Tom Myers – Bodyreading 101 – 2 of 3


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Body reading is both an art and a skill. These videos build your abilities step-by-step from reading the skeleton’s relative position to seeing the soft-tissue restraints involved in creating the position, to strategies for unwinding the problem.

With more than 30 practice clients for standing posture and 12 for gait analysis, plus sections on assessing breathing and sitting, the 3-video set lets you test your own growing understanding before getting Tom’s “expert” opinion with his experienced eye.

Here is what a student has to say:

“[It] took a bit of time to get through disc one, but after all three it works really well ,and will be a useful long term tool, not just a watch once and you’ve got it ,but a reference with plenty [of] case studies to keep anyone interested and learning.”

“Tom’s delivery is fluent, informal and inspirational. He is comfortable in front of the camera and I liked it. Personally, I will be using it, especially the gait analysis which my eye needs to work on anyway.”