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Tom Pauley – Quantum Selling

Introducing A Revolutionary
Course of Action

“Now, You Can Reach and Sell Millions from the Comfort of Your Home or Office, Without Touching a Telephone or a Computer, in about the Time it Takes to Drink a Cup of Coffee.”

  • How would you like to sell without selling?
  • How would you like prospects to find you?
  • How would you like to improve your relationship with your kids, your employer, your clients, everyone you know and everyone you don’t know?

Oh wait, that’s only the beginning…

  • How would you like to dramatically increase your close ratio?
  • How would you like to reach prospects at exactly the point they’re ready to buy?
  • How would you like to reach unreachable prospects easily, effectively?
  • How would you like every prospect to be pre-sold before you say a single word?
  • How would you like your sales figures to exceed your wildest dreams?
  • How would you like to do all this in 20 to 30 minutes a day?

Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me and my family the first month I used Quantum Selling.

Amazing, but true . . .

I sold more advertising, faster than ever before. My prospects not only called me, they were pre-sold before I ever said hello. The neighbor that was driving my family nuts sold their house and moved. And all three of our teenagers agreed to stay home for pizza with the family on a week-end night!

Now, that’s amazing!!! But still it’s only the beginning.

Quantum Selling is so powerful and effective, I was afraid to share it with anyone for almost 8 years.

I told myself you weren’t ready, yet. That you were happy doing things the old way. That dramatic change like this was too unsettling for most people to handle.

Truth be told, I didn’t want to give up my incredible advantage.

Would you?

If you knew how to reach and sell millions on your coffee break, would you tell me?

If you knew how to double, triple or even quadruple your sales, would you share that with your competition?

Probably not. Well, that’s how I felt.

I had a good thing. It was simple enough to do. It didn’t cost a single penny. And it worked so well we barely went back to the office after 12 noon.

We’d go to Disneyland instead.

I mean it. We’d close down the office and play. We’d go shopping. We’d go to the movies. Or sometimes we’d take in Star Tours or Tom Sawyer’s Island and then lunch at the Blue Bayou in Adventure Land.

I never imagined I could make so much money and work so few hours.

Our first year in business Quantum Selling helped us set internet sales records.

We sold enough advertising the first year to rank our tiny website number 37th worldwide in the only category that really counts.

Sales income collected.

Money in the bank.

Quantum Selling allowed me, my wife, Diane and daughter, Penelope, to compete successfully at the highest levels of business.

Oh sure, I’ve been a salesman all my life, but I didn’t have any money, no contacts, no real experience in big business selling. And I was crawling away from my second personal bankruptcy at the time.

Yet, we picked up clients like Microsoft, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and Intel. These people are harder to get into than Fort Knox. And for the most part they came to us.

The big corporation that purchased the website a few years later told us that we had outsold their entire sales force all by ourselves that year.

They flew Penelope and me to San Francisco and tried to find out how a father/daughter team could outsell seasoned and trained professionals.

We didn’t tell them because we didn’t think they’d believe us anyway.

Quantum Selling is unlike anything you have ever known before. It sounds a little like science fiction.

But it works so well, you’ll probably think it’s magic.

The truth is Quantum Selling is based on the most proven theory in the history of science.

This concept is absolutely revolutionary. Don’t be surprised if it changes forever the way you approach selling.

Pardon me, it’s more than that.

Quantum Selling may change forever the way you perceive and connect to life on this planet.

At least, that’s what it did for us.

Here’s what some other folks have to say about Quantum Selling.

*** *** ***

Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Hypnotic Writing, Hypnotic Marketing and more successful books than we have room to list, said:

“This is the kind of course that changes lives. I’m sure not everyone will get it. I’m sure some people will read the material and feel threatened by it. Or even mystified by it.

But those who are ready will devour this course, live it, breathe it, use it and profit from it. I’ve never seen a course on selling like this. This is beyond selling. This is tapping into the universe and getting IT to do your selling FOR you.

Think of what this means: No more cold calling, fighting, struggling, manipulating, persuading, begging, closing, or anything else that traditional selling asks you to do.

It is what I call a master work of pure genius.”

*** *** ***

Gary Shortall whose Impersonator Booking Agency went from the bottom to the top in three months said:

“I love this course. I’ve read it three times and I do the exercises every morning. Before Quantum Selling my booking business…and Laura’s [wife] bridal veil business were both sort of on the bottom of the pile. I think we were 147 on Google. Not much business down there.

And I can’t really explain how it happened. But without me doing anything other than those [Quantum Selling] exercises we moved to number one on Google and Yahoo in several categories and we’re still there. Our business is booming.

Someone even called and asked me to join them on a tour of Ireland this summer.

That’s been a life long dream to see Ireland.

Thank you, Tom & Penelope. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you.”

*** *** ***

Eric Owens, Vice President of Operations with Nitro Marketing, one of the leading internet marketing companies, said:

“Quantum Selling is very, very cool. I have shelves full of books on selling,…Quantum Selling is a different approach than I’ve ever seen. It’s quite unique. I used it to locate a couple of key joint venture partners. I recommend it to anyone who is open to a new sales approach.”

*** *** ***

Order this Revolutionary Course of Action today and receive the following:

Quantum Selling: Opening the Portal

Perhaps the most revolutionary work on success since Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. There is simply nothing like Quantum Selling anywhere. It can open doors to amazing success you never even knew existed. It can teach you how to sell without selling. It can improve all your relationships. All in 30 minutes a day.

Quantum Selling is a course of action for everyone who wants something more out of life. But it’s not for everyone. Only those who are willing to go where few have gone before should take this course.

We must warn you. You may become agitated when reading this material. You may become angry for no apparent reason. This can be part of the process of Quantum growth. Sometimes your old ideas of how things work in this world do not go quietly into the night.

We guarantee you this…Quantum Selling is 100% revolutionary! It’s a completely new, powerful and dynamic approach to selling.

Plus Two Bonus Chapters on Reaching Through the Portal. Amazingly powerful and yet simple techiques for taking Quantum Selling to an even higher level.

*** *** ***

Yes, this is a Revolutionary Course of Action. To help you make this process more effective in your business and personal life, we have included 7 hours of expert coaching and guidance, all fully contained on the following CD’s.

*** *** ***

Alpha Mind State
2 hours on CD

Tom Pauley and David Edman discuss using self-hypnosis and mind control techniques to create the kind of dramatic success you have dreamed about. Dave is a hypnotherpist, teacher and lecturer on the power of mind control. Similar techniques were used in remote viewer training for the United States Army.

Recorded in studio on Tom & Penelope Live!

Finding What Makes You Rich
Tom & Penelope Live!
— 2 hours on CD.

Tom & Penelope give you practical tips on how to find the correct business for you.

Not all businesses are created equal. Your current business may not be the one that can make you rich. This 2 hour CD set tells you everything you need to know to find the correct business for you.

Recorded in studio on Tom & Penelope Live!

Guided Exercise CD

We hesitate to even mention this CD. And we certainly won’t talk about it until you have received and read the course. What we can tell you is you won’t be alone when you do the exercises suggested in this course.

This CD is the is jet fuel for your Quantum Selling engine.

Quantum Selling can teach you how to:

  • Sell without selling
  • Open the door to your prospects finding you
  • Improve your relationship with everyone
  • Dramatically increase your close ratio
  • Reach prospects at exactly the point they’re ready to buy
  • Reach unreachable prospects easily, effectively
  • Pre-sell every prospect without opening your mouth
  • Get your sales figures to exceed your wildest dreams
  • Do it all in 15 to 30 minute a day

Think of the possibilities open to you once you understand and use Quantum Selling.

You can:

  • Reach and sell more prospects in 30 minutes than in 30 years
  • Find the love of your life
  • Pioneer a brand-new concept of selling
  • Reach prospects you could never reach before
  • Get your children to confide in you
  • Overcome deep seated objections before you ever meet
  • Supercharge your day
  • Get your competition to help you and love doing it
  • Sell teenagers, parents, employers, lovers, friends, neighbors and prospects without saying a word
  • Get invited to more parties
  • Expand your market without spending a dime on advertising or promotion of any kind
  • Keep customers sold and clients coming back again and again
  • Work less and earn more
  • Make friends with your most uncooperative people
  • Get a raise without asking
  • Sell unsellable people
  • Get better parking places
  • Enlist the cooperation of neighbors and coworkers effortlessly
  • Resolve disputes without confrontation
  • Reach every potential prospect in your area before breakfast
  • Get your sister to call you for a change
  • Become a number one salesman

We sell an amazingly successful 5 week eclass, Quantum Marketing: Unleashing A Higher Power. This is an eclass, it’s conducted entirely by email and currently sells for around $2000.00.

Quantum Selling: Opening The Portal in many ways is even more advanced. I’m not saying one is better than the other. They are as different as Marketing and Selling.

Quantum Selling is a highly focused Revolutionary Course of Action. A course you can learn in the privacy of your own home or office. A course that can catapult your selling and communication into a powerful new future. A course that can empower and enhance your relationship to all life on this planet.

Certainly that’s worth the $997.00 Tom and Penelope are charging for this home study course. Powerful life changing CDs and the most empowering book since Napoleon Hill…all for half the price of their Quantum Marketing eclass…certainly that’s a fair price.

Even if Quantum Selling gives you only 10% of the benefits listed here, it is the bargain of the 21st century.

Imagine never having to make cold calls ever again. Imagine never having to beg, plead or bargain for another sale, ever. Imagine finding the love of your life, or convincing your kids to stay home with the family on a weekend night.