Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson
  • Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson


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Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson – Instant Download!

From: Russell Brunson, Co-Founder of ClickFunnels
Location: Boise, Idaho

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

Dear friend:

If you want to finally build and launch your first funnel… where you can begin to generate hundreds (if not thousands) of leads that turn into sales… then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the deal:

I’m looking for folks who have NOT built and launched a sales funnel using ClickFunnels…

OR people that had a ClickFunnels account at one point but canceled before launching their first funnel.

Today, I’m Going To GIVE YOU
A 99.99% “Done-For-You” Sales Funnel…

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

But That’s Not All…

To ensure your success… and to give you the biggest leg-up possible with your first sales funnel…

I’m going to GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED to finally build and launch your first funnel… including over $8,745 worth of step-by-step funnel building instructions and marketing secrets…

And if you’re still wondering if this is right for you, I want to make this crystal clear…

  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a SINGLE DIME online as yet…
  • ​It doesn’t matter if you’re not 100% sure “what” you want to sell… (this is actually a good thing, and you’ll see why in a sec…)
  • ​It doesn’t matter if you feel you don’t have all of the resources… (again, I’m going to give you everything you need)
  • ​It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a single word of copy… never designed an online page in your life…
  • ​And it DEFINITELY doesn’t matter if you’re not “tech-savvy” (if you can point & click, then you’re already way ahead of the game).

In just a moment, I’m going to “demystify” everything you’ve been told about building a thriving online business with just one word…

As well as show you, step-by-step, how to build & launch your first funnel without second-guessing yourself… getting “lost” or stuck…

And without dealing with the dreaded “analysis paralysis” (which we all do, but I’ll show you my sneaky tactic that can DESTROY those awful feelings in seconds).

Because if you’re here right now, I know it’s because of one of two reasons:

Reason #1— you’ve been wanting to try your hand at this online business thing… maybe to sell your cool new idea… or provide a service, so you can have more freedom to do what you want when you want it…

But maybe you haven’t pulled the trigger yet because you’re still “strategizing”…

You’re sitting back trying to make sure you have all of the right moves in your head BEFORE you start building.

But really… the truth is… you may feel just a tad bit “silly” about your idea, or worried about what others will think of you if your idea fails…

Reason #2 — you DID try your hand on this online business thing…but for whatever reason… it just didn’t “pan-out” as you would have hoped…

Maybe you even invested countless hours… drained your savings… and POURED YOUR SOUL into your project, but it all fell apart and the idea of going back and trying again churns all those feelings of failure like dropping an anxiety bomb in your gut…

Listen, You Are Absolutely Not Alone.

I Know How FREAKING TOUGH This Online Business Stuff Can Be…

And that’s why it’s fate you’re here today…

Now, in case you don’t know who I am, my name’s Russell Brunson, and I’m one of the co-founders of ClickFunnels.

And my personal mission is to help entrepreneurs, like yourself, break free from the “blocks” that stop you from building your online business and achieving the life you want, the life you deserve.

To date, ClickFunnels has helped over 100,000 (and counting) entrepreneurs worldwide build & launch their sales funnels using our easy-to-use software.

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

Our sales funnels have since processed over $13 BILLION dollars in transactions…
And Have Changed MILLIONS Of Lives!

Now, those numbers may sound amazing, but if you haven’t built & launched your first funnel as yet… it can feel a bit daunting…

Maybe even a little frustrating, especially if you’ve attempted to figure out this “online marketing” but you felt overwhelmed…

Turns Out, You Weren’t The Only One…

See— I was trying to figure out the COMMON DENOMINATOR among the most successful ClickFunnels users…

I asked myself this one question:

“What’s the difference between someone who is successful with ClickFunnels,
versus someone who is not…?”

For weeks, I was holed-up in my office like a nut, and all I did was review all the top-performing online funnels in EVERY niche possible…

  • Ecomm…
  • ​High-ticket webinar…
  • ​Supplements…
  • ​Fitness coaching…
  • ​Business coaching…
  • ​Digital products…

You name it, my eyes were on it.

