Tr3ndy Jon’s Supply and Demand System by Simpler Trading
  • Tr3ndy Jon’s Supply and Demand System by Simpler Trading

Tr3ndy Jon’s Supply and Demand System by Simpler Trading

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Tr3ndy Jon’s Supply and Demand System by Simpler Trading

Tr3ndy Jon’s Supply and Demand System by Simpler Trading

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Discover how Tr3ndy Jon won over 70% of his trades by hijacking the “Big Players” predictable order levels.

Why Do Tr3ndy Jon’s Members Rave About His Supply and Demand System?

For the first time ever, Tr3ndy Jon is introducing his proven Supply and Demand System to the Simpler Trading community. This is your chance to trade with the “Big Players” instead of against them.

Most retail traders fail, but the key to Tr3ndy Jon’s consistent 70%+ win rate is that he essentially “hijacks” the institutional supply and demand zones that drive the market’s biggest moves. His system is as simple as it is powerful. And you don’t have to be glued to your monitor to do it; Tr3ndy will show you how you can have a life and still beat the institutions at their own game.

Select the Elite Package and get access to The Tr3ndy Script Bundle. Who is this for? The Tr3ndy Script Bundle is for traders using any timeframe, who want convenient, visual “shortcuts” that help find and execute plays faster without having to do manual calculations. They’re all based on the Tr3ndy Methodology.

  • Trade without watching the market. Members get 100% objective buy and sell levels before the market opens.
  • Get automated trade alerts. Tr3ndy Jon’s trades are sent directly from his account via real-time alerts.
  • Trade any market. Supply and demand is what drives the big moves on any chart.
  • Trade any timeframe. Day trade, swing trade, and even trade long-term positions.

Join Tr3ndy Jon for Daily Live Trading

Take advantage of these special daily Q&A live-trading sessions because this is the fastest way to take your results to the next level and skip the learning curve.

This is your opportunity to trade with Jon in real-time as he live trades in his strategy room multiple times a day. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your mastery than to interact with Jon, ask him any questions that may arise, and watch his screen as he looks for setups during market hours. As always, our informal goal is to make enough profit from the trades in each session to more than pay for the Mastery program (obviously, no promises). If you love live-trading with Jon, this offer is for you. Take advantage of an exclusive opportunity and get ready for an unforgettable experience.


Tr3ndy Trading Mastery
Discover a robust process that blends defined risk, precise setups, and objective “Supply and Demand” analysis. Follow “Tr3ndy” Jon as he predicts buy and sell zones before the market opens. Get 100% transparent automated trade alerts, interactive live sessions, and more.
Supply and Demand System Class June 10th at 12:00pm CT
The goal is to show you how to quickly and easily spot these supply and demand zones on almost any chart or timeframe. This methodology can be used for day trading, swing trading, and even long-term position trading. The bottom line is we can’t beat the big players, so it only makes sense to join them if we want to enjoy consistent results.
Tr3ndy Trading Plan Session June 13th at 3:15pm CT
A solid trading plan can be an important early step towards trading successfully. In this session, Jon will be covering exactly how he builds his trading plan and how you can build yours too. Step-by-step, he’ll go through the different areas your trading plan needs to cover and the details in those areas.
Tr3ndy Indicator Bundle
Witness the full power of all the Tr3ndy indicators working in perfect harmony. Trade PMZ/LIS combo setups, use the Edges for automatic entry and target areas, and stay in every trade for the right amount of time using the Bands. With all of the indicators in one place, the entire Tr3ndy Methodology lights up your charts.
With this bundle you’ll get the The Tr3ndy Edges, The Tr3ndy PMZ, The Tr3ndy LIS, and The Tr3ndy Bands.
Tr3ndy Indicator Bundle Training June 15th at 3:15pm CT
A purchase of the Annual package gets you access to Tr3ndy Jon’s Indicator Bundle. While we’ll teach a little about the indicators in the class, this session will be a deep dive. We’ll focus on answering any of your questions and making sure you’re ready to use the indicators effectively.
What’s included
  • Annual Tr3ndy Trading Mastery
  • Strategy Class
  • Tr3ndy Trading Plan Session
  • Tr3ndy Indicator Bundle
  • Tr3ndy Indicator Bundle Training

About Jonathan McKeever

Jonathan McKeever, also known as “Tr3ndy Jon,” is an accomplished trader and retired Air Force veteran who ventured into the captivating world of trading after assuming a Director position at a major company. His unyielding curiosity and commitment to unraveling the complexities of trading inspired him to delve into a variety of educational services.

Driven by his passion for transparency and continuous learning, Jon developed an array of advanced trading tools, such as Tr3ndy Edges and other groundbreaking scripts, to help traders achieve greater consistency in their results.

Having honed his skills in identifying supply and demand, Jon was recognized for his expertise and was hired as the Director of Supply and Demand Trading at Simpler Trading. In this role, he leads initiatives to provide traders with unparalleled insights into the market and enable them to reach new heights in their trading journey.

Tr3ndy Jon McKeever