content Distribution

  • Review So Far
  • Measuring and Growing Your Content
  • Viral Growth Techniques: Quick Wins to Try
  • Now Your Turn: Five Growth Tactics

7 – How TikTok Paid Advertising Works

  • TikTok Ads Overview – A Huge Opportunity
  • TikTok Ad Formats Pt. 1
  • TikTok Ad Formats Pt. 2
  • A Framework for Full-Funnel Marketing
  • Creator Marketplace – Home of Influencer Marketing
  • TikTok Targeting Options
  • Case Study: The Sole Supplier
  • Case Study: Reflectly and Sleepiest
  • Case Study: Huel
  • Case Study: Happn
  • Case Study: SuperFX
  • Case Study: Doja Cat
  • Case Study: UK Government
  • Case Study: Mountain Dew
  • Case Study: Dettol India

8 – TikTok Review

  • Recap of Topics
  • Super Practical Takeaway 1 – Checklist for Getting Started on TikTok
  • Super Practical Takeaway 1 – Getting Started PDF
  • Super Practical Takeaway 2 – Framework for Content Creation
  • Super Practical Takeaway 2 – Content Checklist PDF
  • Super Practical Takeaway 3 – Framework for Growth
  • Super Practical Takeaway 3 – Growth Tactic Checklist PDF
  • Request for Feedback

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