Twitter Affiliate Masterclass + All My High Converting Email Templates By David Dill
  • Twitter Affiliate Masterclass + All My High Converting Email Templates By David Dill

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass + All My High Converting Email Templates By David Dill


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Twitter Affiliate Masterclass + All My High Converting Email Templates By David Dill – Instant Download!

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass + All My High Converting Email Templates By David Dill

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass: The Blueprint To Earning Passive Income On Twitter

Learn how to leverage the same affiliate marketing strategies I use to earn $5k-$6k per month on Twitter while building a huge email list at the same time.

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass

Discover the proven methods I used to quit my janitor job and earn a full-time income tweeting.

This is everything you need to know to make daily sales on Twitter.

The ultimate Twitter marketing blueprint.

Why Twitter Affiliate Masterclass?

Maybe you’ve tried other methods of earning on Twitter.

You might get some results, but you risk wasting time on short-term strategies.

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass is a step-by-step blueprint that will give you the blueprint for a long-lasting business that can bring you sales for years to come.

No other Twitter course gives you done-for-you systems like Twitter Affiliate Masterclass does.

Most courses aren’t created to make you earn.

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass gives you all the templates to copy and paste your way to sales.

I wanted to make Twitter Affiliate Masterclass this simplest plug-and-go system to get you earning on Twitter.

Anyone can do this…I’m a former janitor turned into a full-time Twitter marketer.

You’re getting my complete marketing system.

What took 1.5 years to learn…

You get in this 7 part masterclass!

Imagine getting deposits like this in your bank account each week

When it comes to earning on Twitter, you need these 3 things:

  1. Optimized Bio – If your bio isn’t optimized for long-term success… You may get sales here and there, but you won’t build a long-term affiliate business. Twitter Affiliate Masterclass gives you my ultimate Twitter bio strategy.
  2. Engaging Promos – If your promos don’t get engagement, you won’t make sales. Twitter Affiliate Masterclass gives you all my best tweet templates that have made me $1000’s on the Twitter timeline.
  3. Daily Email Subscribers – Persuade your audience to join your email list. Twitter Affiliate Masterclass will give you copy and paste emails to bring you in daily email subscribers. Not to mention “sales on tap” every time you email.

In Twitter Affiliate Masterclass…you’re getting my copy-paste blueprint to building the ultimate passive Twitter business.

Here’s what’s inside…

  • My step-by-step guide to tweeting for sales.
  • Engagement hacks for getting your promos seen.
  • Copy-paste templates for building your own lead magnet course.
  • My 4 types of promo tweets that convert like crazy.
  • Done-for-you bonuses to give away to get even more affiliate sales.
  • The 7 part email strategy that will work for any course you promote.
  • Twitter bio mastery to gaining 20-30 email subscribers per day on auto-pilot.
  • BONUS- My 4 Part Affiliate Email Sequence: Use the same emails strategy that I use to get sales while I sleep.

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass Includes 7 Video Modules:

  • Module 1: The complete overview of the strategies I use on Twitter that allowed me to quit my job just 5 months into my Twitter journey.
  • Module 2: Learn the best courses to promote on this side of Twitter. My personal recommendations and strategies to promote my favorite courses.
  • Module 3: Get instant affiliate approval on 3 of the top sellers on the Gumroad platform without having to buy the courses.
  • Module 4: Turn your Twitter profile into the ultimate sales funnel. Get emails leads and sales passively.
  • Module 5: Get my 4 part tweet strategy for promoting courses on Twitter. The exact tweet templates I use to earn passive income daily on Twitter.
  • Module 6: Learn everything there is to know about email marketing. You get done-for-you email templates. I walk you step by step through my $5k email strategy.
  • Module 7: Use already made courses to give away as bonuses to earn even more affiliate sales (this is an untapped strategy).
  • BONUS: My long-term strategy for creating a Twitter business that brings in sales daily.

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass will make you a marketing master in no time.

This is the ONLY affiliate marketing guide you need!

You start your Twitter account.

You find a high converting affiliate product.

You start getting sales.

Before you know it, you’ve made $1000 in your first month.

That was my exact scenario!

Now for the real talk…

Right now you have 2 options:

Option A: Buy Twitter Affiliate Masterclass and get my blueprint I use to make $5k-$6k per month on Twitter.

Option B: Waste your time on YouTube trying to figure it out and spend countless hours trying as I did.

The choice is yours.

In the Ultimate Edition, you get…

The 7 Part Masterclass Plus:

  • My Bonus Email Templates: Simply copy and paste these templates to apply to any course you’re promoting. Plus I give you done-for-you bonuses to use.
  • My Affiliate Sales Email Templates: Any time a course creator is running a sales simply copy and paste these templates and start making sales
  • My Affiliate Promo Email Templates: Each time you become an affiliate for a new course, just copy and paste these high-converting email templates and start seeing affiliate marketing results right away.

Twitter Affiliate Masterclass + All My High Converting Email Templates By David Dill, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 1. Twitter Affiliate Masterclass Course
  • 0. Proof.pdf
  • 1. Twitter Affiliate Masterclass Course Access.pdf
  • 2. Bonus Email Sequence.pdf
  • 3. Results Driven Affiliate Promo (using Create 24_7).pdf
  • 4. Affililate Equation Sale Promo.pdf
  • 5. Print that Profits Sale Promo.pdf