Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte
  • Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

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Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte – Instant Download!

Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Ready For Massive Results In Your Agency?
(WITHOUT Being Chained To A Desk…)

Outsource With Ease Every Undone, Disliked, Pushed-Off, And Too-Busy-For Task

M O D U L E 1
Planning To Hire

Benjamin Franklin pretty much nailed it when he said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Luckily, you don’t have to create your own plan… just use ours!

In this first module, Planning To Hire, we walk you through what to outsource first, how to plan your job, where to post your job, and how to identify good candidates and open communications with them.

You’ll even get our exact Job Planning Template, Example Job Postings, and Interview Questions so you can get up and running fast.

M O D U L E 2
Instant Interviews

Once you’ve got a job posting live, you’ll start getting interested candidates in your inbox. So what’s the next step to finding a great team member who will help you build a thriving agency while living the life of your dreams? Interviews!

And in module 2, Instant Interviews, we walk you through exactly how to conduct an effective interview to find the right person fast. You’ll even get a recording of one of our interviews with a very successful hire.

Plus, we’re including our Interview Checklist so you can easily stay on track when you’re interviewing potential team members.

M O D U L E 3
Hiring For Sales — The 3 Main Roles

Sales… it’s what almost everyone wants to outsource first. … And we don’t blame you!

But there are some big pitfalls to avoid when you try to outsource the sales function in your agency. That’s why, in module 3, Hiring For Sales — The 3 Main Roles, you’ll learn the 3 critical roles you’ll need to build a profitable sales team, where to find ideal candidates, and what you should pay them. (Hint: a superstar commission-only salesperson should NOT be your first hire!)

You’ll get our Finding Sales Reps and Recruitment Tools cheat sheets, our Sales Rep Interview Script, as well as our complete Appointment Scheduler Handbook.

M O D U L E 4
How To Keep Control of Your Time & Your Team

I know it’s cliche, but I’ve also found it to be mostly true, at least in the business world: Time is Money!

To build a profitable lifestyle business, you’ll need to get a handle on your own time, as well as be able to coach your team on—and hold them accountable for!—how they’re using their time.

In module 4, How To Keep Control of Your Time & Your Team, you’ll see our stupid-simple time management system, and how you can implement it yourself. You’ll learn exactly how to set expectations and track time for your team and client projects. Plus we’re including our Hourly Rate Calculator and Project Time Tracking Sheet.

M O D U L E 5
Training Your Team the Easy Way

Training can be the worst part of hiring if you don’t have a clear system. And if you hire people and skip the training altogether, you should fully expect your new team members to run your business any way they see fit.

So how do you train your team quickly and effectively, so they can get to action making you money? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in module 5, Training Your Team the Easy Way.

Not only does Nick walk you through the exact process we use for training our team, but he also details how to continue to consistently grow your team over time to scale your business.

M O D U L E 6
Demystifying Pricing & Financing

As you bring on team members to help run your agency, one thing becomes more important than ever: your numbers!

Profitability is a simple formula, but you must have a handle on your pricing, your sales numbers, and your finances and accounting.

In the final module, Demystifying Pricing & Financing, you’ll see exactly how to start by pricing your services for high profitability, how to track and push sales, and how to get and keep your finances and accounting in order.

Plus, we’re including our DFY Service Agreement, Formula for Setting Prices, and Guidelines to Raising Your Rates.

Our Proven In-House Checklists, Scripts, Templates, and Contracts

Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Get all of the assets we’ve had professionally created for our own use. Instead of spending thousands or months of your own time creating and refining your own checklists, scripts, and procedures… just use ours!

You’ll get everything from job planning templates and example job postings, to our project time tracking sheet and hourly rate calculator. See everything included below:

  • ​Job Planning Template
  • ​Example Job Postings
  • ​Interview Questions
  • ​Interview Case Study
  • ​Interview Checklist
  • ​Finding Sales Reps
  • ​Recruitment Tools
  • Sales ​Rep Interview Script
  • ​Appointment Scheduler Handbook
  • ​Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • ​Intellectual Property Agreement
  • ​Nick’s SEO Checklist
  • ​Contractor Handbook
  • ​Follow-Up Email Templates
  • ​Hourly Rate Calculator
  • ​Project Time Tracking Sheet
  • ​Nick’s Formula for Setting Prices
  • ​Guidelines to Raising Your Rates
  • DFY ​Service Agreement
  • ​Prospecting Tracking Sheet
  • ​Prospecting Intake Form
  • ​Prospecting Letters Collection
  • ​Incoming Call Scripts
  • ​Reputation Power Postcard

Prospecting Without Pain

So you’ve hired your sales team, including an admin assistant, appointment setter, and salesperson. Now how the heck do you get them driving leads?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this Bonus Module: Prospecting Without Pain.

Tom walks you step-by-step through this method, from your marketing message and how to get it in front of people, to how to handle incoming calls, pre-qualify leads, and setup a follow-up system.

Included are our Prospecting Tracking Sheet, Prospecting Intake Form, Prospecting Letters Collection, Incoming Call Scripts, and Reputation Power Postcard… all yours to use immediately!

FAST Fulfillment

Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Watch over our shoulder as we show you exactly how we get our team to fulfill the core services in our remote agency.


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Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Ultimate Remote Team By Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte