Underground Online Seminar 7


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Underground Online Seminar 7

Underground Online Seminar 7

Many Internet Marketing seminars are complete pitch fests, where you don’t really learn much at all.

But there are a few exceptions to this rule, and Underground 007 hosted by Yanik Silver is one of them.

It’s sold out every year for the last 6 years!

What makes the Underground worth attending?

  1. Not the usual suspects on stage – Every year, Yanik seeks out the most current and relevant Internet success stories, most of whom you’ve never heard of, and convinces them to share their most profitable moneymaking secrets…NO strings attached!
  2. Not the usual pitch-fest – What a concept, there’s no selling from the stage. Speakers deliver REAL content instead of bombarding you with slick sales pitches.
  3. It’s THE networking event of the year – The audience is stacked with high caliber, successful entrepreneurs…many who come year after year just for the networking and deal making opportunities. It’s a virtual who’s who of the Internet Marketing world.
  4. It’s fun!

Every year, Yanik does a new spy theme and it’s a heck of an experience. This isn’t some stodgy seminar where you sit in a windowless room every day listening to boring powerpoints!

This is truly a one of a kind business building experience that any entrepreneur will benefit from.

But please be warned…this event WILL sell out.

Even though Underground 007 isn’t until March 2011, the lineup of “rogue entrepreneurs” Yanik has already confirmed as speakers is nothing short of spectacular.

Plus, he’s pushing for an early sell out this year with a series of really impressive Early Bird Registration Discounts & Bonus Gifts.

So if you’re interested in attending, make sure you reserve your tickets early…because no doubt, it will sell out again this year.

Especially with a 007 theme!

Get the dates, speaker info, and ticket discounts below.

I want to make it perfectly clear…this is not the same usual suspects you see speaking at every other seminar. The fact is, you’ve probably never heard of this bunch of doers who will break their silence for the first time.

And although I promised Yanik that I would only mention their “code names” here, when you visit the site, you’ll discover the REAL identities of guys like…

  • Agent “Liquid Proof” – The Social Media Genius
  • Agent “Muscle Monetizer” – The Clickbank World Record Holder
  • Agent “App That” – The “18,000,000 iTunes Apps” Master
  • Agent Triple X” – The Master of Google’s Dark Side

…just to name a few! So don’t wait too long and lose your spot!