I was analyzing sales funnels like an old timey football coach obsessed with watching and re-watching “game tape,” figuring out the plays, what worked, what didn’t…

And that’s when I noticed a pattern among our most successful entrepreneurs…

It all came down to one word…

In other words…

  • It didn’t matter if a funnel was “ugly” or had crappy copy…
  • ​It didn’t matter if a funnel didn’t bring in a single lead at first…
  • ​And it didn’t matter if a funnel made zero sales…

The one common theme among our most successful online business owners using ClickFunnels was that…
…They ALL Built And Launched Their First Funnel.

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

Each one of these 2-Comma Award Winners had a “first funnel” and it’s almost a requirement for it to be crappy with poor design and bad copy…

It did not matter one bit. Why?

Because They Did It.

And guess what happened next?

They built another funnel…

Then another…

And another.

Their Confidence In Building Funnels Increased Every Time They Sat Their Butt Down In The Chair And STARTED!

As for myself, I have probably built at LEAST 1,000+ funnels.

And even though I’m the “Funnel Guy,” not all of those funnels were a success.

But little by little, I became better and better at building and launching funnels... (even when my grammer and speling waz bad… i did knot care).

Because here’s the deal— the ONLY way to get anywhere in this crazy online business world is to fail… fail hard… and get back up KNOWING you’ll fail again.

But You Can’t FAIL If You Don’t “Get In The Game.”

So if you’ve NEVER built a sales funnel, or never got around to “launching” a funnel… or you started and then stopped…

Then You’re In The Right Place.

Because my team and I will hold you by the hand, and walk you through each step of building & launching your first funnel, so you can finally achieve the online success you’ve been dreaming of…

But in order for that to happen, I need you to get off the sidelines, suit-up, and…

“Get In The Game!”

Now— in order to “get in the game,” you do need some tools, or else it makes playing the game a little confusing, and we don’t want any of that…

That’s why I pulled together ALL of the tools you’ll need so you can build & launch your first sales funnel without stalling…

Plus, because I want to do everything in my power so you can experience the success of launching your first funnel, and all of the joys that come with it…

I’m not going to make you pay the high price tag that normally comes with “getting in the game”…

Like I said earlier, I’m going to GIVE YOU everything, including over $8,745 worth in marketing secrets... to build & launch your very first funnel!

All I ask is that you cover the printing, shipping, and handling costs so we can send you all of the physical goodies (plus extra surprises… shhhh it’s a secret)… sound fair?

Cool, now, with that being said…

Here’s Everything You Get To Help You Build & Launch

“Your First Funnel”

You’ll Receive:

‘30 Days’ Book
(physical copy)

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson
Once you have your “lead funnel,” you’ll then want to start building and launching other funnels to send your leads through!

That’s where my ‘30 Days’ Book comes in…

First off, this is not a digital version.

I want to make sure you can hold this 550 page hardback (weighing around 3 lbs)… 30 Days book in your hands!

That way you can dogear the pages, highlight areas that stand-out to you, and write notes in the margin… essentially making it your new “Online Business Bible” that’s within arm’s reach of where you work.

Inside, you’ll discover step-by-step “funnel blueprints” from 30 of my 2-Comma Club Winners (those that have generated over $1 Million+ with their ClickFunnels sales funnels)…

Showing you EXACTLY what to do from day 1 to day 30 to build a highly-successful, money-generating funnel… FROM SCRATCH!

How Freakin’ Cool Is That?!?

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

In other words, you’ll be able to follow their footsteps on what they would do to build a highly-profitable online business…

  • Without a product…
  • ​Without a list…
  • ​Without traffic…
  • ​Without an online presence…
  • And even without a single funnel.

Inside The 30 Days Book, You’ll Discover:

  • 30 chapters with 30 actionable, practical plans you can follow and experience positive online results (and on a shoe-string budget, without getting lost, stuck, or “paralyzed” with tech-overwhelm…)
  • ​How to collect up to 30,000 leads for FREE using a dead-simple strategy that’s proven to work by one of the world’s leading ecomm experts, Trey Lewellen. (And the page he uses to collect those leads… takes about 5 minutes to make inside ClickFunnels. Found on page 7.)
  • ​How to build and launch a “t-shirt funnel” with only two pages (…and why you should be launching a t-shirt funnel, regardless of your niche, and why. This no-brainer strategy can become your new “hands-off” business that runs on auto-pilot… found on page 16.)
  • ​Doing a high-ticket coaching offer and not sure what to sell? Then you’ll love pages 28 thru 30, where Liz Benny unveils her easy-to-follow method to discover the right products (physical and/or digital) that best serve your dream customers… without wasting time and money “testing” and figuring it out all on your own.
  • ​How to build an ecomm business from scratch using Instagram “micro-influencers” (it’s so easy, ecomm expert Alison J. Prince aka “2-Comma Momma” helped her 10 and 13 year-old do it)…

