Vince Del Monte – 30-Day Metabolic Challenge


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Vince Del Monte – 30-Day Metabolic Challenge

First things first.

This program is NOT for the faint of heart.

It ain’t easy.

It’s designed with a RAPID transformation in mind.

You’d be twisted in the head to try this for any longer than 30 days.

You will need to make extreme sacrifices to achieve your goals.

Most people don’t belong on this program.

And even fewer people have what it takes to stick with it.

If you think you’re one of those people that has what it takes to make it through torturous workouts day in and day out, eat a “Spartan diet”, and stand firm with zero deviation to the program for an entire month, then keep reading.

The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot Is Not For Everyone

I can’t emphasize this enough.

Yes, you can expect the scale to go DOWN during this phase from primarily fat loss (and an emptying of muscle glycogen stores).

But if you’re 20-30% body fat, then this program is NOT for you at all.

That’s because the protocols will simply be too advanced for your starting point and the last thing I want is for you to rebound and blow up like a puffer fish.

The Reboot Is Perfect For “Skinny Fat” Guys (anyone between 12-20% body fat)

The single most frequently asked question I get from Skinny-Fat guys is…

“Should I bulk or cut first?”

I understand the dilemma.

On one hand, they need to go on a bulk because they are lacking that quality size that gives them a strong and masculine look.

On the other hand, they need to get rid of their “pot belly” (it’s a really bad look and a huge turnoff to a woman).

Here’s my pro advice: Get lean before you get big!


By cutting weight first, you optimize your body in four powerful ways:

  • You optimize testosterone levels
  • You improve insulin sensitivity
  • You reprogram your brain to know the difference between psychological and true physiological hunger
  • You elevate your metabolic rate


Every improved process above makes it significantly easier for you to build muscle afterwards.

So if you’re skinny fat, that is 13-20% body fat without a huge amount of muscle, you want to start by going through the 30-Day Metabolic Reboot.

This will set you up to get “fairly lean” to “seriously lean”, quickly.

Simply put, if you’re starting out with a “pot belly” or “mini pot belly” and follow The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot strictly, not only will this program boost your metabolism and make your body fat disappear before your very eyes, it will make you mentally tough…

…the kind of tough that will prepare you for a serious mass gain phase to increase your muscle size and strength.

This Is NOT The Program For You If You Want To Gain A Lot Of Muscle Right Now

We’re rebooting your metabolism and insulin sensitivity to put you a position to gain more muscle in the FUTURE.

This is a powerful program to do prior to a mass gain phase to ensure you experience maximum muscle growth, once you switch programs.

This Is NOT The Program For You If You Want To Lose Weight Slowly

Now, most of the time, I preach a slow and steady approach to reaching your physique goals.

When people come to me to build muscle, I teach the value in gaining at a slow and easy pace to ensure minimal fat gain.

When people come to me to get shredded, I often insist that they coax the fat off instead of forcing it off, and generally taking a moderation approach to ensure maximal fat loss with minimal muscle loss.

So what’s the difference with the Reboot program?

Quite simply, it’s all in the program duration.

The length of time is very short, so extreme measures can be taken.

Extreme Is Different Than Dangerous

In fact, when the reboot is applied strategically (when you’re between 12-20% body fat) and infrequently (I don’t recommend this more than twice per year), you will very likely improve your health.

That’s one of the reasons I created the reboot – to improve my health while getting my abs popping and my muscles shredded… on short notice.

This isn’t your typical “shred diet” that is incredibly unhealthy and causes irreversible damage to your metabolism by attempting to starve the fat off. Everything prescribed is designed to safely burn the fat off.

At this point, you may be wondering, “What exactly is The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot Challenge?”



The magic is in the sequence and duration of each of the phases inside The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot Challenge.

Each phase is specially designed to reboot your metabolism and turn you from a fat-storing to a fat-burning machine…

Better yet, each phase creates a compounding effect which drives your fat-loss even further with each phase that you complete, leading to the most rapid fat-loss transformation of your entire life!

Let me walk you through the three phases of this intense 30-day program.


Flip Your Metabolic Switch From “Sugar Burner” to “Fat Burner” To Kickstart Your Rapid Fat Loss Transformation…

You’ve likely heard of ketogenic dieting. You’ve no doubt heard of intermittent fasting.

They’re two of the most powerful fat-burning methods, backed by science. 1

So imagine what would happen if you combined both of these highly effective strategies into a single fat-loss phase! That’s exactly how you’ll be kicking off the first ten days of the metabolic reboot.


  • You’ll fast for 18 hours every day. No amino acids. No food. Nothing but water, black coffee and plain tea.
  • You’ll eat two solid meals each day inside a 6 hour window. (This sets up your biochemistry to burn fat all day long by making fat your preferred fuel source – The SINGLE most important step to long-term fat-loss. 2
  • Your meals will be VERY HIGH in fat, LOW in protein and VERY LOW in carbs. (This combination ensures you don’t lose muscle even though your calories are so low. You’ll learn the exact macro breakdown, customized to you, inside the program.3

personally enjoyed this part of the challenge the most. Bacon and eggs, ribeye steaks, nut butters, chicken wings and blue cheese, and lots of yummy ribs. I think you’ll find that this phase blows by and you’ll enjoy it the most as well.

Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting is the PERFECT tool to create a dramatic shift in metabolic function and accelerate your way into ketosis (no ridiculously expensive ketone supplements necessary), which means you’re burning away your most stubborn body fat for fuel. 4


TurboCharge Your Fat Loss Without Stripping Away Precious Muscle Tissue…

All diets work for the first 7-10 days because of the initial happy “anti-catabolic phase”. (Anti-catabolic simply means the prevention of break-down of body tissues such as muscle mass.)

The anti-catabolic phase is when you start dieting and feel… marvelous.

No joke! You feel amazing. You wonder why you waited so long. You’re not that hungry and the pounds are just falling off. You think you can stick to this forever, it’s not hard, you feel great and you feel unstoppable. Sound familiar?

This is because in the short-term, your body doesn’t recognize the lack of incoming food, your body burns stored fat for its energy needs, so you lose weight, but this anti-catabolic phase (think of it like “the honeymoon phase” of a relationship) is coming to an abrupt end.

Knowing the glorious anti-catabolic phase is ending, we transition immediately into the second 10 days with the “Low Carb Protein Burst” and it works like gangbusters to further accelerate fat loss without your body eating up your hard-earned muscle. 5


  • We are going to “ride the wave” of the ketogenic diet that we used in the first 10 days to keep your body flexible in the sources of fuel it uses for energy. You will be primed to burn fat for fuel, but now we’re also going to increase the amount of glucose in the bloodstream via higher protein intakes, which is going to spare your lean body mass as calories drop again for this period of the plan.
  • You’ll eat more food and increase your meal frequency, 4 meals per day, evenly spaced throughout your day.
  • We’ll increase your protein intake. Each meal will contain a healthy serving of protein (only specific types of protein are allowed and are outlined in the program), and lots of leafy vegetables and healthy fats.
  • No carbs and VERY LITTLE fat! Your insulin sensitivity is going to be through the roof after these ten days (setting you up for an awesome mass building phase afterwards).
  • Again, this phase programs your body to burn stored body fat for energy while sparing your precious muscle mass by eating more protein.

personally found this phase the most mentally challenging because of the combination of low fats and carbs, maybe you’ll thrive on it, you’ll find out soon!

Why does the low-carb protein burst work?

Since you’re not eating any carbs, your body has no other option but to utilize fat for energy, forcing your body to “dig out” even your most stubborn pockets of fat for fuel. 6

And because of the protein burst you’ll be sparing your muscle to maintain an elevated metabolic rate to be an all-day fat burning machine! 7


“Only The Strong Survive”

The Navy Seals have “Hell Week”—a torturous week where the SEAL’s are pushed to their max.

For Team Del Monte, our version of “Hell Week” is called “Amino Fasting Week”!

This is the most difficult phase of your program, but keep in mind, you are only doing it for eight consecutive days.

Prepare to be VERY hungry, “SERIOUSLY-LEAN” and ready to say, “Goodbye-Gut!”


  • Each day, you will eat only ONE solid meal each day. Just ONE.
  • We’ll spare your muscle tissue with a strategic timing schedule of amino acids at three very precise times in the day to ensure you don’t kick yourself out of fat-burning mode. 8
  • Your ONE meal per day will be scheduled at a very specific time in the evening, with calories and macros customized to you so that you have enough energy to complete your workouts. 9
  • The good news? You will be able to eat carbs during this phase!

As you can see, this 8-day stretch is intense! But rest assured, the science backs this up as one of the most effective fat loss strategies in existence, so your efforts will not go unnoticed! 10

personally did it while vacationing in Tampa and Clearwater, surrounded by amazing restaurants and friends gorging on epic meals, so to say it was the ultimate test of willpower, sacrifice and discipline is an understatement.

However, it’s called The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot Challenge for a reason!

Remember that if you want to get results that no one else gets, you have to be willing to do things which no one else is willing (or tough enough) to do.


Jack Up Your Metabolic Rate & Restock Your Muscle Glycogen Stores So That You Have Energy To Keep Burning The Fat Off (Not Starve The Fat Off) & Reveal Maximum Eye-Catching Muscle Definition!

The part you’ve all been waiting for — The Re-feed!

Specifically, The Healthy Carb Re-feed Days.

If you’ve stayed the course, followed the plan with NO DEVIATIONS, you’ll have earned your re-feed and it’ll feel like Christmas morning!

Now hold up, killer. This isn’t a license to go hog-wild on crappy carbs…

In fact, to keep your fat loss in check, I provide a customized formula for your metabolic make-up so that you don’t go overboard.

Make sure your camera is charged because the day after your Day 21 and Day 30 Healthy Carb Re-feed, you’ll start seeing a completely new you.


Healthy Carb Refeed Days: Your Game Plan

  • NOTE: this is NOT a cheat day nor are these cheat meals. You will still be strict with what you eat, both in the amount of food that you eat, as well as the food quality and your calories and macros will be customized to you inside the program.
  • Your protein and fats will stay low while your carbohydrates and calories will be much higher.
  • Prepare to step up your game in the gym the next several days because all the new energy will go towards muscle-building and recovery.

Interestingly, increasing your calories with these refeed days actually HELPS you to lose weight. 11

Without boring you with the science, as you diet, your body’s leptin levels plummet which causes fat-burning to be dramatically reduced. This is because leptin exists to protect you from starvation. 12

As you eat more food on your healthy refeed days, your fat cells fill with triglycerides which causes leptin to be released into your bloodstream.

This causes increased fat-loss making refeed days the perfect addition to The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot!


The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot Challenge!

A Healthy Approach To Achieving Maximum Fat Loss For A Rapid Body Transformation!


Here’s everything you’ll receive with your order today.

The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot Training Program

The training program is designed with both maximal fat loss and maximum muscle retention in mind, utilizing a combination of methods.

Everything is laid out for you in an easy-to-follow schedule for your 30 days so you’ll never have to guess what you’re supposed to do on any given day.

And don’t ask about schedule modifications either, this is an “all-or-none” program… either you can commit to completing every aspect of it, or you can’t. Plain and simple.

Here’s the 30-day strategy…



That’s right. Even though this is a fat-loss program, you’re going to be lifting HEAVY because you need your BRAIN to know that you still need to hold onto your muscle! You’ll be explosive, strong and moving as much weight as possible


Alleviate soreness and boost your metabolism with a series of unloaded or very lightly loaded exercises to break a mild sweat and burn some calories.


These are the money days! You’ll be emptying your cells of muscle glycogen and stimulating fat burning in the hours and days after the workout.

The 30-Day Metabolic Accelerator Protocols: The ONLY Effective Cardio Methods For A Rapid Body Transformation

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll know I am not a fan of cardio.

But the hard truth (even for me!) is that certain types of cardio can be VERY beneficial when extreme transformation is the goal.

  • In the 30-Day Metabolic Reboot, you’ll discover a unique form of cardio called “Metabolic Accelerator Protocols”.
  • Just as the name sounds … This protocol will boost your metabolism and help you get rid of stubborn body fat.
  • This is THE best cardio method I know to shred stubborn fat, involving a high calorie burn and the burning of a high percentage of fat for fuel in the same workout.

The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot Nutrition Program

Your 30-day nutrition protocol utilizes a series of EXTREME nutritional strategies designed in a specific sequential order over the course of the next 30 days.

  • Days 1-10 – Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting
  • Days 11-19 – Low Carb Protein Burst
  • Day 20 – Healthy Carb Refeed Day
  • Day 21-29 – Amino Fasting
  • Day 30 – Healthy Carb Refeed Day

A fully customized nutrition plan tailored to your starting body weight.

I’ll show you EXACTLY how to structure your meals, and EXACTLY when to eat your meals for the fastest fat-loss you’ve ever experienced.

Advanced ab-carving and plateau-busting strategies you can use to accelerate your progress (NOTE: You can only use these for short periods of time or else you risk burning out your metabolism!)

BEST food source list, so don’t ask, “Can I eat X, Y an Z?” I’ve already given you the top choices to maximize your fat loss. Why would you not want only the best options? It’s only 30 days, suck it up buttercup!

No guesswork needed. Just follow the program to the letter and watch your body transform before your eyes.

The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot Supplement Program

While the 95% of this program is the nutrition and training protocol, I always want to give you what you need for a jaw-dropping transformation.

  • No “Mega Fat Blaster XL 3000” recommendation here, just the BASICS. I won’t be recommending any products that have hyped up product labels. The moment you see this, it’s probably a worthless supplement.
  • The 6 BASIC supplements that I recommend with their scientifically effective dosages to help you reach your fat loss goals, without having you spend a fortune on products that only give you a 1 percentage boost.
  • Only scientifically supported supplements (and dosages) for your body (and wallet) so you don’t get swayed by the marketing and industry hype on the next “latest and “greatest” supplement that is supposedly more “cutting edge” than the one before it.