Unwavering 2021 By Taylor Lee
  • Unwavering 2021 By Taylor Lee

Unwavering 2021 By Taylor Lee


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Unwavering 2021 By Taylor Lee – Instant Download!

Become the Unwavering Woman, next level version of you and watch all of your desires manifest into your life.

How did I go from plateaued income in my biz for three years….

to a brand new mom, celebrating six-figure month after six-figure month?

Or from giving my power away to coaches left and right…

to crossing 7 figures, finally feeling like enough, and buying my dream home?

And, really, how did I go from my husband thinking my dreams were absolutely crazy…

to him leaving his job and us buying our dream home across the country and us now coming up with these unrealistic goals together?


Unwavering 2021 By Taylor Lee

I stopped settling month after month, I stopped getting absolutely lost in my fears (“what if it doesn’t happen?” “what if I don’t hit my goals”) and I stopped questioning every single action I was taking.

There’s a big difference between the women in the industry who own that they know what they’re doing and the ones who are too busy looking for what’s wrong, what’s missing, what secrets someone else knows.

The difference is the women who own it make a lot more money.


You know you’re meant to be one of the leaders of your industry.

You know you’re meant to make a lot of money. You hear “six figure month” and think, “I want that”.

Yes. You doubt yourself. You compare yourself. You look for answers outside of yourself frequently. You tend to self sabotage and settle. You overcomplicate things. You get obsessive in your business. You get caught up in worry and stress. You question the shit out of your ideas and action. You do feel like something MUST be wrong because you sure haven’t been surpassing every goal you set with ease.

And, yet, you still believe greatness is meant for you.

How do I know all of this?

Unwavering 2021 By Taylor Lee

Which means if I can do this whole 7 figure business thing, you can too.


(And listen I know you KNOW all of this but I want to say it loud and clear because I know sometimes it’s easier to trust it when someone else says it versus you following your inner knowing)

  • Your desires are meant for you. Every single one of them.
  • As big as you can think… 100x more is available to you.
  • Your overthinking, questioning, worry and overworking is all just habit.
  • NO ONE is going to hand you a business model or new business strategy and fix your business.
  • You are really freaking powerful.
  • Really, the only “problem” is that you doubt, get in your own way and self sabotage.

The answer to way more money and sales is: energy.

If you were to step into The Unwavering Woman within you… you entire business and life would quantum leap faster than you can even imagine


A day? Maybe?

What I mean is… whatever goal you have right now that you really want to hit…

How long goes by before you start to question it?

How long before you start to wonder if you’re selling the right thing, if you have the right strategy, the right price, if your content is good enough, if YOU are good enough?

For most it’s not very long at all.

A few hours maybe?

So yes it FEELS LIKE you’re trying SO hard and for SO long and trying “everything”…

But you’re not.

You see, to manifest what you desire you must be on the wave of momentum.

It’s either that or the wave of resistance.

The wave of momentum is when when you have a win. That leads to another win. That leads to another win.

The wave of resistance is when you are wavering – questioning, wondering, lingering in fear.

The Unwavering Woman gets everything she wants because she has broken and released the patterns that used to push her into the wave of resistance time and time again.

The course where you retrain your subconscious, break these patterns holding you back and step into complete alignment with your next-level self and life.

This is exactly how I went from plateaued income to 7 figure business owner.

How I went from $11k month with a newborn to $1,000,000 cash received 12 months later.

How I went from my husband telling me just a few years ago I was being unrealistic to him now leaving his job because it only makes sense we go all in on this business and life together.


Unwavering 2021 By Taylor Lee

  1. Pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from your next goals happening + use my process for clearing it once and for all (this is NOT what other people are teaching)
  2. Learn exactly how to let go of who you’ve been taught to be and claim your identity as a million dollar woman
  3. How the Unwavering woman crafts her offers, launches + creates content (all the strategic pieces of my $100k months finally happening!)
  4. Step into deeper alignment in your business than ever before and release everything in your offers, launches, marketing that is actually blocking sales
  5. The 3 phases of my day that will turn you into a magnet to soulmate clients (no matter how crazy or boring life gets)
  6. The key to taking your money and sales to the next level over and over again from here on out

Unwavering 2021 By Taylor Lee

  • 6 modules designed to bring massive clarity on what exactly needs to change and how to change it to hit your next level income goal
  • Soul work (homework) that is crystal clear and actionable so you know what to do each week to embody and integrate this work and make the most out of the program