Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass 2.0 By Daniel Carrizalez
  • Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass 2.0 By Daniel Carrizalez

Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass 2.0 By Daniel Carrizalez


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Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass 2.0 By Daniel Carrizalez – Instant Download!

The Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass 2.0

your step-by-step blueprint to making and selling stock music online

So, you’d like to learn how to make and sell stock music online? Awesome.

Selling your stock music tracks online is one of the best ways to earn passive income as a musician, producer or composer.

Stock music represents a large segment of the music licensing market and it’s by far the easiest and fastest way to get into the music licensing business

However, the process can feel daunting if you haven’t done this before but it can also be frustrating if you just started out and you aren’t making any sales.

I’m going to help you cut through the confusion – to learn how to properly compose a stock music track, make the necessary edits, upload your track and make sales on autopilot.

The Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass 2.0 course is designed to take you through the whole process of composing a stock music track. From understanding what a corporate track is, to showing you exactly how to do the 60, 30, 15 second edits, and also alternative versions of your track like music stings, music bed and a seamless loop edit.

This course focuses heavily on the composition and production of what makes a stock music track sell on royalty free libraries.

Discover how to describe and tag your music like a pro and understand how to use keywords and follow a step-by-step system to upload your music to Audiojungle and Pond5.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of making and selling stock music tracks.

The Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass is an end-to-end, turn key, proven system that turns your music into passive income.

You’ll have your stock music tracks up and selling in no time.

Hi, I’m Daniel Carrizalez

Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass 2.0 By Daniel Carrizalez
I am a music entrepreneur and I’ve been selling stock music online since 2014. I have been sharing what I’ve learned in my journey in my Stock Music Licensing YouTube Channel.

I am also the founder of stockmusiclicensing.com, I work from home selling stock music online and I live in Greece with my wife and two daughters.

I have created The Stock Music Licensing Academy where I teach musicians how to compose stock music tracks and start making money selling music on royalty free libraries.

But I didn’t stop there! I also created The Stock Music Licensing Podcast where I share a more in-depth insight about what works and what doesn’t, how to grow as a composer, and which successes can and can’t be replicated.

That’s why I created The Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass, to help aspiring musicians learn from my successes—and failures—getting my own stock music off the ground.

The Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass gives you everything you need to start making and selling stock music online successfully.


60+ In-Depth Video Tutorials (10+ hrs)

Whether you are a beginner or have a good handle on the basics, this course takes you through every step of the way on how to compose, produce, mix and master a professional stock music track.

You’ll learn how to build and sustain a successful music portfolio. Daniel walks you through the process of editing and creating alternative versions of your music tracks, helping you maximize your musical output and revenue.


The Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass will teach you how to:

  • create stock music that actually sells
  • prepare your tracks for submission
  • maximize and speed up your musical output
  • set your own passive income source with multiple libraries
  • turn your stock music portfolio into an income stream
  • start making sales in a matter of weeks
  • earn while you learn and grow as a stock composer
  • work on your own terms on your own schedule

You will:

  • discover a proven roadmap to get your music on stock libraries
  • build your portfolio quickly
  • make more money licensing your music on multiple libraries


Beginner stock music producers. If you want to become more confident in creating stock music tracks and increase your sales, then this course will help you get there.

Musicians that want to get into stock music licensing. You want to make sales from your music fast but you have no idea how to create a stock music track. You’re ready for an in-depth step-by-step process that actually helps you earn a side income from something you love.

Stock music producers that have rejections and no sales. You are dying to make that first sale or get that first track accepted in a stock music library and start earning money on the side. One day you’d love to earn passive income from your stock music tracks.

Busy people! You’re busy with a job, family, or other obligations and you’d love to find a system that can grow your stock music catalog and monthly income (so you could spend more time doing things you like with people you love).

Musicians that are willing to learn how to compose stock music and grow a catalog. This course is specifically designed to help musicians learn how to create amazing stock music tracks that sell and grow and sustain a healthy catalog.

Growth-minded musicians. You have to be passionate about building your catalog and willing to put in the time and follow the steps.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course

  • Welcome to The Ultimate Stock Music Masterclass
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MODULE 1: The Foundation

  • Basic Equipment
  • An Introduction to Stock Music
  • What Type of Music to Write?
  • How Much Can You Earn Per Track?
  • What is Corporate Music?
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid

MODULE 2: How to Produce Stock Music That Sells

  • Introduction to Stock Music Production
  • The 4-Chord Stock Track (The starting point)
  • The Easy Way To Add Drums And Bass to your Track
  • Adding Cinematic Strings Using Stock Plugins
  • The Key to Recording a Catchy Melody
  • How To Make Music Transitions

MODULE 3: How To Create Awesome Edits Of Your Track

  • How to Create a 60 Second Edit (The easy way)
  • How to Create a 30 Second Edit (The simple way)
  • How to Create a 15 Second Edit (The easy way)
  • How to Create a Sting
  • How to Create a Music Bed Version Of your Track
  • How to Create a Loop Version of your Track
  • Final Thoughts Before Mixing & Mastering

MODULE 4: How to Mix and Master Your Music Track

  • The 3 Simple Steps to Mixing your Music Track
  • Bounce your Mix
  • The Little-Known Secret to Master Like a Pro

MODULE 5: Upload Your Track

  • Step-by-Step Upload Process in AudioJungle
  • Step-by-Step Upload Process in Pond5
  • Rejections & How to Overcome them

MODULE 6: Build Your Portfolio

  • KickStart your Music Output & Build your Catalog Fast

BONUS #1: Get the Insider Secrets on How to Earn More From Your Music

  • Discovery why PROs (Performing Rights Organizations) are so important
  • Mindset
  • Describe your Music Cheatsheet
  • The 4-Chord Cheatsheet
  • My Swipe-copy Metadata

