Trisha Maharaj Singh – Power Yoga The Lightest You Ever Felt


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Trisha Maharaj SinghPower Yoga The Lightest You Ever Felt

The name says it all. Power Yoga enchances your flexibility through a rigorous full-body workout. The practice of Power Yoga may hurt in the beginning as it focuses on executing the yoga poses perfectly by holding the pose longer. This challenge improves endurance & promotes mental stability and concentration. Breathing right & breathing regularly also plays a significant role in getting optimum benefits of yoga. Regular practice of Power Yoga helps to regulate metabolism by invoking the fire energy in the body. This leads to increased energy and efficiency levels. Power Yoga helps to develop muscles and tone the body. It reduces fat cells as groups of muscles are work together. Due to the precision in asanas the nervous system gets nourished your body is toned with an improved shape thus boosting self confidence.