Her strategies work, even if you’ve never sold a cent online, and even if you have zero clue on how to attract “micro-influencers.” She opens up her treasure chest and shows you everything you need to know… from pages 71 to 84.

And that’s all within the first 100 pages!

  • You’ll learn all of that, and more, including… how to use Facebook live and chat bots to collect a HORDE of hot, new leads begging to give you money (page 119)…
  • ​How to “reverse engineer” your Facebook lives and transform them into LEAD-GENERATING ads with INSANE ROI… (page 120)…
  • ​How to create an irresistible free offer by choosing the one “sexy thing” that practically forces EVEN THE COLDEST of audiences to say “YES” to… (found on page 155)…
  • ​The winning secrets to crushing a 7-day challenge launch that’ll stuff your pockets with moola, and it barely takes 2 weeks to do… (revealed on pages 173- 177)…
  • ​And how to sell a high-ticket webinar like a pro, even if you’re “camera shy” (pages 389 – 396).
  • ​How to turn e-books into gold and sell them for 10X the normal cost. (page 401)…
  • ​How to build a thriving coaching business using ONLY a ClickFunnels account and a go-to attitude, and have it work regardless of the “type” of business you’re in (shown on pages 437 to 455).

This is the BEST “behind-the-scenes” on what to do if you started from scratch, or you lost everything, and needed to start over.
I’ll be straight with you— you would be a silly-billy if you passed up on securing this book for free… considering that you literally can’t buy this physical book anywhere else… not even on Amazon or eBay.

That’s Not All…
As an extra “supplemental bonus” with the book, you’ll also receive “Behind The Scenes” Video Recordings from each of our 2-Comma Club Winners where they will walk you through, step-by-step, on exactly what they did to build, design, and launch their award-winning funnel!

It’s one thing for them to explain “what” they did to build their funnel… but to SEE it happen in front of you is absolutely game-changing.

It’s like making a recipe, but instead of just reading the directions in a book, you get to pause, play, and follow each step WHILE it’s happening— making it a simple, seamless process to building your first funnel!

‘Funnel Hacker Cookbook’
(physical copy)

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

Unreal… I shouldn’t be doing this, but again, I’ve lost my marbles.

Question: Have you ever attempted to make a fancy dinner from scratch without following a recipe?

I’m sure it’s possible, but the results… well… most likely gross, and not to mention you may end up using waaaaaaay too many dishes and spices that were not needed.

That’s kind of how it is with MOST online business models you see out there today.

People will build these websites that may “look” appealing… but once they send traffic to the page, they get zero sales and they wonder what the heck happened.

Enter the ‘Funnel Hacker Cookbook’!

This beautifully spiral-bound “cookbook” is a complete, step-by-step “blueprint” that will help you put together your first funnel inside of ClickFunnels… AND MORE!

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

In The ‘Funnel Hacker Cookbook,’
You’ll Discover:

  • The step-by-step ingredients (aka “sales page elements”) that every funnel needs to help boost conversions— miss just one of these elements, and it could be like adding salt to a cookie recipe when it should have been sugar…
  • ​22 of WINNING sales funnel recipes you can model for your own offer, and that way you’re not left with a bunch of ingredients, a messy kitchen… and zero customers.
  • ​The #1 “ingredient” that can make or break ANY sales funnel— matter of fact, if this ONE thing is missing, OR isn’t up-to-par, then it’s as if you just spent HOURS in the kitchen, slaving away at a delicious home cooked meal for the family… only to have it completely burnt and ruined.
  • ​The 37 key sales funnel pages you can use for ANY type of funnel you’re wanting to build & launch, including pre-sale pages, survey pages, opt-in pages, pop-ups, “squeeze pages” upsells, downsells, webinar pages, and more! You want to know what page you SHOULD be using for your type of funnel…? Then you’ll love pages 41 thru 198.
  • ​And TONS more, including visual layouts of each of the 22 proven funnels, which makes it SO STINKIN’ easy (and super fun) to build, even a 10 year-old could do it!
  • ​Bonus: you’ll receive ALL THREE Funnel Hacker Cookbook recordings (where I’m dressed up like a chef)… and I show you how to “prep & cook” WINNING funnels to perfection… and you can follow along at home and make your very own (delicious) funnel with me!

