Vince Deknonte – Stage Shredded Status

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Vince DeknonteStage Shredded Status

Stage Shredded Status is a must see DVD masterpiece for anybody who wants to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to dominate your next body transformation contest, physique competition, photo shoot or the biggest physique deadline of your life.

Vince “The Skinny Guy Savior” Del Monte shows you his complete contest prep, after bulking to 227 pounds and then cutting all the way down to a shredded 195 pounds and 4.8% body fat, in just 16 weeks!

This is a unique and rare opportunity to witness the world’s top muscle building author return to the stage and put everything on the line. Vince is on a mission to win his Pro Card at the WBFF Fitness Atlantic Championships and/or WBFF Quebec Championships, and to become the newest WBFF Professional Fitness Model and compete on at the World Championships on August 27th in Toronto, Ontario.

Here’s what you’ll witness and discover in the 600 Minutes of educational, explosive and entertaining Hi Definition footage:

Stage Shredded Status - DVD 1Disk 1: Pre Contest Physique Assessment & Program Design

The journey begins in Toronto Ontario where I meet my coach, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Ben “Pak Man” Pakulski. Watch Ben conduct a brutally honest assessment of my 227 pound physique. You’ll see how to design a weight-training program based on certain body parts being underdeveloped and/or overdeveloped. This is priceless!

Ben will say, “If you can’t handle criticism, our sport is not for you�” and after watching Ben pin point all my slower to grow body parts and areas of weakness, you’ll get to see Ben hand pick the best exercises for every single body part to ensure I step on stage with balanced and proportional world class muscle mass. Ben’s knowledge will floor you and you’ll see why he’s Canada’s top pro bodybuilder.

Stage Shredded Status - DVD 2Disk 2: Instructional 1-1 Coaching & Proper Exercise Execution

Over two hours of in depth, instructional, 1-1 coaching revealing how to train like a bodybuilder, not a weight lifter. Ben is coined as “The Thinking Man’s Bodybuilder” and you’ll be introduced to his signature-sculpting technique “Intentions” that will make it impossible for your muscles not to respond.

Ben reminds us, “It’s not now much you lift, it’s how you lift�” and you’ll be shocked that I don’t lift really heavy weights yet I look 10x better than the majority of guys in my gym who can out lift me. It’s because of the genius behind Intentions and learning the lifting secrets of the pros.

Once you learn how to incorporate “Intentions” you can say good-bye to plateaus and stubborn body parts forever and you can say hello to safe, productive and muscle exploding workouts. Ben bills $150 an hour for 1-1 coaching so that makes this DVD alone a $300 value.

Stage Shredded Status - DVD 3Disk 3: The Starting Cardio, Nutrition & Supplement Plan

The Starting Cardio Plan: We’ll fly south to Tampa, Florida, and I’ll take you outside and reveal one of the keys to reducing body fat that is blurring your midsection � a structured and strategic cardio routine. Cardio can be a lonely place, feeling like you’re going nowhere but I’ll show you how to incinerate calories and boost your body’s overall ability to burn fat. You’ll learn how to use cardio as a physique enhancement tool � with that lean and shredded midsection in mind.

Simply showing up for cardio and hitting the ‘start” button is not enough. To get the most out of each session you need to take advantage of proven training principles such as cardio type (some forms are better than others), duration (length of your session), frequency (how many times per week and progression so you keep making improvements. You’ll get all the key elements to peeling away layers of stubborn abdominal fat, finally revealing the show stopping set of abs you’ve always wanted.

The Starting Nutrition Plan: While the weight training component builds up the bricks that make up your six pack, it’s only through clean eating and being in a caloric deficit that you can strip away the unwanted body fat blurring the shredded abdominals underneath. You’ll never have envious abs unless you bring your body fat levels down low enough to show them off. You may train your body hard 1 or even 2 hours a day but what’s happening during the other 22-23 hours in your day away from the gym that’ll ultimately determine whether or not you’ll succeed. Your diet is the most crucial part of the equation and the foundation to which a hard body is built.