BONUS #2: The Complete Mixing and Mastering Masterclass

  • How to Organise and Structure Your Tracks
  • Discover why Gain Staging is so Important
  • The Static Mix
  • How to Create a Buss Group
  • Mix Buss Processing Made Easy
  • How to EQ Your Mix
  • How to Use Compression in Your Mix
  • How to add Reverb and Delay to Create Depth
  • Discover how to Widen Your Mixes with Mid/Side Processing
  • Mixing in Mono
  • The Little-Known Secret of Mixing at Low Volume
  • Use Automation to Create a more Musical Mix
  • Bounce Your Mix
  • How to Master Your Own Music Track

BONUS #3: The Complete Mixing and Mastering Masterclass (EXTRA MODULE) – THE VAULT

  • How to Get Punchier Drums
  • Kick and Bass Low End Mixing Trick
  • It’s All About The Bass
  • How to EQ Guitars Like a Pro
  • How to EQ a Virtual Piano and Make it Sound More Realistic
  • Easy-to-Follow Tips for EQ’ing Strings
  • How to use Chorus and Flanger

BONUS #4: Welcome to The Jungle

  • Step-by-Step Process to Create Your Audiojungle Account
  • Your Billing Information Setup
  • How to Fill out Your Tax Form – The easy way
  • What is a P.R.O ?
  • How to Set up Your Public Profile
  • Your Earnings and Payout Account
  • How to Watermark Your Music Track
  • How to Watermark Your Track That Contains Multiple Edits
  • How to Watermark Your Music Pack
  • How to Organise and Prepare Your Music Track
  • File Preparation with Multiple Edits
  • How to Prepare Your Music Pack
  • Step-by-Step Upload Process of Your Music Track
  • How to Upload a Track with Multiple Edits
  • How to Upload Your Music Pack – The easy way
  • How to Avoid Rejections
  • Should You Register Your Music with Content ID ?
  • Sound Effects / Logos / Music Kits

BONUS #5: Music Licensing Workshops

  • Music Composition And Arrangement
  • How To Describe, Tag and Keyword Your Music
  • How To Write Music For Stock Libraries in 30 Min
  • How To Arrange Music For Stock Libraries
  • How To Mix Music For Stock Libraries
  • How To Master Music For Stock Libraries
  • How To Produce Cinematic Percussion


The Complete Mixing and Mastering Masterclass

The most in-depth, step-by-step course on how to mix and master your music for licensing.

Welcome To The Jungle. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Audiojungle.

A step-by-step guide that will show you everything you need to know about Audiojungle

The Insider Secrets

Discover why P.R.O.s are so important and download the ‘Describe Your Music’ Cheatsheet, the 4-Chord Cheatsheet and My Swipe-copy Metadata


Learn How to Get punchier Drums, Kick and Bass Low End Mixing Trick, EQ Guitars Like a PRO, EQ a Virtual Piano and Make it Sound more Realistic and much more.

Exclusive Workshops

Music Composition & Arrangement
A complete step by step walkthrough of how to compose and arrange a Post-Rock track.

How to Title, Describe, Tag & Keyword Your Music
Everything you need to know about how to describe your music tracks.

How to Write Music for Stock Libraries in 30 min
Learn how to write music for royalty free libraries in 30 min

How to Arrange Music for Stock Libraries
Learn everything you need to know about arranging your music for stock libraries.

How to Mix Music for Stock Libraries
Learn how to properly mix your music for stock libraries.

How to Master Music for Stock Libraries
Learn all about mastering your music for stock libraries.

How to Produce Cinematic Percussion
Learn how to produce cinematic percussion in your stock music compositions.


Angel Madero

Stock Music Composer (Spain)

“El curso de Daniel Carrizalez me ha sido de gran ayuda, como músico quería introducirme al mundo de la música de librería, pero no sabía por dónde empezar debido a la cantidad de librerías que hay y el proceso diferente que tiene cada una. Con este curso aprendí a entender bien cómo funciona este mundo, sus tiempos y sus pro y contras. Lo recomiendo 100% para todo aquel que esté interesado en subir música a este tipo de plataformas.”

Rick Butz

Stock Music Composer (USA)

“I was having trouble with mastering my tracks. The info on the web was overwhelming–so much complexity and various techniques. Using all this it was taking me hours to master.

So I went straight to the mastering section of the course. What a breath of fresh air! Daniel removed all the complexity. Now my mastering is quick and perfect for my Stock Music tracks.”

Jake Schneider (JAS Music), Composer & Producer at JAS Music Ltd (United Kingdom)

“I’ll get straight to the point: without Daniel’s tips, motivation and invaluable guidance I would not be seeing the same results and success that I’ve achieved. If you want to take your stock music to the next level and be a successful stock music composer, BUY his course!”

“I got Daniel’s course in August, 2020. As a musician for nearly 40 years, live work and touring isn’t something I want to do anymore. So, I decided after watching Daniel’s YouTube channel, I’d try my hand at royalty free music. At first, it was a challenge going from songwriting to this style, which is very direct and to the point in a few bars as possible.

Yet, Daniel’s course taught me a great deal about his process, and how to include it in my own. His module on mixing has been incredibly important, as it has helped my mixes immeasurably. The email support I receive from him personally is worth its weight in gold. I’m able to pick his brain, share tracks, and get his expert opinions on where I might try to focus, and where to steer clear.

I cannot recommend his course enough to anyone starting out in this passive income market. Daniel stresses being yourself, bringing your skills to the table, maximizing your strengths, and never, ever giving up. It might take you months to get sales. But, in the end, as long as you follow his course, you will learn more with each track, and become a better composer, musician, engineer and your music CAN make you the income you want.”

Allen Dean