Plug ‘n’ Play Sales Funnels

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson
Not a web page designer or a copywriter…?

Not a problem.

Because we’re going to give you PROVEN winning sales funnel templates where all you have to do is the tiny .01% of dropping in your offer… your branding… flip the switch and watch LEADS COME POURING IN!


I’m Including
102+ Insane Done-For-You, Ready-To-Go Funnels,
So You Can Hit The Ground Running TODAY!

All of the pages inside these funnels have already been created and professionally designed for you by our in-house design team!

That means, you get the QUALITY of our world-class professional design team (some of the very BEST designers in our industry!), without having to:

  • Pay upwards of THOUSANDS of dollars for each funnel, or
  • ​Wait weeks or months for a funnel to be finished!

In fact, you can choose pre-designed funnels to help you:

  • Generate Streams Of LEADS – Want leads? A big fat list? You can get it. Users have sucked prospects in like a Hoover…and the floodgates opened!
  • ​ Turn Visitors Into BUYERS – Finally put an end to the hiccups and hangups at the checkout counter so your customers whip out their credit card and breeze through the buying process with a smile on their face.
  • ​Sell Your Book – Got a book? You’ve come to the right place with these FREE + Shipping Funnels. PLUS, you can make a killing on your bump offers and upsells.
  • ​Run A Webinar – Rock registrations and offer sales right out of the gate. And once you nail your presentation, create an “autowebinar” and let the funnel do the work selling for you.
  • ​Launch A Product – Ready for all your hard work to pay off? Then slip your content into these Product Launch funnels, email your JV partners, tap into your list, and turn on the selling faucet.
  • ​Sell A High-Ticket Product Or Service – Want to sell $5k, $10k, or $25k programs or services? The answer should be “I DO!” We made it EASY for you to bring your ideal Dream clients to your doorstep so you can close the sale
  • ​and Much More!

Headline Generator Software

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

Never written a headline or piece of sales copy in your entire life? (Pssst… MOST of our ClickFunnels users haven’t either… so you’re in good company…;)

Let’s be honest, nothing can feel more “daunting” than staring at the dreaded “blinking cursor” or an empty funnel… begging you to write SOMETHING.

What you need is to just get the creative juices flowing, and that’s where our Headline Generator Software comes into play!

This is the “done-for-you” system where you LITERALLY plug in basic things like your audience demographic… their pains and desires… press a button and BAM!

In seconds, our Headline Generator Software will pop out a LIST of winning, hot ‘n’ ready headlines you can then copy and paste right into your funnel without having to stress for one second what you should say.

Normally, paying a high-end copywriter just to give you a small handful of headlines to test could cost THOUSANDS of dollars…

But why bother paying a copywriter and wait forever… when you can do it yourself in seconds…

‘List Building Secrets’ Training

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

Want to build a HUGE list of your dream customers? Then you’ll love this training.

Having a list is the #1 “must have” if you want to build a thriving online business that continues to generate sales, regardless of whatever latest new app or social media platform is released.

