Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart
  • Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart

Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart

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Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart – Instant download!

Topgrading Master Business Course 

Apply a data-backed process to attract, hire, coach, and retain exceptionally talented candidates in just 8 weeks with the Topgrading Master Business Course.

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Why Take The Course 

Scaling up your business is hard — and even more frustrating if you don’t have a reliable team. However, not that many companies know the golden formula to successful hiring.

The fact is: your organization is only as strong as its people. Mis-hires cost you millions (that’s not an exaggeration) in dollars and wasted hours. If you want to start scaling up rapidly and without drama, you need every person on your team to be a High Performer — not only your leadership and management.

As a result of collaboration between Dr. Brad Smart and Growth Institute, you can now access the Topgrading methodology — regarded as the most effective hiring method on the planet — in the form of an interactive Master Business Course.

This Togpgrading Master Business Course is specially designed to help you make all the right decisions in your search for the best people at key roles in your organization.

Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart What You’ll Learn 

Our learning process will help you break through your “plateaus” so you can grow and scale, with less stress and less drama. We don’t leave anything to chance.

In the 7 Week Topgrading Program you’ll learn how to:

  • Coach your new hire
  • Measure your hiring and promoting success
  • Optimize your recruitment processes
  • Analyze the data
  • Conduct effective interviews
  • Master advanced interview techniques
Meet Your Coach 

Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart
Brad Smart
Brad completed his doctorate in Industrial Psychology at
Purdue University, entered consulting, and since the 1970s has been in private practice as President and CEO of his own company, now called Topgrading, Inc., based in the Chicago area.

Brad is frequently acknowledged to be the world’s foremost expert on hiring. The company consults with many leading companies and hundreds of small and growth companies.

He has conducted in-depth interviews with over 6,500 executives. His work has resulted in authoring seven books and videos, including Topgrading 3rd Edition: The Proven Hiring And Promoting Method That Turbocharges Company Performance; The Smart Interviewer: Tools and Techniques for Hiring the Best; and the training series Topgrading Toolkit, featuring the 12 Topgrading hiring steps and demos of all the interviews.

He’s also co-authored the following books: Topgrading for Sales: World-Class Methods to Interview, Hire, and Coach Top Sales Representatives, with Greg Alexander; and Smart Parenting: How to Raise Happy, Can-Do Kids, with Dr. Kate Mursau.

Chris Mursau
President of Topgrading
Chris has been consulting and teaching organizations and individual managers how to pack their teams with A-Players since 2001.

He has conducted over 2,500 in-depth Topgrading assessments for internal and external candidates, helped hundreds of people achieve their A potential, and trained thousands of people in the methodologies proven to improve their success in hiring high performers.

His client list is broad and diverse, including some Fortune 500 companies, small to medium-sized businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Michelle LaVallee
International Talent Advisor & Certified Topgrading Coach

Michelle excels at the honest intimate business analysis required for clients to decide their own direction.

Her keen ability to rapidly evaluate and assimilate the current state enables her to assess what is required for growth, scale or improvement – be it strategy, cash, people or execution. Michelle is a master at reengineering organizations for their own strategic fulfillment.

Michelle´s truth telling inspires and propels leaders to achieve. Michelle is known for being direct and disciplined with her practice because she believes clients must be accountable for their own results.

Michelle supports global executives with strategic planning and business coaching for performance and sustainable revenue growth. She cares about actualizing strategy and making improvements stick for the long term – stepping organizations through change.

Her natural ability to put people at ease strengthens the desire of individuals and groups to make positive changes. She influences stakeholders to build good will while aligning their teams for performance.

Michelle specializes in Topgrading®, a world leading talent management strategy that is proven to dramatically increase the percentage of A players within organizations. A true cross cultural expert, Michelle facilitates, coaches and supports her clients in spoken Mandarin as well as English.

Michelle is an adventurer with a love for the outdoors. The same intrepid spirit that led her to China and throughout Asia now finds her spending her spare time riding horses on her own ranch in southern Chile.

Who will benefit from this course? 

Business Owners
We provide the tools for business owners ready to take their businesses’ growth seriously.
We provide the opportunity to emulate the proven results of industry leaders.
We provide strategies to leverage the customer relationships you already have.
Top Executives
We provide the latest and most effective methods to scale up your business now.
What are leaders saying about Topgrading?

“There’s nothing that has done more for our company than Topgrading. It will be our culture as long as we have our company.” “Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field. All the clever strategies and advanced technologies in the world are nowhere near as effective without great people to put them to work. Brad developed the methods to help us pick top producers.”
“In the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke, Topgrading helped us raise an additional $50 million over the previous year. Topgrading has saved lives.” It’s all about implementation. There’s the Topgrading book and other stuff out there. It’s a really intense process and a thick book, but having the coaches to help you implement is really valuable. We’ve actually felt the whole environment and culture in our company starting to shift as we bring in people who are thinking the same as us.
Successfully Scale Your Business With Our 360 Hybrid Method of Learning 

A company can only grow as fast as its leadership. What are you doing to grow your leaders of tomorrow? From Sales and Marketing to Operations and Finance –we have a course for everyone.

Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart
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Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart
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Resource Center
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Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart
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Topgrading 2.0 Master Business Course (Self-Paced) By Dr. Brad Smart, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!) 

  • Getting started with Topgrading
  • Talent Review & Job Scorecard (18min)
  • Acquiring Candidates (20min)
  • Phone Screen & Competency Interviews (20min)
  • The Topgrading Interview (47min)
  • Summary & Reference Checks (39min)
  • Retaining & Measuring Your Talent (20min)