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Tim Schmoyer30 Days to A Better YouTube Channel

If You Think Hard Work, A Nicer Camera, Or “Hacking The YouTube Algorithm” Will Get You More Views And Subscribers…

Here’s Why That Will Never Work!

After Nearly 61 Million Subscribers Added To My Client’s Channels – Read Below To Learn My Proven Strategy For Building A Highly Engaged YouTube Channel With More Views AND Subscribers With An Easy 30 Day Process

Dear Fellow Creator,

Do you ever look at the top YouTube stars – with millions of views and subscribers – and wonder how their channels keep growing…
While yours seems STUCK with a fraction of the views and engagement?
Have you ever tried “keyword stuffing” or whatever the latest YouTube hack is…
Only to see little, if any change to your growth rate or the engagement on your channel?
And do you ever catch yourself wondering if all the hard work is even worth it?
When no matter how much work you put into your videos, they never seem to get the views you want…

While Some Guy With ZERO Personality And A Webcam In His Parent’s Basement Is Getting Millions Of Views!

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last 10+ years helping creators grow their channels, personally working with more than 1,000 YouTube creators as clients…
Including some of the biggest brands like: Disney, Warner Brothers, Budweiser, HBO and eBay
As well as countless channels just starting out – With hundreds of success stories like these:
What I’ve learned is most YouTube creators don’t understand how YouTube actually works and what leads to more views, subscribers, and a highly engaged channel.
So if you’re frustrated and confused about why your channel isn’t growing faster, trust me, you’re not alone.
Here’s the problem…

Many YouTube “Experts” Are Teaching Untested Theories And One-Off Tactics

The sad truth is, most people teaching YouTube growth strategies are relying on untested tactics that maybe worked for one or two channels, but haven’t been proven to work time and again.
Here at Video Creators, we only teach strategies that have been proven to work with a broad variety of creators, in every type of industry.
There’s a reason we’re one of the first Growth Experts certified by YouTube, and ever since I posted my first video on YouTube way back in 2006…
I’ve been committed to cracking the code behind exponential growth on YouTube – working intimately with many of the top creators in the process.
Here’s what I’ve discovered…

Why Some Channels Are A Magnet For Views And Subscribers While Others Get Lost In The Noise

Maybe you’ve heard some of these WRONG theories about how to grow on YouTube:
  • You need to do a bunch of keyword research and pack as many keywords in your titles, descriptions, tags, and closed captions as possible.
  • You need fancy intro music or expensive camera gear to look professional.
  • You need to post consistently, once a week, every week, FOREVER!
Well, I’m here to tell you – None of these things actually produce growth!
What you should be focusing on instead, is remembering that there’s a REAL LIFE HUMAN on the other side watching your videos…
And ever since YouTube changed their algorithm to focus more on watch time and audience retention in 2012…

The YouTube Game Has Changed.

Think about it.
How hard is it to stuff a bunch of keywords in your title, or buy likes from a sketchy Russian website?
It’s too easy to game the system, which leads to the wrong channels being promoted and a horrible user experience!
So instead, YouTube has shifted towards promoting videos with higher watch time and audience retention – assuming these videos are more engaging, entertaining, and keep people on the platform longer.
Now, whenever I tell a client this, the first thing they usually say is:
“Wow, that makes a lot of sense! But how do I get more people to spend more time on MY channel?”
Which is why…

I Created A System That ANYONE Can Use To Build A Highly Subscribable Channel In The Next 30 Days

After seeing so many creators fall into the same traps, in 2013 I compiled all the tips, tricks, and strategies I’d been using for years with my consulting clients…
And turned it into a step by step program called: 30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel
Where every day, over the course of 30 days, you’d not only learn a new YouTube growth strategy, but also have an action item to complete each day.

And Now We’ve Made It Even Better!

Of course, a lot has changed on YouTube since 2013.
There’s more competition than ever, and without a proven gameplan it’s near impossible to break through the noise.
On top of that, YouTube has depreciated a lot of the original features. Like Top Fans, changes to privacy policies, and even removing comments from some family channels!
Which is why we’ve decided to completely overhaul the program:
  • Turning it into a video course – So it’s even more engaging and easier to see the concepts in action.
  • Ruthlessly cutting out any material that wasn’t absolutely essential – To save you time and make implementation as efficient as possible.
  • And adding some of our most potent growth strategies from our premiere $2,000 Video Labs program to give you everything you need to build a highly subscribable channel in the next 30 days.


30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel

A Proven System For Building A Highly Subscribable Channel With More Views AND Subscribers In The Next 30 Days

No matter if you have 50, 5,000 or 5 MILLION subscribers right now…
30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel is an easy-to-follow video guide where I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how to make it easier for people to find your channel, subscribe, and become a part of everything you do.
From separating yourself from the competition, to creating more engaging videos that compel viewers to come back again and again, to building a thriving community of subscribers who love every video you put out.
Specifically designed to get you taking action and seeing REAL WORLD RESULTS in the next 30 days…

Sale Page: https://videocreators.com/30-days-to-a-better-youtube-channel/

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