In My ‘List Building Secrets’ Training, You’ll Learn:

  • My “wrong method” SPAM story that actually WORKED… and earned my first $70 online, which led me to the #1 secret that became the backbone of what ClickFunnels is today (and how this is possible for any type of business you’re in… seriously… ANY type of business…)
  • ​What you should be doing EVERY DAY at 4 PM if you have even just 1 person on your list (this takes less than 10 minutes to do… and the profits will compound month after month after month like clockwork!)
  • ​The BIGGEST mistake you could be making right now, especially if you already have a customer list (sooooooo many business owners made this same mistake during the whole pandemic shut-down in 2020 and it cost them dearly. But you can avoid this #1 profit-destroying mistake with what I reveal… it’s so easy you’ll be stunned.)
  • ​The secret to creating an IRRESISTIBLE “lead magnet” that attracts your DREAM CUSTOMERS onto your list… all of them begging to give you money for whatever it is you’re providing (and how this works even if you’ve NEVER created a single lead magnet in your entire life, and even if you don’t even know what a “lead magnet” is…)
  • The golden lead magnet “frameworks” you can model for your own offer and start generating leads in no time! (This is ESPECIALLY awesome if you’re the type of person that doesn’t care to do design and you just want to “plug ‘n’ play” with your own stuff, and then flip the switch for a flood of leads on-demand…)
  • ​How to “revive” a list of subscribers you haven’t spoken to in a long time (MOST people either don’t do this, or they mess it up terribly… we’ll show you the CORRECT way to have your subscribers come roaring back like old friends…)
  • ​And TONS more like how to develop KILLER HOOKS that “reel-in” your dream customers... my “green rhino” ad that brought in MILLIONS of dollars in sales and it took less than 1 minute to make… how to make VIRAL ads in seconds without “overthinking it”… and why Batman WILL ALWAYS be the leader when it comes to return on ad spend…

But That’s Not All!

My Team And I Want To Make This The Easiest, No-Brainer Decision Of Your Life…
Here Are The FREE Bonus Gifts:

Tony Robbins
“Private Collection”

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson

I’ve been so lucky and blessed to be friends with Tony Robbins for over a decade now…

Not only have I had the chance to be business partners with him, but he’s come to speak at our Funnel Hacking LIVE event multiple times!

I met Tony many years ago during a tough time in my life when I was struggling in my business, and my marriage…

Tony came and helped me REWIRE my brain to help me become more successful in each of those areas of my life that I was having trouble with.

Now, for many of you (if you’re anything like I was), you might be wondering…

“OK, now that I have my funnel built…
how do I turn it into a THRIVING online business?”

But the real question you should ask yourself is:

“How can I get all the NOISE out of my head that’s holding me back?”

Recently, I paid Tony a TON of money to come to Funnel Hacking LIVE event, and do a presentation for our Funnel Hackers.
(I’m not allowed to say how much exactly, but it was WELL over $250K…)

During his presentation, Tony taught our entrepreneurs how to get all the junk OUT of their heads, so they can “zero-in” and focus on what will make them successful with their businesses and funnels.

It turned into a 4 ½ hour presentation, with hotseats, and journaling, and mindset exercises.

As I experienced the transformation taking place inside the giant conference room, I knew that I needed to share this with as many people as possible.

So I asked Tony:
“Would you be willing to let me give out your presentation to my new Funnel Hackers so they can watch and benefit from your training?”

Finally, after some negotiations, he said YES!

But he didn’t just stop there…

In true Tony fashion, he wanted you to have the FULL package of training resources to help rewire your brain for success…
So He Threw In A TON Of Other Courses As Well!

So… What Exactly Is Inside Tony’s Private Collection?

Training #1:
Tony’s presentation from Funnel Hacking LIVE
This is the 4 ½ hour training where Tony worked with our Funnel Hackers to create massive transformation in just one afternoon! Let Tony guide you from where you are now…in business and in life…to where you want to be. One of the factors that will determine your results is your “threshold of control”.

Training #2:
CAREER: Find Your True Grit
Are you working for a paycheck on your life’s mission? Are you ready to discover your true potential, deepest talents and world-class skills, so you can attract a life of abundance for your family? Get on the path you were meant to walk… starting TODAY.

Training #3:
Energy For Life
Imagine a life of extraordinary health, boundless energy, limitless vitality, and the joy of truly feeling ALIVE! Can you imagine how you’d feel if you could sustain this level of energy every day?

And the power, drive, and momentum to create with your family and loved ones? In this training Tony will unlock the secrets to optimal health and energy for life right now.

Training #4:
Love And Passion
Love. Passion. Romance. Intimacy. What’s it like to experience these emotions at the highest level, day after day? What’s the SECRET to sustaining love and passion in a relationship for 20, 30, 50 years or more?

