Traffic Hacks – Intelligent Affiliate SEO
  • Traffic Hacks – Intelligent Affiliate SEO

Traffic Hacks – Intelligent Affiliate SEO

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Traffic Hacks – Intelligent Affiliate SEO

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What You Get:

  •  10 Modules of in Depth Training for all of the Intelligent Affiliate SEO community to benefit from! All-out lessons from Josh, Greg and the Gang, carefully prepared for you and delivered with Q&A answered in the Facebook group!
  •  Don’t know how to do Affiliate Marketing? No problem! Your Proven mentor Greg Morrison is taking you behind the scenes of his affiliate empire and showing you how the does things.  He’ll  get you up to speed in no time flat! This way you can build YOUR SITE or and start making affiliate deals immediately.
  •  Don’t have a site yet? NO PROBLEM We’ve got you covered! Either start from scratch and create your own with our tips and tricks or  Buy one to get started quickly… We’ll give you advice on set one up or buy one!
  •  The Exclusive Ultimate SEO BASICS strategy explained in detail… Learn the EXACT model that takes sites from ZERO to HERO and took tens of thousands of dollars in spend to discover! This will shave MONTHS off of your learning curve and save you a TON of money. You only have to pay attention to this!
  •  The ONLY APPS you have to pay attention to to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS… Josh has spent Tens of thousands of dollars finding the perfect apps to run your business.
  •  Behind the Scenes of an ACTUAL Affiliate Site Created: The site you’ll be seeing was created just to make a course for you… we’re REALLY building an Affiliate site over the shoulder all through the use of AI!
  •  Greg’s Tested and True SEO backlinks that you’ll use to help your site rank. These are 100% already vetted by GREG.
  •  …and SO MUCH MORE that’s so cutting edge, so exclusive and so juicy that we can’t reveal it here – it’s just TOO Powerful. If you want to find out more, you’re going to have to jump inside!


  •  Module 1 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and SEO. Learn the proven strategies that WORK IN BOTH Affiliate Marketing and SEO. With this information not only will you be armed and dangerous. But you’ll also have access to an even more powerful weapon called “Artificial Intelligence.”
  •  Module 2 Explore AI and it’s role in SEOEven if you’ve never even EXPLORED AI before we’ll get you up to speed in no time in this module… Now you can get on the right foot without wasting time. By the end of this you’ll be ready to go go go!
  •  Module 3 Essential SEO Concepts and Tools. We’re sharing Greg’s unique and QUICK AND EASY approach to learning SEO so you can get a fast start on creating perfectly optimized websites.
  •  Module 4 AI and Keyword Research. Save Yourself HOURS and HOURS of time and ethically steal Josh’s tactics and strategies for getting all the right lists of keywords by using AI.
  •  Module 5 AI for Content Optimization. If you absolutely can’t stand content creation… This takes all the headaches associated with it out of the equation.  Create seamless content with just a couple of magic words and clicks.
  •  Module 6 AI in Link Building and Off-Page SEO.  Receive all the scoop on just how to do this by using the help of AI.  You’ll not only gain support from AI but also support from Josh and team on how to make this as easy as a few button clicks.
  •  Module 7 Performance Tracking and Reporting with AI. This module will teach you how to track your metrics automatically. You’ll  learn how to have reports available at your disposal that will unveil insights you might not have seen with the naked “human” eye.
  •  Module 8 Applying AI to Affiliate SEO. In this module you’ll learn how to “warp sped” your affiliate marketing training. And learn from previous lessons and the insights from the coaches. All taught by a man who’s earned millions and millions of affiliate dollars!
  •  Module 9 Future Trends in AI and SEO.  EVOLUTION is necessary if you’re going to continue to sharpen all your tools you need this module. In this special training you’ll learn where to look for the lowdown on what’s coming and what’s worthwhile. Josh will show you the very tools he uses to find this information and the trends he sees coming already.
  •  Module 10 Course Recap and Conclusion. This is only the beginning. Once you’ve arrived at this step you’re fully armed and dangerous opportunies will be ready for you. You’ll have all the knowledge needed to conquer AI and make money.