I’ll take you upstairs to my condo and explain the logic behind my simple, sustainable meal plan that helped me drop 2 lbs of body fat every single week. The key to earning stage shredded status is to keep your body burning unneeded fat without pushing your body into starvation mode where it holds fat and sheds muscle. The key is to coax your body to release body fat while maintaining all your hard earned muscle.

You’ll be stunned by how simple I keep my nutrition plan and I’ll share some of the “must follow” rules to clean up your diet and keep burning fat. This DVD reveals the foods I ate to drop the first 15 pounds while still fueling my hard training workouts, satisfying my muscles needs for fuel and growth while also stripping away the fat that was hiding my abs.

The Starting Supplements: Don’t think I didn’t use any supplements to get this shredded. When you’re looking to compete against the best in the world you need every edge you can get and I’ll let you peak inside my cupboards and show you the exact supplements and brands that I relied on to get into amazing peak condition. I’m proud to say that in 16 weeks, while eating low calories and training 3-4 hours a day, I did not sustain one injury or get sick once and I’m confident my supplement selection contributed to that.

You’ll get to come behind closed doors and look at the assortment of supplements I used to keep my energy levels high, my body recovering from day to day, stay healthy and achieve razor sharp contest condition.

Stage Shredded Status - DVD 4, 5, 6Disk 4, 5 & 6: The Contest Prep Weight Training Workout

On the next three DVDs, you get to follow me around for an entire weeks worth of brutal weight training workouts at Power House Gym in Tampa Florida. Five weeks out from the competition you’ll see me lean and mean, tearing it up with my training partner, former NFL lineman and NPC level bodybuilder Ryan Watson. This footage is EPIC!

You’ll get and additional five hours of instructional and inspirational training footage taking you through every muscle pumping exercise, set and rep. Real weights, real sweat, real intensity!

You’ll see how I set up my training split was designed to bring up my lagging body parts and we’ll introduce you to exercises you’ve never seen in any magazine or website and some super advanced training techniques that dialed me in to a shredded 5% body fat. Ryan bills $75 an hour so you’re getting $375 value from this piece alone!

Stage Shredded Status - DVD 7Disk 7: Cardio, Nutrition & Supplement Plan At 5 Weeks Out

Learn how we manipulated my cardio, diet and supplement regime as we get closer to the deadline to ensure we arrive in razor-sharp contest condition.

This DVD reveals the foods I ate to drop the second 15 pounds while still fueling my hard training workouts, satisfying my muscles needs for fuel and growth while also stripping away the fat that was hiding my abs. You’ll also learn how we manipulated my cardio regime to get leaner than ever before.


Stage Shredded Status - DVD 8Disk 8: The WBFF Fitness Atlantic Championships & The WBFF Quebec Championships!

It’s almost show time! On the final DVD we’re off to the WBFF Fitness Atlantic Championships to put it all the line with hopes of winning my Pro Card. Before the show footage I’ll walk you through my final 7 days before I got on stage and explain how you can enhance your look and achieve an extra degree of muscularity and use a few key carb and water techniques to manipulate your body to for peak condition. Learning this info will help you get into tip-top shape when you have a summer beach vacation or hot date in the near future.

Get ready for loads of inspirational footage from the event as I take you inside my hotel room, introduce you to my support team, interview some of my competitors, and of course you get to watch the entire show � pre judging and finals and see exactly how I walk the stage and size up against my competition. After the show we’ll show you how we celebrate and the one food I avoid so I can still photo shoot in peak condition the next day for one of the top fitness magazines.

As you might know, I didn’t earn my Pro Card in Connecticut because the judges asked me to come in more “sliced” and that’s exactly what I did. In this final DVD I’ll tell you exactly how I dropped my body fat into the 4% range by making some tweaks and drove to Quebec for the WBFF Quebec Championships 2 weeks later. Again, you’ll get to watch the entire show and find out how I was able to come out on top and WIN my WBFF Pro Card. I was so happy and relieved! Now I will compete against the best of the best at the World Championships later this year. Loads of interviews with family, friends and the people that believed in me all the way through the finish line.