And what can you do RIGHT NOW to create extraordinary relationships in your life? In this training, Tony will help you rewire your brain so you can attract the romance and passion you’ve been waiting for…

Training #5:
The Edge
Everyone wants “The Edge”…a life filled with purpose, passion, love, direction, and strength. But how do you actually get it? And where you do you start?

Inside this training, Tony will show you how your beliefs, actions, behavior, emotions, and psychology affect the results you get in life…and how to truly set yourself up for success in anything you set your mind to.

Training #6:
Time Of Your Life
Every day, there are so many choices at your fingertips…

And sadly for many entrepreneurs, they go through life working HARD, and feeling so unfulfilled. Distraction is the ENEMY of focus, and it can prevent you from achieving what you really want.

The Power of Focus will help you realize your true purpose in life, so you can zero-in on the actions that will get you the results you’re looking for! Tony will share with you his Massive Action Plan to help you go after and achieve what you want!

Training #7:
True Wealth
What does “wealth” mean to you? Is it freedom from ever having to worry about money again? Is it being able to do the things you want to do, when you want to do it? Is it providing for your family and loved ones? Or the power to create a legacy you can be proud of?

In this training, Tony will show you the secrets to creating TRUE wealth…

It includes all the training you need to help rewire your brain, so you can be successful in your business, and your life!

Dan Kennedy’s
“Herd Building” Training Seminar

This is one of Dan Kennedy’s finest training sessions!

Here’s A Little Taste Of What’s Inside Dan Kennedy’s Herd Building Training:

  • How to leverage the #1 value factor to help strengthen your “herd” (aka “your list”) TODAY (and if you don’t do this, then the opposite could happen where your herd will steadily decrease its value day after day, until you’re stuck with a diseased, sickly, or dying herd that stop responding to the offers you put out… until eventually “business death.”)
  • ​The Dan Kennedy secrets to building a “personality-driven” business where your herd LOVES everything you put out… hangs on your every word… and will even print off your stuff and hang it on the wall as if you’re part of the family! (How weird and wild it may sound, THIS is what separates a middling business doing “OK” sales… and a THRIVING , PROFITABLE BUSINESS that basically runs on auto-pilot and continues to put money in your pocket, regardless of economic climate.
  • ​Ryan Deiss’ 3 GOLDEN methods on how to build a MASSIVE, highly responsive email list FAST, without sucking your traffic budget dry… or resorting to spammy, scammy tactics… (plus, he’ll show you the best subject lines that practically force audiences to click, open, read, and then buy!)
  • ​And SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more!

…including the 7 MUST-HAVES if you want to run “Google-friendly” squeeze pages (which is normally TOUGH as heck, but not the way Ryan Deiss shows you)… how to get upwards of 31,779 subscribers using a single webinar… how to build the lucrative and sneaky “invisible opt-in” that works like gangbusters for VSLs.

Imagine… just one single golden nugget from this seminar has the potential to transform your online business overnight!

So What The HECK You Waitin’ For?!?

  • ‘30 Days’ book (physical copy) + Recordings
  • ‘Funnel Hacker Cookbook’ (physical copy)
  • Plug ‘n’ Play, Winning Sales Funnels
  • ​Headline Generator Software
  • List Building Secrets Course
  • ​BONUS: Tony Robbins “Private Collection”
  • ​BONUS: Dan Kennedy’s “Herd Building” Training
  • ​BONUS: Funnel Hacker Cookbook Recordings
  • ​BONUS: 30 Day “Behind-The-Scenes” Recordings


Once you build and launch your first funnel, you’re going to feel like a rockstar.

I know how silly that may sound, but honestly, there’s just nothing like it…

I want you to experience what it’s like to build a thriving online business, and it all starts when YOU start.
See you in the training.

To your success,
Russell Brunson

Your First Funnel By Russell Brunson, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-30 Days Live Training
  • 02-Plug ‘n’ Play Winning Sales Funnels
  • 03-Headline Generator Software
  • 04-List Building Secrets
  • 05-Tony Robbins Private Collection
  • 06-Dan Kennedy’s ‘Herd Building’
  • 07-Funnel Hacker Cookbook Recordings